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Zak Santiago is the Canadian actor who portrays Prince Henry on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Zak Santiago Alam, professionally known as Zak Santiago, was born on January 3, 1981[1] in Halifax, Nova Scotia[2] to a Spanish and Irish mother and Romani father.[3] He is fluent in both Spanish and French.[3] Growing up, Zak studied at a Royal Conservatory.[2] Zak pursued interests in both performance and disc jockey in 1994, and attended his first acting class at Gastown Actors Studio.[2]

As a multi-tasking talent, he has practiced in the art of classical piano,[3] ballet and flamenco.[4] In 1998, Zak ended his amateur boxing career to focus exclusively on dance. In 2000, he was accepted to Madrid’s world-renowned Amor de Dios Academy where he studied under several legends of flamenco.[4]

Among his acting credits are as series lead in the N Network comedy Interns, series regular in the PAX series Young Blades, series regular on the popular Canadian series Robson Arms and many recurring and guest starring roles in episodic television. He was also in the mini-series Catching the Devil.[2]

He won a Leo Award for best supporting actor in the lauded Human Cargo, and was appraised for his supporting lead work as one of the terrorists in A&E’s ratings blockbuster Flight 93. In 2006, Zak was nominated for another acting Leo Award for his work on Young Blades.[2]

Zak's feature films appearances include Shooter with Mark Wahlberg, The Eye with Jessica Alba, Underclassmen with Nick Cannon, Josie and the Pussy Cats with Tara Reid, Trixie produced by Robert Altman and a supporting role in Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal with Rutger Hauer.[2]

He is also an aspiring singer in his rap group, A.M.P., and has toured with hip-hop band The Rascalz and Portuguese pop and R&B singer Shawn Desmond. On television, he hosted the MTV series Break Out that profiles trending Canadian music groups.[3]



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