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Via the vorpal blade, made from very powerful magic in Wonderland, an ancient creature known as the Jabberwocky is imprisoned by the strength of five hundred men. She has been described as being "more powerful than any army" and is incapable of being stopped once her sights are set on obtaining something. In her enclosure, she is pinned to the ceiling and held in place by the mystical vorpal blade. (mentioned in "Nothing to Fear")
There is a gap in the timeline of about 100 years.
2 02 In the Enchanted Forest, a young woman named Regina is forced, on her mother's wishes, to marry a man she does not love. In retaliation to gain her own freedom, she, with the help of Rumplestiltskin, banishes her mother through a looking glass. Through the looking glass, Cora travels into Wonderland and eventually gains power as the notorious Queen of Hearts.
W 05 After stealing a looking glass from Maleficent's castleAnastasia and Will Scarlet arrive in Wonderland from the Enchanted Forest. However, they soon realize that their new life together is meager. They steal clothes and forge invitations to an upcoming royal ball, which ends disastrously after both are kicked out. Anastasia figures it'd be best if they returned to the Enchanted Forest, but before that, she wants to steal the crown jewels from the castle. The plan falls through when Anastasia betrays Will by accepting a marriage proposal from the Red King.
W 11 The day before the wedding, Anastasia is greeted by the Queen of Hearts. As they casually talk, Cora demonstrates her magic, but Anastasia informs her that the Red King frowns upon magic since it separates them from their subjects. Cora offers to teach her magic, but Anastasia, not wanting to start a marriage with a secret, respectfully declines. That evening, Will climbs up to the balcony of the castle, desperately pleading for Anastasia to meet him at their old wagon and run away together. Cora, however, had been eavesdropping on their conversation and she convinces Will to give up as Anastasia has decided to wed the Red King instead. Cora consoles him, and he asks her to take out his heart, to which she obliges.

Anastasia tries to leave the castle to meet up with Will when Cora shows her, using magic, the wagon's location, where Will is not there. Cora implies that Will stood her up and considers this part of Anastasia's life to be over since he will likely never trust or love her again. Heartbroken, yet believing her place is as a Queen, Anastasia tearfully collapses into Cora's arms. Eventually, Cora teaches her how to conjure fire by channeling all the unworthiness she feels as a person into power, and Anastasia successfully uses magic for the first time.

4 20 On the anniversary of Daniel's death, Cora gains help from the White Rabbit to travel back to the Enchanted Forest to see Regina. She tries to ensure her daughter's happiness by procuring a substitute to be Regina's fated true love after deciding the actual man in question is not suitable. Regina comes to believe Cora is trying to gain control of her throne through her future child, and makes herself barren to spite her mother. Cora returns to Wonderland again after this amicable parting.
W 12 Soon after, Will begins working in service to the Queen of Hearts as the Knave of Hearts. He has little choice in disobeying her since she possesses his heart and thus has full command over him.
W 01 As a young child, Alice leaves her world and visits Wonderland by chasing the White Rabbit and falling down a rabbit hole. While in Wonderland, she has many wonderful journeys and adventures. Upon returning home, her father believes her to be insane, so she vows to later return to Wonderland to bring back proof of her travels.
C OP Chapter 4 of Out of the Past
There is a gap in the timeline as Alice grows up to be an adult.
W 02 Estimated time of when Cyrus's bottle is transported from Agrabah to Wonderland and lands in the Queen of Heart's maze.
W 12 Will is till working as the Queen's knave. One day out on patrol in the woods, he and the other soldiers are hunting down the "most dangerous criminal in Wonderland". As Knave is chasing the suspect, he is caught at sword-point. The criminal turns out to be a young girl, Alice, who has returned to Wonderland in order to prove to her father that it is a real place. She tells Knave that the charges against her are false, when all she tried to do was pick a weeping willow from the Queen of Hearts' garden, but instead she incurred the royal's wrath.

When he tells her about his lack of free will, Alice goes to steal his heart from the Queen's vault and later uses it to command him to stop trying to kill her. As a favor, Knave agrees to help her find proof of Wonderland's existence, and they then have a drinking contest at a tavern. Their friendship deepens when he tells Alice about his sister, Penelope, who died young. Alice returns his heart, deciding to find her proof alone, but Knave decides to help anyway and procures the White Rabbit for her. In the Queen of Heart's maze, he stays behind to distract incoming guards while Alice flees, homebound, with the White Rabbit in a bag.

