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I've been marked. It's too late for me. Go! There's no other way.
Prince Phillip to Aurora and Mulan src

The Wraith Amulet[1] is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the second season.


After First Curse

In Storybrooke, Mr. Gold seeks vengeance against Regina for having locked Belle up for twenty-eight years. Despite swearing to Belle he won't seek revenge, Mr. Gold finds another way. After Regina is locked up in jail for her own protection from the townspeople, Mr. Gold brands her with a medallion and summons a Wraith to hunt her down. However, Belle is quite unhappy when she finds out the truth and leaves him. Attacked by the Wraith, Regina is saved by David, Emma and Mary Margaret. Due to Henry's wish that his mother isn't harmed, Emma decides to protect Regina. Since the Wraith is already dead, it can't be killed, so Regina procures a magic hat to lure the Wraith in, which also draws Emma and Mary Margaret into the portal. Arriving in the Enchanted Forest, the Wraith attacks Prince Phillip, who grabs hold of the medallion around its neck. Having branded himself as the Wraith's next victim, he quietly disappears from his betrothal, Aurora, and travelling companion, Mulan, to face his fate. When they finally realize what happened, the two find him in time to witness the Wraith suck out his soul. Following this, the Wraith returns into the medallion. At the remains of Aurora's old palace, they place Prince Phillip's body on a bier and say their goodbyes. Wrapping the medallion in a cloth, Mulan gives it to Aurora for safekeeping. As the two women turn to begin their journey to the safe haven, they hear a strange noise near the palace ruins. Within the rubble, they discover the unconscious forms of Emma and Mary Margaret, who, unknown to Mulan and Aurora, have crossed over from Storybrooke. Suspecting the strangers are responsible for summoning the Wraith from the medallion, Mulan holds them accountable for Phillip's death. ("Broken")


On-Screen Notes

  • The symbol on one side of the medallion,[2] which is branded onto the victim's hand,[3] is one of several alchemy symbols for the chemical element arsenic,[4] a deadly poison which has been historically used to kill people.[5] Interestingly, arsenic was sometimes represented by the image of a swan.[4] ("Broken")

Props Notes


"Archive" denotes archive footage.


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