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Did I hear that right?
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SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, last year. The Evil Queen's bedchamber at her palace. A green hand searches through the Queen's jewelry.

Wicked Witch: Look at all her things. Onyx, black pearl... diamond. (She looks into the mirror to see how the earrings look on herself.) A family could live off what this is worth. (Drops the earring in the jewelry box) She just left it all behind. (Walks to the Queen's wardrobe. A flying monkey looks her, making some noises. The Wicked Witch looks around the room.) Such pretty things. All wasted on her. (She opens the wardrobe and searches through the outfits; picking out a dress.) Ahh. Now, this could work. (She walks to the mirror where green smoke envelopes her. The smoke clears; showing she is now wearing the dress. She studies herself in the mirror.) Now, that's how you wear a dress. (Turns her head to the flying monkey. The creature looks her, with a kind of admiration.) I know I look lovely. Now go find the Evil Queen and let her know that I'm here. And no... there's no need to be gentle. (The flying monkey obeys and flies away.)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, last year. Snow White and company make their way across the land. The Evil Queen stops and looks at her former palace in the distance. Red Riding Hood approaches Snow White.

Red Riding Hood: Seems like old times, doesn't it? Except, not running from Regina, but with her.
Snow White: She's changed. I have to believe for the better.
Red Riding Hood: I hope it sticks. But regardless, she doesn't look too good. If she hadn't tried to hurt us so many times, I might be worried about her.
Snow White: I'll talk to her. (walks away and approaches the Evil Queen.) You're ready to make camp soon, Regina? (The Evil Queen remains silent.) You're thinking about Henry, aren't you?
Evil Queen: I'm always thinking about Henry. And I was also thinking (turning around to walk on) there are tunnels that run under the castle. They may run beneath the spell.
Prince Charming: Which means we can sneak an army inside.
Evil Queen: No, an army would be detected.
Snow White: Then how do the tunnels help us?
Evil Queen: Because they can get me inside. If I can get inside, then I can lower the shield. Then you can send in your army.
(Shrieking is heard and a flying monkey swoops in. Charming draws his sword, Snow White readies to loose an arrow.)
Neal Cassidy: Incoming! (The monkey pushes him out of its path and flies toward Roland, presently standing right in front of the Evil Queen.)
Roland: Papa!
Robin Hood: Roland! (The Queen runs in front of the boy, gently pushing him away from the creature as Roland runs over to his father.)
Evil Queen: Not so fast. (She magically transforms the monkey into a stuffed animal. Then she approaches Robin and Roland.) See, not so scary. (Giving the toy to Roland.) Now you have a new toy. (She smiles.)
Robin Hood: Thank you.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Granny's Bed and Breakfast. Hook, Mary Margaret and David are sitting in the living room. Emma.