W 01 While running away from the guards, Alice shrinks herself with a piece of mushroom stolen from the Caterpillar, and hides in a bottle found on the ground. Inside the bottle she finds a genie, who quickly proves to be an ally, introducing himself as Cyrus and welcoming her into his home. The pair connect.
W 02 The pair leave Cyrus's bottle and he informs her that, because Alice has found his bottle, he can now grant her three wishes. Alice releases the Rabbit from her bag and he leaves. When Alice is unsure of what to wish for, Cyrus flirtatiously offers to walk with her, in order to give her suggestions. Later, the two are seen dining together. Cyrus tells Alice that a dangerous man named Jafar is searching for him. Growing closer, Alice asks Cyrus to teach her swordplay, and he accepts. He also demonstrates to her the art of magic paper, creating an origami rose which blossoms to life as if it were real. True to his word, Cyrus teaches Alice how to fight with a sword. He tells her to always know your opponent. Alice replies that she think she knows Cyrus's weakness, as she leans in to kiss him. Cyrus kisses her back.

A short while later, at the Tumtum tree, Alice tells Cyrus that she would love to visit the Boiling Sea with Cyrus. Cyrus is distant, however, and tells Alice that it's time for her to make her wishes. When Alice doesn't understand, Cyrus tells her that he's falling in love with her, but that he cannot allow that to happen because eventually she will make her three wishes and move on with her life. Alice comes up with a solution - to never make her wishes. Cyrus agrees and they then decide to bury his bottle together. Having found a secluded spot to bury it, Cyrus asks Alice if she is sure she wants to do this. She tells him she believes their love is powerful enough to give them their freedom, and they agree to never leave each other. They bury the bottle. Unbeknownst to them, the White Rabbit witnessed the pair burying the bottle, while he was running late on his way to visiting his wife.

W 08 The White Rabbit expresses his concerns about Alice to Cyrus, believing that she will always be in danger as long as she's with Cyrus. The White Rabbit persuades Cyrus to think about Alice's safety, even if it means he must part from her to ensure it. Cyrus goes to the Caterpillar to settle a deal for making people disappear. As payment, he gives the Caterpillar his compass, which has the power to always point in the direction of the thing or person the user desires to find. In return, the Caterpillar makes an invisible hideout for Cyrus in the Outlands. Later, Cyrus takes Alice there, but talks to her first about his fears that she will always be in danger because of him. Alice convinces him that she can handle herself no whatever what life throws at them. The only thing she doesn't wish is to be apart from him. Since she is willing to stay, he leads her into the hideout, which he decides can serve as a home for them.
5 12 On her daughter's birthday, Cora is summoned by her husband, Henry to convince Regina to give up on revenge against Snow White. When she isn't much help, Henry decides to talk to Snow White himself and ask her to stop fighting with Regina. Cora uses the looking glass to travel back into the Enchanted Forest and put a halt to Henry's plans. Later, when Regina tries to banish Cora back to Wonderland through the looking glass, Cora steals a box containing Henry, who was shrunken by Regina earlier on, as a way to ensure Regina will lose her beloved father. Cora later keeps the box in her vault.
1 17 The Evil Queen and Jefferson make a deal and travel to Wonderland to retrieve Henry from the Queen of Hearts. They reach the center of a maze where the vault sits. Regina grabs her shrunken father in one of the boxes. Near the exit back to the Enchanted Forest, she rips off a piece of a mushroom and gives it to her father to eat. Jefferson realizes he has been tricked and while Regina and Henry return home, he is forced to stay behind. Jefferson is brought by royal guards to the Queen of Hearts to answer for his crimes of trespassing and helping Regina. Though he cannot go home now that his transportation Hat is gone and in Regina's hands, the Queen of Hearts demands he make another one. Eventually, Jefferson spends a long period of time in a crazed and obsessed mindset making thousands of hats, with none having the portal opening capability his old one had. He becomes known as the "Mad Hatter".

A gap of least one year.

