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This article focuses on the Queen of Hearts' Vault.
For Regina Mills vault, see Mills Mausoleum.

Now which one of these drawers holds the Knave's heart?

Alice src

The Wonderland Vault is a Wonderland location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the seventeenth episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time.


Before First Curse

Cora, after being banished to Wonderland by her daughter Regina, takes over a portion of this new realm. Styling herself as the Queen of Hearts, she assumes power and loyal subjects while making a notorious reputation as a collector of hearts. For each heart taken, Cora stores them in individual slots within a guarded vault at the very middle of a maze. After a brief reunion with her daughter, Cora is banished to Wonderland again but manages to kidnap her husband Henry, who was shrunk by his daughter and placed in a box. Bringing the box with her through the looking glass, she imprisons him in one of her vault slots. ("Souls of the Departed", "Hat Trick")

Becoming friends with Knave, Alice discovers he obeys the Queen of Hearts as her underling because she once took his heart and has control of him. Deciding to use Knave for her own motives, she sneaks past the guards and into the vault. After locating the heart, Alice wants to order Knave to help her find proof of Wonderland so her father will finally believe her. She has a change of heart after becoming friends with Will and returns the heart to him, but he assists her anyway by giving her the White Rabbit. ("To Catch a Thief")

Regina tricks the portal-jumper, Jefferson, into helping her cross worlds and steal Henry from the Queen of Hearts. However, Regina leads her accomplice into believing she is retrieving an item, not a person. Once she takes the box containing her father, guards attempt to apprehend them. The pair manage to escape and return to the portal entrance. Before going home, Regina uses a mushroom to revert Henry to normalcy while entrapping Jefferson in Wonderland so she and her father can leave together. Caught by the guards, Jefferson must answer for his crimes in front of the Queen of Hearts, who is not too pleased that he not only broke into her vault, but helped Regina to steal from her. ("Hat Trick")


On-Screen Notes

Props Notes

  • When the Evil Queen breaks into the vault to free her father, the door to the vault is the same as the door to Regina's own heart vault, but painted in a different color, and an intricate lock instead of door handles. The inside of the door has the same color as the door to Regina's vault, and the same door handles. ("Hat Trick")
  • When Alice breaks into the vault to find Will's heart, the door, the bricks, the steps, the columns and beam across the columns are the same as Regina's vault, indicating that building material from Regina's vault was re-used to build Cora's vault. ("To Catch a Thief")

Set Dressing

  • The top of some of the green hedges in the area where Cora's vault is located, are shaped like hearts and crowns, signifying her position as the Queen of Hearts. ("Hat Trick", "To Catch a Thief")



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