Emma: Okay, Henry is asleep upstairs. If he wakes up, you two are helping me with the case. (She sits down on a sofa.) So, what the hell happened here? I mean, besides the obvious. (Gesturing toward a pregnant Mary Margaret.)
Mary Margaret: We don't know. We watched you drive over the town line with Henry. Regina started to cast her spell to take us all back to the Enchanted Forest and then...everything went black.
David: And the next thing we remember is waking up in our beds like it was any other morning in Storybrooke.
Mary Margaret: Except it clearly wasn't. (putting a protective hand over her belly)
Hook: Almost harvest time and you can't remember the planting. That's bad luck, mate.
Emma: Clearly a year's past. I was in New York. I know that it did.
David: And we don't know where the hell we were. We don't even know if we left Storybrooke.
Hook: Aye, you did. I was with you.
Mary Margaret: In the Enchanted Forest?
Hook: Regina’s spell brought us back. We’ve spent a brief time with a prince and princess named Phillip and Aurora. But I wasn't feeling the community spirit, so I ventured of on my own. The last I saw of you lot, you were making your way to Regina's castle.
Emma: And now you're cursed. Why doesn't that surprise me?
Mary Margaret: (She shakes her head.) Regina seems as clueless as the rest of us. I'm not quite sure she was involved in this.
Emma: So she says.
David: (turning to Hook) I don't understand: If you left the Enchanted Forest before the curse, how did you know to find Emma and come to Storybrooke?
Hook: As I was sailing the realms a seagull landed on my ship's wheel with a note instructing me to retrieve Emma and bring her back here. There was a small vial of memory potion tied to its leg.
Mary Margaret: Who send it?
Hook: I assumed you did.
David: A message via bird—that does sound like you. (There’s a knock on the door. Leroy and Happy enter the room.) What is it?
Leroy: We lost another one. We’re down to five now.
Happy: (taking a look on his cellphone) Four, actually. Bashful's not answering.
Emma: Wait. What is going on?
Leroy: Thank god you're back, sister.
Mary Margaret: It's not just our memories that are missing. Ever since we woke up, people have begun disappearing.
Leroy: Whoever cursed us is picking us off, one by one.
Emma: Who's exactly missing?
David: Aside from the dwarves, we’re not sure. There's been a lot of confusion over the past few days. It's been hard to keep track of everyone.
Emma: Wait. Neal—is he here?
Mary Margaret: Well, we haven't found him yet.
Emma: So he might have been taken, too.
Leroy: Smart money is on yes.
Mary Margaret: Leroy!
Hook: He'll turn up, Swan. He always does.
David: Some folks have set up camp in the woods at the edge of town. Neal might be there.
Mary Margaret: Or he may not have got swept up in the curse at all.
Emma: There's only one way we gonna figure all this out. We have to get your memories back.
Mary Margaret: How are we going to do that?
Emma: By figuring out who took them in the first place.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. The group discusses the attack.

Prince Charming: What the hell was that thing?
Snow White: The same kind of monster that attacked us on our journey here.
Grumpy: If I didn't know better, I'd say it looked an awful lot like a monkey.
Prince Charming: A monkey with wings?
Evil Queen: Yes, that's exactly what it is.
Neal: Okay, you're acting like that's normal.
Belle: Actually, it is. But not here. There's only one land that has creatures like that. I’ve read about it -- Oz.
Snow White: Oz? That's a real place?
Evil Queen: The bookworm's right. It's quite real. If our simian friend is any indication, then I think we know exactly who's taken up residence in our castle. The Wicked Witch.
Grumpy: We talking East or West?
Snow White: Does it matter? Neither one sounds good.
Grumpy: One you drop a house on. The other one you toss a bucket of water at. (Snow White nods.)
Prince Charming: So, Regina, what exactly are we up against besides green skin and a pointy hat? What did you do to her?
Evil Queen: This time? Nothing. Never met her.
Prince Charming: This isn't a personal vendetta? Shocking. Okay then, Oz aside, we stick to the original plan. Arm up, then attack. (To the Queen.) Assuming you can get the shield down.
Evil Queen: You don't need to worry about me. (She starts walking away.)
Snow White: I'm coming with you.
Evil Queen: No, this is a one-woman job.
Snow White: What? Against the Wicked Witch? She has flying monkeys—who knows what else.
Evil Queen: I don't care if the Lollipop Guild is protecting her. I can lower that shield on my own.
Snow White: Then we'll be waiting for you on the other side.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Granny's Diner. Ruby serves Henry a hot cocoa with cinnamon.