W 01 Cyrus and Alice visit the Boiling Sea together, and Alice marvels at its beauty. Cyrus then proposes to Alice and she accepts eagerly. Cyrus shows Alice his magic necklace, now glowing red, saying to her that their hearts are entwined. Just when they lean in again to kiss, they are interrupted by a group of the Red Queen's guards, as well as the Queen herself. The Queen apologies for interrupting before Cyrus and Alice begin to take on the guards - Alice putting her newfound sword skills to use. When they have all of the guards knocked down, the pair share a triumphant moment before the Red Queen waves her hand, pushing Cyrus off the cliff and tumbling into the Boiling Sea. Alice cries out to him, helplessly. Unknown to Alice, Cyrus falls onto Jafar's magic carpet, and not into the Sea, as Jafar brings him into his clutches.
A short amount of time passes as Alice returns to her world and Regina readies to cast the Dark Curse.
2 09 Hook is sent to Wonderland by Regina to kill Cora. Upon arriving, he is captured by the guards and brought to the Queen of Hearts. She tells everyone to leave herself and Hook alone where she admits to him that she is Cora. He attempts to use his magically enchanted hook to take out her heart, but it is not there. Instead, she extracts his heart and begins putting pressure by squeezing it, though she does not kill him after she receives information from him about Regina. She offers him the choice to travel back to the Enchanted Forest with her so he, too, can be affected by Regina's casting of the Dark Curse, which will erase all of his memory, so he will not be able to remember his feud with Rumplestiltskin. He declines, so instead Cora gives him the chance to help her murder Regina, and in exchange she will aide Hook to be spared from the curse's effects. He agrees, and the two leave Wonderland for the Enchanted Forest.
The Dark Curse is cast
Time is frozen for 28 years
W 01 Alice is alerted by the White Rabbit that Cyrus is alive, so she returns to Wonderland along with the Knave of Hearts to try and find him. When first arriving, Alice and the Knave get stuck in the Mallow Marsh . The Rabbit informs Alice that the Dormouse saw Cyrus at the Mad Hatter's house, before leaving to retrieve help for Alice and the Knave, but the two eventually manage to get out on their own. When the Knave tells Alice he's disinterested in helping her, since they have no proof Cyrus is alive, Alice offers to give him one of her wishes as payment, and he accepts. Alice and the Knave venture into the Tulgey Woods, where the Hatter's house is located. After a frightening encounter with the Cheshire Cat, they arrive safely to find an empty house. Disappointed, Alice ventures outside where she finds Cyrus's glowing magic necklace in the grass. She is reassured that if it survived, then maybe Cyrus did as well, and she continues along her journey with the Knave.

Elsewhere, at the Red Queen's castle, whilst retrieving help for the Knave and Alice, the Rabbit meets up with the Red Queen, where it is revealed that he is spying on the pair for her. The Queen later meets with Jafar, who tells her he needs to find Cyrus's bottle and make Alice use her three wishes. Jafar is readying to kill the Queen, when she convinces him not to, saying that he needs her help. Later, in Jafar's dungeon, Cyrus awakes trapped in a cage.

W 02 Alice wakes up the Knave early the next morning to continue on their mission to find Cyrus. Alice tells him of her new plan - to find Cyrus's bottle and make a wish in order to locate him. They soon arrive at an obstacle - crossing the ocean - until Alice provides a solution, which is to take the ferry across. The ferry, Silvermist, soon arrives, much to the Knave's annoyance, as the two have had altercations in the past. The trio make it halfway across when Silvermist drops the Knave into the ocean, causing them to have to find alternative transportation in the form of riding on the back of a Mock Turtle. Elsewhere, Jafar pays a visit to the Red Queen's castle and tells her that if she cannot find the bottle for him, then she is wasting his time. The White Rabbit then visits the Queen and tells her that he knows where the bottle is hidden. In Jafar's dungeon, Cyrus has an idea to send a note to Alice, in the form of an origami bird made of magic paper.

Jafar, having false knowledge of the bottle's whereabouts from the Queen, begins searching for it at the Tumtum tree, just as Alice and the Knave arrive. Alice is not worried, however, as she reveals to the Knave that the bottle is not actually hidden there, and that she lied to find out who they are up against. Alice and the Knave then travel to where the bottle is really hidden, only to find that it has already been dug out of the ground. Jafar later confronts Cyrus about the bottle's whereabouts, when the Red Queen reveals to him that she has it. Alice is convinced that Cyrus has moved on, since Cyrus and Alice were the only two that knew where the bottle was hidden, until she receives his note. She replies back with a note of her own, "I'm coming for you".

