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A farmhouse. You have to appreciate the irony.

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Zelena's Farmhouse is a Storybrooke location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the thirteenth episode of the third season.


During First Curse
In Storybrooke, ten years into the Dark Curse, the farmhouse is an abandoned place where David goes to meet up with Mary Margaret before they use the pixie dust flower to locate for their daughter Emma. Mr. Gold comes to the farmhouse to stop them by revealing it's only been ten years since the curse was cast and if they reunite with Emma now, she won't be able to break the curse in eighteen years, which will leave the other townspeople to be cursed forever. He presents the couple with a potion to recurse themselves so they can wait out the eighteen years until Emma's arrival. Unhappy with the difficult choice that Mr. Gold is giving him and Mary Margaret, David calls the man out for not understanding the situation since he doesn't have a daughter who is waiting for him out in the world. Mr. Gold asserts that David wouldn't know what's out there for him and then gives the potion vial to Mary Margaret, telling her that she and David will come to see that drinking it is the only way forward. ("Awake")

During Second Curse

After Snow White casts the Dark Curse to send everyone back to Storybrooke, Zelena is taken there as well and begins living in a farmhouse. In her cellar, she keeps an imprisoned Mr. Gold, who was previously resurrected by his son, Neal, a year ago in the Enchanted Forest. As she serves Mr. Gold a bowl of gruel, he grabs her hand and warns that she should have never brought him back. An undetterred Zelena simply states they have work to do, and then she leaves. After he is left alone, Mr. Gold repeatedly recites, "You feed the madness and it feeds on you!" and laughs hysterically. ("Witch Hunt")

Following a failed attempt to lure out the caster of the curse, which is presumed to be the Wicked Witch, David, Emma and Hook return to the scene of the crime at Regina's mayoral office to investigate for clues. Meanwhile, in the farmhouse cellar, Mr. Gold uses a spinning wheel to make gold out of straw as Zelena, armed with the Dark One Dagger, enters his cell to give him a facial shave. At one point, she "accidentally" cuts him and procures a drop of blood. Zelena makes up an excuse about needing him to keep up appearances, hence the shave, but he is skeptical. Later, she uses his blood to steal a plant, night root, from the pawnshop. While searching the office, David finds a holly berry and pinpoints the plant's location in the northwestern region past the Toll Bridge. Emma and Hook continue on there while David is called home by Mary Margaret so he can meet their new midwife, Zelena. Without David's notice, Zelena drugs his tea with night root, which later causes him to experience a hallucination. Reaching the farmhouse, Emma and Hook discover the storm cellar, but decide to wait for Regina before opening it. While they are gone, Mr. Gold escapes and disappears; leaving the foursome to venture into the now open cellar and find the spinning wheel and gold strands. Without a doubt, this proves to them that Mr. Gold, previously believed to be dead, is now alive. ("The Tower")

As everyone else is looking for a missing Mr. Gold, Regina returns to the farmhouse for a solo investigation when she is joined by Robin Hood. Though unable to find anything incriminating during the search, the two end up taking a break with whiskey. However, Regina receives quite the shock as Robin Hood hands her a wine glass and she sees a familiar looking lion tattoo on his arm. Recalling the past, in which she once saw the same tattoo on a man destined to be her second chance at love, Regina feels so overwhelmed that she flees; leaving behind a very confused Robin Hood. Eventually, Emma tracks down Mr. Gold, though she learns he and Neal are sharing the same body as a direct consequence of the resurrection. Though Neal's life was sacrificed for the latter's revival, Mr. Gold refused to let his son die and absorbed him into his own body. In order to learn the Wicked Witch's name, which only Mr. Gold knows, Emma separates Neal from his father's body. Left to face the price of magic, Neal passes away shortly after. Mr. Gold pays vigil over his son's body just as Zelena arrives to haul him back into his cell. ("Quiet Minds")

