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Yarrow: It'll be dark soon. Perhaps we should turn around.
Gothel: Yarrow, please. Just trust me.
—Yarrow and Gothel src

Yarrow is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts, with her only appearance, in the nineteenth episode of the seventh season and is portrayed by co-star Kyra Leroux.


Before First Curse

Yarrow is a tree nymph from Mother Flora's grove. One day, a fellow tree nymph named Gothel takes her to see a human house, despite Yarrow's insistence that they should be going home soon. Stopping a short distance away, they look through the window and see human girls trying on dresses. Gothel is awed by the beauty of the fabrics and wishes to know what they feel like, though Yarrow warns her they don't belong in the human world and nothing the humans have can never be theirs. Even so, Gothel treks closer to the home on her own, insisting that Yarrow can go.

Yarrow returns home alone to the grove and tells Flora about Gothel's indiscretion towards humans. She later watches as Flora cautions Gothel that humans are creatures who are conflicted and irrational, even though Gothel believes the ones she met are different. After Gothel is betrayed by Isla and her group, humans attack the grove, burning it down and killing all the tree nymphs, including Yarrow. As Gothel returns home, she realizes everything and everyone in the grove has been destroyed and swears to get revenge. ("Flower Child")



  • The name "Yarrow" is a reference to the tree nymph's affinity with nature and plants. The yarrow plant is an ancient healing herb.[1] According to magic lore, it can be used for a wide range of rituals, such as divination, love spells, cleansing the aura, and psychic communication.[2]



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