W 03 Will comes up with an idea to use a magical item called a "forget me knot", which can peer into the last major moment that happened in any given place, to see who dug up Cyrus's bottle. After making a deal with The Caterpillar for its location - who believes that no matter what, he will win - Alice and Will discover the knot at the house of the cannibalistic Grendel. They're immediately captured by Grendel, who uses the knot to view a beautiful young couple that used to live in the house. Will realizes that Grendel is the man in the knot, and tries to sympathize with him by recounting his own love lost. He fails, but Alice uses the sharp edges from her wish gems to cut the rope. Before they can escape, they're stopped by the Bandersnatch, a monster that Jafar and the Red Queen sent for Alice to get her to use her wishes. Alice and Will save Grendel from the Bandersnatch and use the knot to trick it, and since they saved Grendel, he lets them go. Alice and Will use the knot to discover that the White Rabbit dug up the bottle and delivered it to the Red Queen, angering Alice.

Jafar and the Red Queen arrive at Grendel's house. The Red Queen reveals that she turned Grendel into what he is - after he stole the knot from her - and promises that she can reunite him with his wife if he reveals how Alice escaped. He does, telling them that the Knave of Hearts is travelling with her, but Jafar then kills him in return after receiving this information.

W 04 Jafar tells the Red Queen to get rid of the Knave. Alice and Will evade the Caterpillar's men but get split up. Cyrus begs a chicken breast off the guard in order to get the wishbone. Will is saved from his pursuers by the Red Queen so that she can capture him. Looking for Will, Alice meets Lizard. The guard finds the broken wishbone and half of it is thrown to the bottom of the cavern. Alice and Lizard work out a plan to save Will. The Red Queen offers Will a way out of Wonderland but he refuses to take it. Alice and Lizard find that Will is scheduled for execution. At the Red Queen's castle, Alice rescues Will just in time and they try to escape through the maze with Lizard's help. Jafar and the Red Queen corner the three. Alice uses one of her wishes to save Will from Jafar. She refuses to use another to stop Jafar's torture of her. He turns Will to stone to torture her heart. Alice asks for the Red Queen's help, but she refuses. Cyrus uses the magic of the wishbone to cut an opening in his cage.
W 05 The Red Queen makes a deal with Alice to deal with Jafar and get Alice to Cyrus. She will give her Cyrus if Alice gets her the dust she seeks. Cyrus shows his fellow captive his hole and tells them they will escape. The Red Queen takes Alice to the Great Divide to begin her quest for the dust. Cyrus and the old man discuss their escape plan. Tweedledee brings the White Rabbit to Jafar. Cyrus escapes his cage and wrestles the guard. Alice tries to cross the cavern using her faith in Cyrus, but falls into its depths. The other prisoner sacrifices his own freedom to give Cyrus a chance. Under threat from Jafar, the Rabbit tells Jafar that someone not in Wonderland matters to Alice. In the cavern, Alice sees a vision of her younger self who knocks the Red Queen into the cavern so that she can kill her. Alice refuses to do it and in doing so earns the dust. The Red Queen takes the dust from Alice and refuses to tell her where to find Cyrus. Secretly, Alice saved some of the dust. The Rabbit escapes from Jafar, sees Cyrus, lets him go, and finally agrees to help Jafar. Jafar asks him to dig a hole to another land. The Red Queen uses the stolen dust to free Will, but leaves before he can see that she did it. Alice uses her dust to find Jafar's tower.
W 06 The Red Queen questions the Old Man about Cyrus and Jafar's absence. Looking for Cyrus, Alice gets into a fight with thieves and she heads into the Black Forest. The thieves find Will and tell him where she was headed. Alice is tempted by the Boro Grove to stay. Will finds Alice in the Boro Grove. Cyrus throws Jafar's men off his trail and into the river. Will discovers that the trees used to be people and Alice begins to forget herself. She refuses to go with Will. The Red Queen follows Cyrus's trail into the trees. Will tries to get her to remember Cyrus. After touching Cyrus's pendant, she remembers him and she and Will escape. Will tells Alice that he never put his heart back. In order to escape the Red Queen, Cyrus jumps off Jafar's floating island.