While a public funeral is held for Neal, Mr. Gold remains imprisoned in his cell. When asked by Zelena if his son was worth the trouble of casting the curse, Mr. Gold assures her it was because Neal is family; something she could never understand. To the townspeople, Zelena outs herself as Regina's half-sister and challenges her sibling to a showdown on Main Street. Hoping to win Mr. Gold away from Zelena's influence, Belle enters the cellar to coax him into leaving with her. Just as Mr. Gold reaches for Belle's hand, he alerts her to Zelena's presence in the room; sending the girl running out of the cellar. He is then forced to deliver a message from Zelena to Belle's allies warning them to not interfere again or risk paying with their lives. During the scheduled fight, Zelena moves to steal Regina's heart, another ingredient for the time spell, but ultimately fails in taking it because Regina already removed it for safekeeping. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Sent out to do Zelena's bidding again, Mr. Gold menaces Robin Hood for Regina's heart by threatening Roland's life. Robin Hood has no choice but to comply, and Mr. Gold departs with the heart to deliver it to Zelena. Upon return to his cell, he is handed a suit from his captor and later made to sit down for a meal with her. During dinner, she tells him more about her time spell for changing the past using the collected ingredients: David's sword, Regina's heart and his brain. Zelena boasts that she can even help him find his son again by allowing him to come with her to the past, but Mr. Gold remains skeptical before outwardly expressing remorse for having once chosen Regina over her. To make up for the error of his ways, he seduces Zelena, though this is just a ploy to distract her long enough so he can reach for the dagger, though Zelena catches on and quickly seizes the weapon before he can take it. She angrily berates him for losing his only chance of seeing his son again, to which Mr. Gold coldly asserts that Neal died valiantly to save him. Fed up with him, she forces Mr. Gold into returning to his prison. ("Bleeding Through")

After Second Curse

Once Regina breaks the curse by giving Henry a kiss of true love, Mary Margaret goes into labor. With the time spell nearly complete, Zelena collects Mr. Gold's spun gold and transforms it into a golden brain. Then, she has him draw a large circular symbol on the farmhouse grounds that will be used to cast the spell. At the same time, Emma enacts a barrier at the hospital so Zelena cannot take Mary Margaret's child. In a confrontation at the farmhouse, Hook is drowned until he is unconscious. To remain unstoppable, Zelena previously placed a curse on Hook's lips that will drain Emma's powers if he kisses her. With the situation flipped, Emma decides to save Hook's life by resuscitating him and losing her magic. As a result, the hospital shield vanishes and Zelena snatches Mary Margaret's baby, which is the last spell ingredient. Assembling the baby, heart, sword and brain around the circular symbol, she prepares the spell just as David, Emma, Hook, Regina and Robin Hood storm in. Using a new-found light magic, Regina defeats Zelena and strips her of magic; reverting all cursed flying monkeys into human. Mr. Gold attempts to seek revenge on Zelena, but Regina spares her life. Unable to let things go, Mr. Gold sates his vengeance by later secretly killing Zelena. Unknown to him, this activates the time spell. ("Kansas")

During a diner celebration welcoming David and Mary Margaret's newborn son, Emma hastily leaves after she is confronted about her decision to permanently leave Storybrooke and return to New York. Once Hook follows her out, the other townspeople notice a bright light radiating towards the sky. Realizing the time spell has activated, David and the others discover Zelena missing, and Mr. Gold alters security footage to give the appearance that the witch escaped using magic. While everyone agrees to stay away from the farmhouse, Emma and Hook are left out of the loop. When the pair notice the time spell, they immediately investigate and see an open portal. Once Emma is sucked in, Hook follows suit. Unknown to them, Zelena's essence also goes with them. They land in the past Enchanted Forest and accidentally causes the first meeting between Prince Charming and Snow White to not occur. During their quest to ensure the future remains on course, Emma saves a woman, Marian, from execution. To keep her existence from altering the past, she and Hook take their new companion to present time through a portal. Zelena, having regained her body, secretly kills Marian and takes her place, causing Emma and Hook to bring her home with them. As a further consequence, an urn from Rumplestiltskin's vault is also absorbed into the portal. After returning home to Storybrooke, the trio exit the farmhouse while the left behind urn cracks and shatters; releasing Elsa from imprisonment. ("Snow Drifts", "There's No Place Like Home", "Heart of Gold")

Elsa then emerges from the barn, freezing everything in her path, and leaves to explore Storybrooke. Some time after this, Mr. Gold returns to the barn to collect the fragmented remains of the urn. ("A Tale of Two Sisters", "Smash the Mirror")