Ruby: Here you go, Hen—young man. Nice hot cocoa.
Henry: Hey, it's cinnamon. How did you know?
Ruby: A lucky guess. You've got a cinnamon kind of face. (Mary Margaret and David enter the dinner.)
Emma: Henry, this is David and Mary Margaret.
Henry: Are you helping my mom with the case? (whispering) Or are they the ones who jumped the jail?
Emma: No, they are- They are just old friends.
Henry: Friends? From where?
Mary Margaret: (speaking simultaneous with Emma) Phoenix.
Emma: (speaking simultaneous with Mary Margaret) Here. (covering for Mary Margaret's slip) Well, Phoenix and here.
Henry: But I thought you were only in Phoenix for being in... that place.
Mary Margaret: Right. We were cell mates.
Henry: Really? What were you in for?
Mary Margaret: Banditry. (sitting down) People make mistakes. The important thing is to find a way to keep moving on.
Henry: Did you know my dad?
David: Should we order? Let's order. (From the other side of the room, a mug of coffee shatters. The camera pans over to reveal Regina Mills, staring at Henry, her face unreadable with emotion. He stares blankly back.)
Regina: Oh, uh, I'm-- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.
Henry: (He shrugs, then returns to his cocoa.) Oh, that's okay.
Emma: (Rises) Regina. Regina, we need to talk. Come on. (The scene transfers as Emma and Reigna walk go into a back room.)
Regina: (Shocked and confused.) He looked right through me.
Emma: Because he doesn't remember you.
Regina: But you clearly do. Why are you here?
Emma: Storybrooke. A new curse. Missing year. What do you think?
Regina: What I mean is, how did you know to come back? I gave you and Henry a new life. New memories.
Emma: Hook found me. He gave me a potion to make me remember. There wasn't enough for Henry.
Regina: How convenient. Look, I didn't cast that curse, if that's what you're thinking.
Emma: The thought did cross my mind.
Regina: Why would I do this? Why would I erase an entire year of my life?
Emma: Maybe it was a bad year for you. Maybe this curse was your way of getting me to bring Henry back here.
Regina: With no memory of me? If I wanted my son back, do you think I'd put myself through this kind of torture? I cast curses to hurt other people. Not myself.
Emma: Maybe so. But I need to start crossing people of the list.
Regina: How? By walking around using your superpower on everyone?
Emma: You've got a better idea?

SCENE: Storybrooke, not far from the town limits. Present day. Robin Hood and his Merry Men are staring at Little John's recently-received crossbow.

Friar Tuck: I've never seen a bow like that.
Little John: Its aim is truer than any I've seen without magic.
Friar Tuck: Where did you get it?
Little John: The store.
Robin Hood: And you procured it with what? (Silence.) You stole it?
Little John: The proprietor looked rich, and we’re poor here. We gotta eat.
Friar Tuck: (spotting a turkey in the distance) Speaking of eating, I see dinner.
Little John (aiming) Let's see how fast the turkeys are in this land. (He misses. The bird walks off.)
Robin Hood: (laughing) Only missed by a feather's length. Seems that bow has improved your aim. (Little John chases the turkey.) John, where’re you going? (The bird steps over the town line. Little John follows close behind. As he comes near the border a flying monkey appears, snatching Little John from the ground and flying away.) John! John!

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Robin Hood indicates the town’s border to Emma, Hook and David.

Robin Hood: This is where he was taken.
Emma: I wouldn't step over that line, if I were you.
Robin Hood: You think Little John was carried away because he attempted to cross that line?
David: Makes sense. The dwarves were out checking the line to see if anyone was coming or going when they disappeared. What exactly took Little John?
Robin Hood: We didn't get a good look. Some manner of a beast with wings.
Emma: That sounds a lot like the monster who attacked me in New York.
Hook: The monster you were gonna marry?
David: You were going to marry someone?
Hook: Did you just miss the part where I said "monster"?
Robin Hood: We need to find Little John.
Emma: It may lead us to those who've gone missing. David, take him and the rest of his-
Robin Hood: Merry Men.
Emma: Right. Them. Run a search grid and see if you can find any sign of their missing guy. (She begins to walk away.)
Hook: Are you not joining us, Swan?
Emma: Not yet. Regina was right. I'm not gonna figure out who's behind this curse by talking to people one by one.
David: What are you gonna do?
Emma: I'm gonna talk to everybody.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. The Town Hall. Citizens are assembled, though not peacefully; most of them are arguing loudly. Sanding in front of them, Emma tries to soothe everyone.

