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You know how some people say they look up to their older siblings like gods? Well, my older brother is a god... Zeus. Ever hear of him? He got everything he ever wanted. He rules Mount Olympus, while I'm trapped ruling the Underworld.

Hades to Zelena src

Zeus is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the twenty-first episode of the fifth season and is portrayed by guest star David Hoflin.

Zeus is based on the character of the same name from Greek mythology and the Disney film Hercules.


Before First Curse

Zeus is a deity, the son of Kronos and the older brother of Hades. At some point, Kronos chooses Zeus to become the next ruler of Mount Olympus, gaining him everything that Hades had wanted. This fuels Hades's animosity towards both Zeus and Kronos. One day, Zeus goes to his father's bedroom, where he discovers the dead body of Kronos and he sees Hades taking the Olympian Crystal, a powerful weapon belonging to the ruler of Mount Olympus. Understanding what happened, Zeus manages to stop Hades, as the latter tried to use the Olympian Crystal on his brother. To keep his brother from harnessing the Olympian Crystal, Zeus breaks it and then makes Hades' heart cease to beat. Hades is then unable to repair the crystal because using it requires a beating heart, and the stopped heart can only be reversed with true love's kiss. Eventually, Hades ends up becoming the ruler of the Underworld.[1] ("Our Decay", "Last Rites")

At some point in his life, Zeus meets a human woman, who becomes the mother of his son, Hercules. As a demigod, Hercules is tasked to complete the Twelve Labors, in order to ascend to Mount Olympus, where he will be reunited with Zeus and become immortal. ("Labor of Love")

After Third Curse

Following the defeat of Hades, Zeus greets Killian after his arrival to Mount Olympus. The god thanks him for helping his friends to take care of his misguided brother and he then escorts him to the place he belongs. As a reward for assisting in Hades' defeat, Zeus allows Killian to return to the world of the living upon giving him a second chance at life. ("Last Rites")

Magical Abilities


Human woman


  • Solid lines denote parent-child blood relationships
  • Dashed lines denote marriage relationships that result in offspring
  • denotes the deceased
  • Zeus and Hercules' mother were never married


Storybook Notes

welling in his eyes. Only these were not tears of sad-
ness. They smoldered with rage.
"You're wrong about me, Father. I will make a great
Hades wiped the tears away as he said this, though his
voice was a vacuum of emotion. With cold determina-
tion, he approached a towering pedestal on the far side of
the bed chamber where an ornate filigreed box was left
unattended. Hades face betrayed a slight smile. He
knew this box held the prize he sought, and no one
would stop him from taking it now. He opened the box
and inside was an ancient crystal shaped like a crude
lightning bolt.
"The Olympian Crystal", he said reverently, with more
love than he had ever shown for leathery old Kronos.
"So…" a voice boomed from across the bed chamber.
Hades turned to see Zeus in the room, looking at him in
Judgment while touching the lifeless frame of their father
for one last time. "…your heart really is sickened."
Zeus stepped forward to his brother, in all his chiseled
might. And every inch of his muscle nauseated Hades,
but he maintained an even keel. For now.
"Will you not take a moment to mourn our father?

"Who loved you?"
Zeus felt genuine compassion for his brother. And the
olive branch he offered bore no hidden thorns, only the
promise of reconciliation. That Zeus was capable of such
forgiveness only stoked the flames within Hades further.
"No, Zeus", Hades spat. "He only loved you."
Hades took the crystal into his hands. It was his now,
and no one would take it from him. Not even the
mighty Zeus. The powerful magic within it glowed fora moment.
"That power is not yours to wield," Zeus warned.
"The Olympian Crystal is dangerous. It belongs to the
"I should have been king," Hades said, wielding the
crystal like a scepter. "And once I use this to kill you,
I'll rule any kingdom I desire.
He approached his brother, and for a moment, Zeus
[illegible word] knowing that the crystal was powerful enough
to kill a god, even him. But Zeus bravely, perhaps
[three illegible words] proud. Hades raised the crystal,
had it pointing up at Zeus' chest, looking his
brother in the eye as he prepared to strike him down, by
[illegible word] it right into Zeus' heart, when…
("Last Rites")

Production Notes

  • His casting call name was "Prince Marcus".[3]
  • The casting call describes him as "Male. Late 30s-Late 40s. Looks and acts like he was born to be King. He is wise, handsome, and authoritative. A ruler who will deal harsh justice when it is necessary, but he also knows the power of kindness and forgiveness".[3]

Set Dressing



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