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We found you in the woods, in a basket, dropped out of a tornado. Your mother wanted to take you in.
—The Woodcutter to Zelena src

The Woodcutter's Cottage is an Oz location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the sixteenth episode of the third season.


Before First Curse

Sometime during her childhood, Zelena's adoptive mother dies, leaving her to be raised solely by her adoptive father, who dislikes her ability to use magic. One day, while Zelena is outside her home collecting a stack of wood to place on a shelf, she accidentally drops the entire pile. Shen then uses magic to make the wood float and fly into place on the shelf, which her father sees and reprimands her for giving into her "wickedness". She promises it won't happen again, but he prepares to give her a beating as punishment, only for a witch, Cora, to magically freeze him in place. Cora, who was watching Zelena earlier, praises her for having the gift of magic. She offers Zelena a chance to prove to her father that her magic is not bad by helping her save someone. Zelena accepts and Cora brings the girl to the Enchanted Forest. ("Sisters")

After many years, an older Zelena still lives with her father. While she is shaving his neck, he harps on her to always put on her best face to hide the ugliness inside herself. Accidentally cutting him with the razor, she conjures a rag, but her use of magic angers him. He reveals the truth, that she is not his biological daughter, and spitefully calls her "wicked". He then orders her to make him breakfast, but Zelena refuses. Hurt over his words, she leaves the house, determined to seek out the one person who can help her find a family who wants her: The Wizard of Oz. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")


Filming Locations

  • The exterior of the Woodcutter's cottage in "Sisters"[1] is a redressed version of the Apprentice's cottage from Season Four.[2] The same set doubles as one of the cottages in the village of Camelot in "The Broken Kingdom"[3] and Brennan's cottage from "Swan Song".[4] Although the set has been heavily redressed to double as the Woodcutter's home (most noticeably, the roof has a completely different shape, and the chimney is in a different position), the door, the window panes and the pattern of the brick stones (the ones around the window are easiest to compare) are the same.
    • The cottage was also reused for Fiona and Malcolm's cottage in "The Black Fairy".[5] This can be seen from the identical pattern of the brick stones (the ones on the right hand side of the lower half of the door are easiest to compare). The Apprentice's roof tiles were replaced with a thatched roof for the episode.



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