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One of the more difficult roles, as far as preparation, was for "Once Upon a Time". I played young Rumpelstiltskin and had to mimic Robert Carlyle's Scottish dialect, which was quite a challenge.

—Wyatt Oleff src

Wyatt Oleff is the American actor who portrays Young Rumplestiltskin on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Wyatt Oleff is the son of Jennifer and Doug Oleff.[1] He has an older brother named Eli[1] and two sisters.[2] His mother, Jennifer Oleff, is an artist known for her colorful abstract and surreal paintings.[2] He is originally from Chicago, but when he was seven years old, his family moved to Los Angeles for his parents' business. Wyatt started acting around the same time. His first acting role was in a commercial for Coldwell Banker.[3] In 2012, he landed a minor role in the NBC comedy series Animal Practice.[1]

Wyatt is best known for playing Stanley Barber in the Netflix drama series I Am Not Okay with This,[4] and the starring role of Stan Uris in the 2017 horror film It,[5] a role he reprised for the 2019 sequel It Chapter Two[6] (a movie which also features Once Upon a Time co-star Teach Grant). He is also notable for playing young Peter Quill in the 2014 superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy[1] and its 2017 sequel.[7] He has played guest roles on TV shows such as the sitcom television series Suburgatory, the sitcom Shake It Up and the action drama series Scorpion.[1]


  • When Wyatt auditioned for the role Young Rumplestiltskin at the age of ten, he had never attempted to speak with a Scottish accent before and felt very insecure about it. He and his mother wondered if it might be best to pass on the opportunity altogether, but a dialect coach guided him through it and also helped him learn the dialogue after Wyatt nabbed the role and also assisted him during ADR.[8]


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