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This article focuses on the Queen of Hearts' Palace.
For the Red Queen's Castle, see Wonderland Castle.

The Wonderland Palace is a Wonderland location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the seventeenth episode of the first season.

The Wonderland Palace is based on the Queen of Hearts' Palace from the novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and the Disney film Alice in Wonderland.


Before First Curse

Banished through a looking glass to Wonderland by her daughter, Cora assumes power in this new realm as the Queen of Hearts, who is infamous for ripping out her enemies' hearts. With her many courtiers standing by, Cora sits atop her throne donning a mask as a stranger, Jefferson, is hauled in after being captured by her guards for helping another Queen, Regina, steal something from her vault. Communicating only with her Knave of Hearts through whispers, she asks him to inquire about how Jefferson came to Wonderland. When he refuses to answer, the Queen orders for his head to be cut off. Body-less, yet still alive, a panicked Jefferson admits to using his hat to cross worlds, but it's gone now since Regina took it. Cora passes along another message to her Knave, who tells Jefferson that his Queen wants him to make another hat, even though he insists making one without magic won't work. With his head reattached to his body, Jefferson is then dragged away by the guardsmen to begin his new task. ("Hat Trick")

Some time later, Hook is sent to Wonderland on Regina's orders to assassinate the Queen of Hearts and bring her corpse back with him to the Enchanted Forest. Apprehended by guards, he is brought before the Queen to answer for his trespassing. When Hook states he is looking for someone named Cora, the Queen of Hearts unmasks herself and sends the Knave and her courtiers away. Once they are alone, Hook quickly attempts to stab Cora in the chest in order to take her heart, but it doesn't work as she already hid her heart elsewhere. She counterattacks by plunging her hand into his chest and squeezing his heart while demanding to know who sent him to kill her. Finally, he gasps out Regina's name, which shocks Cora. Learning that Regina promised Hook a chance to kill his nemesis once a certain curse is cast, Cora reveals that this won't be possible since he'll lose his memories under the curse. However, she agrees to help him if he assists her first. Intending to kill Regina as revenge, Cora returns to the Enchanted Forest with Hook. ("Queen of Hearts")


Set Dressing


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