W 07 Jafar and the Rabbit arrive in Wonderland with Edwin, Alice's father. Alice and Will discover that Jafar's tower is on a floating island. Tweedledum tells the Red Queen that Cyrus is not found. Jafar returns and reminds her that she needs him. Jafar questions his old prisoner, who refuses to answer him. Jafar uses Edwin's blood to make a potion to impersonate Alice's father. Will tells "Edwin" to not give up on Alice. Jafar casts a spell sending a dragon toward them. Alice, Will, and "Edwin" escape into the woods. Alice saves "her father" from the dragon and offers to let him come up rescue Cyrus. Edwin tells the old man of his regrets with Alice. Alice tells Will that she knows that "Edwin" isn't her father. Jafar takes Edwin out of his cage to use as leverage against Alice. Alice uses her second wish to send her father home. Jafar visits his father, the former Sultan and his old prisoner. The Sultan tries to kill himself, but the carpet catches him. Cyrus awakens on the shore and begins looking for Alice.
W 08 Alice tells Will that there is one place in Wonderland that Cyrus will go for safety. Tweedledum finds his brother Tweedledee working for Jafar after hearing Cyrus through the Grape Vine. He tells all of this to the Red Queen. She discovers that Cyrus's bottle is missing. Alice decides they need the Rabbit in order to get away from Wonderland. The Red Queen retrieves Cyrus from the tree he was captured in. Jafar realizes that the bottle Tweedledee found for him was a fake. Alice visits the White Rabbit for help, but they find out that the Red Queen has the Rabbit's family. Alice decides they need to rescue the Rabbit's family. The Red Queen stops by her wagon where she had kept her old belongings and Cyrus's bottle. Jafar storms into the Red Queen's castle looking for her and finds Tweedledee's head in a box. He destroys her castle as he leaves. Will, Alice, and the White Rabbit check the wagon and find the Rabbit family. Jafar uses a spell to send a storm cloud to kill the Red Queen. Alice, Will, and the Rabbit arrive at the outlands and Alice's home to find Cyrus missing. Cyrus arrives and embraces her. Alice demands the Red Queen to tell her the truth before she'll leave. The Red Queen says she wants Will. As the cloud approaches the Red Queen, Alice and Will refuse to trust her, but Cyrus does believe her. They agree to go. As the Rabbit digs his hole, Will is hit by lightning, so he and Alice fall unconscious. Cyrus begs Alice to make her final wish. Will makes the wish and chooses to "end Alice's suffering." As a result, Cyrus is free, Alice is alive, and Will is now the genie in the bottle.
W 09 Lizard finds the bottle and releases Will. He discovers he's a genie and that Lizard is his master. Alice wakes up and Cyrus and Anastasia realize they need to save Will. Jafar claims Anastasia's throne. The Caterpillar visits Jafar saying they haven't found the bottle yet. To bargain for his life, the Caterpillar suggests using the Jabberwocky. Alice decides to follow the river downstream to find Will. While Alice is talking with Cyrus, Anastasia disappears, captured by villagers. Lizard gives one of her wishes to Will and he uses it to give drinks to everyone in town. Jafar gives Tweedledee a body in exchange for information about the Jabberwocky. Cyrus uses a piece of the Red Queen's dress and a locating spell to find her. Jafar forces his way into the Jabberwocky's cell. The villagers tied up Anastasia to leave her for the animals. Cyrus and Alice attempt to rescue Anastasia, but lose the fight and are left as bait as well. The mome raths come after them that night. They escape using Alice's necklace as a distraction. Will suggests Lizard use her last wishes to get her crush's attention. Lizard wishes to be what Will wants. Lizard tells Will that he is her crush. Anastasia, Cyrus, and Alice see the fireworks from Lizard's wish and realize that's where Will is. In the Jabberwocky's cell, she taunts Jafar. Cyrus properly proposes to Alice. Lizard accidentally wishes for Will to feel "something" for her and dies as a result. Anastasia finds Lizard dead with the bottle. Anastasia releases Will as his master. Anastasia tells the others about the other two genies and Cyrus realizes they're his brothers. The group decides to rescue the other genies. The Jabberwocky agrees to help Jafar in exchange for her freedom.