After Third Curse

After Zelena's return to Storybrooke from the Land of Untold Stories, Regina invites her to live with her. Zelena packs her belongings from the farmhouse and bring them to Regina's house, but after a big argument with her sister, she decides to move back into her old home. Upon entering the house, Zelena hears who she believes is Regina talking to her, only to find it is the Evil Queen, who embodies Regina's darker self. The Queen notes the irony of Zelena's desire to have a sister, however, she chose wrong since Regina isn't the one for her. Zelena asks her what she wants, to which the Queen persuades her to join her for a sisterly chat over drinks. ("The Savior")

Following Zelena's decision not to tell Regina about the Queen, she gets out of bed one night to check up on her crying daughter, Robin. She reaches an empty crib and finds the Queen at the table soothing Robin with a rattle. The Queen mentions that, when she herself was a baby, Cora used it on her. She gifts the rattle to Zelena as thanks for not telling Regina about her, and agrees to never doubt her again. The Queen insists she is the sister that Zelena should have since they both want the same things, and Regina is not dark enough for Zelena. ("A Bitter Draught")

Fearing the Queen may have turned Zelena against her, Regina rushes over to the farmhouse to question her sister about whether the Queen came to her or not. Zelena is not in a hurry to answer her, and instead shushes her for disturbing Robin's sleep. Suddenly, Regina notices a familiar looking rattle in the baby's crib, which she sees as proof that the Queen did come to Zelena. The redhead huffs and finally admits it's true, to which Regina insists she has to return the rattle to the Queen. Zelena protests against this because it's the only family heirloom she has, but Regina warns there are strings attached with the gift. She asks Regina to stop judging her, while the latter explains that she's just trying to save her. Zelena scoffs, recalling Regina needed saving so badly that she ripped herself in half, and that if anyone is to blame, it's Regina. ("The Other Shoe")

On the Queen's orders, Zelena keeps Archie as a hostage in her home. Archie tries to reason with her by insisting she doesn't have to follow the Queen's orders and can be whoever she wants to be without standing in anyone's shadow, however, this irritates Zelena, who is sick of his psychoanalytic nonsense. Zelena eventually releases Archie from his binds, but only to let him tend to baby Robin. When the Queen returns, she persuades Zelena to come with her for a girls' day out, and threatens Archie with a death sentence if he doesn't take care of Robin while they are gone. As an extra preventive measure, Zelena enacts a barrier spell on the house to keep Archie from leaving. Zelena later decides to fully embrace her wicked side again, and in order to help her daughter learn to accept the real her, she turns Archie into a cricket in front of baby Robin. ("Street Rats")

After arriving to the farmhouse, Regina summons out the Queen to talk about her failed attempt to drive a wedge between Emma and her family. Zelena joins the Queen to confront Regina, while Snow and David sneak into the house to free cricket Archie. Zelena realizes there are intruders when she hears Robin crying, and she rushes in to protect her daughter, although Snow protests that they weren't going to hurt the baby. The Queen prepares a fireball at Snow and David, but Regina teleports in to stop her and protect her friends. Snow proclaims the Queen will never be able to tear apart their family, while the Queen insists that revealing Emma's secret was just the beginning and that she has more planned for them. Regina challenges her to keep trying, and then teleports herself, Snow and David out of the house. Later, Mr. Gold visits the Queen to retrieve the shears from her, but she casually admits that they are long gone. ("Dark Waters")

At some point after the Queen gives Snow the Acheron water, she returns home to tell Zelena about this as well as her newly established alliance with Mr. Gold. Zelena prods her about the partnership possibly being more than just business, but the Queen insists they have nothing else going on. ("Heartless")

Fearful that Mr. Gold will take her unborn son from her, Belle goes to Zelena's house and begs the witch to use the Sorcerer's wand and send her away to the Enchanted Forest. Zelena refuses to help, but relents when Belle points out they both know what it's like to be disappointed by the people they love. However, since the wand is currently in Mr. Gold's shop, they seek out Aladdin to steal it for them. After Aladdin retrieves the wand, Belle and Zelena return to the farmhouse, where Zelena becomes distracted from the mission as she studies the wand's girth. Suddenly, Mr. Gold teleports in to magick the wand into his hand and then clasps a tracking bracelet on his wife to keep tabs on her. Belle is furious at him, while Mr. Gold continues to insist that everything he's done is out of love for her and their child. As he walks away, Belle fires back by pointing out how afraid he's become because she was so close to winning, and swears to get away from him next time so he won't even see her son. In return, Mr. Gold menaces her about his reputation for taking children rather than giving them away. Zelena scoffs at this, noting that he did the exact opposite with his first-born, to which an angered Mr. Gold begins magically strangulating her. He drops his hold on her after suffering chest pains, an enchantment that Zelena reveals she put on him during their past New York run-in to keep him from hurting her without harming himself. Before teleporting out, Mr. Gold vows to find a loophole around it. ("I'll Be Your Mirror")