W 10 Anastasia suggests forming an army to fight Jafar. Cyrus decides to go to the Well of Wonders to try to reverse the curse of the genies. The Jabberwocky tracks Will to Lizard and takes a shred of Lizard's clothing to track Will to the Red Queen. Will and Anastasia visit the White Rabbit and ask for his help to create an army. The Jabberwocky finds Anastasia and Will and kidnaps them. Alice and Cyrus solve a riddle in order to get to the Well of Wonders. Cyrus goes to talk to Nyx alone, but Alice follows him. Anastasia wakes up in Jafar's dungeon. The Jabberwocky tortures her three wishes out of her. Cyrus tries to bargain for his brothers' freedom. Nyx says he must return the water and that his mother is alive. Tweedledum visits Anastasia and she tells him to tell Alice and Cyrus to leave Wonderland. Jafar attempts to use the three genies to cast the spell for breaking the laws of magic.
W 11 Cyrus and Alice steal the Lost-and-Found from the Caterpillar. As they inspect the Lost-and-Found, Tweedledum warns Alice and Cyrus to get out of Wonderland. Jafar gets stumped on the spell when it doesn't work and confronts Will about it, but the Jabberwocky is unable to get into his mind. Jafar suspects Anastasia put a protection spell on him. Alice and Cyrus come to rescue Anastasia, but run to hide when Jafar and the Jabberwocky arrive. Jafar questions Anastasia, but the Jabberwocky learns from Alice's fears that Will doesn't have his heart. Alice and Cyrus escape through the tunnels and decide to find Will's heart first. Jafar threatens Anastasia until Will gives him the location of his heart. The White Rabbit takes Alice and Cyrus to Storybrooke to find the heart. Will questions Anastasia about why she wanted to change the past. After returning to Wonderland, Alice and Cyrus are found by Jafar. He steals the heart, but his snake staff backfires and he leaves without it. Cyrus realizes his mother is trapped in the snake staff. Jafar puts Will's heart back in his body and kills Anastasia to ensure it's working.
W 12 Jafar offers Will a deal to get Anastasia back if he helps him. Cyrus and Alice discuss getting his mother out of the staff as Will arrives. He asks them to let Jafar win so that Anastasia can come back. The Jabberwocky realizes that Jafar will not give him the blade. Will knocks out Cyrus in order to steal the snake staff. Alice and Cyrus use the Lost-and-Found to track Will. Jafar releases Taj and Rafi to question them and to look at them. Will captures Alice and tells her to leave. He ends up saving her from the river. After regrouping with Cyrus, the Jabberwocky appears and asks for their help and they team up. Alice and Will break into Jafar's castle. The Jabberwocky arrives inside with Cyrus. Will provides a distraction for the guards while Alice releases the Sultan. Just in time, Jafar returns Will to his bottle. As Jafar tortures Will, Amara appears behind him. Amara and Jafar fight as Cyrus tries to escape. Alice fights off Jafar's guards. Jafar kills Cyrus, convincing Amara that they need to change the laws of magic.
W 13 Amara and Jafar finish the spell. Jafar uses his new power to force his father to love him and then kills him out of revenge. While he's distracted, Amara and Alice escape with Cyrus and revive him at the Rabbits' home. Jafar imprisons the Jabberwocky. Jafar revives Anastasia and forces her to love him. Jafar revives an army of the dead to kill Cyrus, Amara, and Alice. Amara and Cyrus head to the Well of Wonders to return the water as Alice goes with the White Rabbit to gather an army. Amara defeats a portion of Jafar's army. Alice is captured by Jafar's men and brought to the castle. Jafar threatens to change Alice's past so that she never meets Cyrus if she doesn't say where Amara is. One of Jafar's soldiers tells him that Amara is near the Well of Wonders. Will kisses Anastasia to break Jafar's spell. Anastasia lets Alice go. Amara surrenders herself to Nyx, but is killed by Jafar before she can give the water back. Alice and the White Rabbit arrives through a rabbit hole to help Cyrus. Cyrus tries to return the water, but Jafar stops him and steals it, which turns him into a genie and releases Will, Rafi, and Taj. Anastasia dies as a result, but Nyx gives Cyrus and Alice water to revive her.

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