Tempted by Mr. Gold's offer of ruling alongside her if she gets rid of Zelena, the Queen arrives to the farmhouse to fulfill this mission. An unsuspecting Zelena offers to let her hold Robin, but the Queen declines and ominously hints about the reason for the visit. When the Queen suggests she should put the baby down first, Zelena does this, before turning around to confront her sister. Teleporting both herself and Zelena outside, the Queen gets down to business by hurling a fireball at the redhead, which knocks her into a tree. She says a cold farewell to Zelena before preparing to finish her off, but then, lurches in pain because of Regina's interference. To get the Queen to back down, Regina squeezes her own heart, causing pain to both herself and the Queen. Upon learning the Queen went after Zelena on Mr. Gold's orders, she suggests that it was an empty promise, and that the hole in the Queen's heart made her so desperate to believe him. The Queen is in disbelief over her claims, but leaves after Regina tells her to ask Mr. Gold for the truth. Later, in the house, Zelena is healed by Regina, she thanks her for saving her and expresses regrets about not being the one to reach out to apologize to her. However, Regina admits she didn't come to the farmhouse to apologize, and had wanted to sneak in to look for magic. Zelena becomes upset at her for this and questions why she even saved her. Regina explains she did because it was the right thing to do as a hero, even with people who have hurt her in unimaginable ways. Realizing her sister still blames her for Robin's death, Zelena asks why forgiveness and redemption aren't possible for her when Regina went down the same path of growing and changing into a different person. Regina declares that Zelena is not her, and thus, she cannot ever forgive her, even if she can go as far as to pity her, hate her, or spare her life. With that, Regina walks out of the house, leaving Zelena to cry alone. ("Changelings")

Needing Zelena's potion crafting skills to remove the town barrier, Robin of Locksley breaks into Zelena's house and waits for her in the kitchen with a box of spell ingredients. Zelena arrives to the doorstep with her daughter in her arms as she sings an alternate rendition of "The Three Little Pigs" to baby Robin. Sensing the other Robin's presence when she steps into the house, Zelena goes into the kitchen to anniliate him with a fireball as her rage blossoms, though Robin casually suggests Regina will be quite upset with her if she causes another Robin's death. This comment does little to deter Zelena, who still believes killing him is the only way to stop him from taking her daughter. Robin affirms he doesn't care for children and instead explains why he needs her help so he can leave Storybrooke for good. His reason for leaving, which is because Regina keeps trying to change him into someone he is not, is an experience Zelena herself can relate to. Robin also appeals to Zelena's own desire to leave town because she is not well-liked in Storybrooke, which finally convinces the redhead to assist him. ("Ill-Boding Patterns")

Hearing baby Robin cry on the baby monitor, Zelena hurries to prepare a milk bottle to fed her and goes to the nursery, but finds her daughter is not there. She turns around to see the Black Fairy cradling Robin and mocking her for not keeping an eye on the infant. When Zelena angrily takes back her baby, the Black Fairy expresses a desire to keep holding Robin as she loves the "new baby" smell. The fairy offers Zelena an alliance, but the latter refuses even after being warned about the danger coming to Storybrooke. Despite this, the Black Fairy keeps the offer open, telling Zelena to come to the dwarf tunnels if she changes her mind. After Regina becomes fed up with her sister for creating more problems by trying to kill the Black Fairy on her own, she tells her to go back to Oz. While holding baby Robin, Zelena goes to the field outside her home, intending to follow through with Regina's suggestion. She uses a dark fairy crystal to summon a cyclone, but as the cyclone comes towards her, she instead pulls the Crimson Heart from Oz. ("Where Bluebirds Fly")



On-Screen Notes

  • During the first curse, the farmhouse seems to be uninhabited and wrecked. However, after the casting of the second curse, it is furnished and new. ("Bleeding Through", "Awake")
  • The farmhouse is located at the edge of Storybrooke. ("Awake")

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