Emma: Everyone! Everyone, I know that you're afraid and confused, but I need you to listen.
Archie: Is it true? Is there some kind of monster keeping us from leaving town?
Leroy: Is that what happened to my brothers?
Emma: Yes, we believe the people are being abducted as they approach the town line.
Granny: So, we’re trapped here. Again?
Emma: It's no different than last time.
Leroy: Last time we lost our memories. This time we get into dragged into woods.
(Regina enters the town hall.)
Belle: Do you know who cursed us? And why they want us here?
Emma: I'm working on it. It's hard to figure out who cast the curse when nobody remembers the last year.
Leroy: Who? Isn't it obvious?
Emma: Do you remember something?
Leroy: (accussive) Who cast the last curse? Who knows how to use it? Who's the only one who ever did anything like this before? The Evil Queen.
Regina: (shakes her head) For once I'm just as clueless as the rest of you.
Dr. Whale: You expect us to believe that?
Regina: (defensive) It's the truth.
Granny: This curse has your fingerprints all over it.
Belle: You did take away our memories once before.
Granny: You still have your big house.
Regina: Do you think I care about my house? About my job? About any of these things?
Archie: Regina, please. Just tell us the truth. We'll understand.
Granny: Speak for yourself.
Regina: I am telling the truth. If I had done this curse there's one thing I'd have right now. My son.
Emma: Yeah, you're not getting anywhere near him until I get to the bottom of what's going on here.
Regina: So now, you're siding with rabble? I thought we’ve been through this. I'm innocent.
Emma: Yes, that's what you said before but now I'm wondering if I believe you. (Some are moving towards Regina.)
Regina: Don't come any closer.
Emma: Regina.
Regina: Do you remember who you're dealing with? If you all want me to be the Evil Queen, then fine. That's exactly who you'll get. (Regina magically causes an earthquake and then disappears in a cloud of purple smoke.)
Leroy: I knew she did it!
Dr. Whale: We can't let her get away.
Emma: She won't. (She exits.)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. The Evil Queen continues to her palace. She magically levitates a boulder out of her path but when she turns around to land it, she sees Robin Hood.

Evil Queen: No.
Robin Hood: No what?
Evil Queen: You're not.
Robin Hood: Not coming along? I do believe I am. I can help.
Evil Queen: I didn't ask for help.
Robin Hood: Well, that doesn't mean you won't need it. That flying monkey back there wasn't after my son. It was coming after you.
Evil Queen: What makes you think that?
Robin Hood: The woods are my home. I've seen many a hunter stalk its prey, a that beast was coming for you. Roland just happened to be standing in between.
Evil Queen: Your point?
Robin Hood: That's the second time you've been attacked. The Wicked Witch wants you dead.
Evil Queen: And what? You think you can stop her if she tries to hurt me?
Robin Hood: Maybe. Maybe not. But I have to try. You see, despite the fact that neither of us likes it, I owe you a debt.
Evil Queen: Why is that?
Robin Hood: Even though that winged beast wasn't after Roland, he still could have hurt my son. You saved him.
Evil Queen: Hm. Who knew a thief had honor?
Robin Hood: Who knew an evil queen had a soft spot for children?
Evil Queen: (She sighs.) Don't get in my way.
Robin Hood: Oh, I wouldn't dream of it.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Regina's Office. Emma enters, slamming the door behind her.

Emma: An earthquake?
Regina: I had to make a statement. And you're fine. (She stands up and approaches Emma.) So, do you think they bought it?
Emma: Yeah, I think they did.
Regina: Good.
Emma: Nice work. Now let's see who really cursed this town.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. The Mayor's Office. Emma glances around outside before closing the door. Regina is preparing to analyze the memory potion.

Regina: How long do you think we have?
Emma: Until whoever cast that curse realizes you're not actually on the run from me. But until then, no one is suspecting we’re working together.
Regina: Let's see it (Emma hands her the memory potion.)
Emma: Is that enough?
Regina: Ah, to use? No. But to replicate? I think so.
Emma: We can start waking people up, figure out who the hell sent everyone back here.
Regina: And I can make Henry remember me. Thank you.
Emma: For what? We haven't done anything yet.
Regina: You saw how quick this town was to blame me. But you... you believe I didn't cast that curse. I know that wasn't easy for you.
Emma: Sure, it was. I knew you're telling the truth.
Regina: Even though everything that has happened has put me right next to Henry? Maybe this was some super complicated and genius plan.
Emma: It wasn't. My superpower may not be perfect. But with you, Regina, I always know when you're lying. This time you're not. You didn't do it.
Regina: Even though you know I can't live without him?
Emma: There you go—telling the truth again.

SCENE: Past, one year ago: The Enchanted Forest. The palace. The Evil Queen and Robin Hood make their way through the tunnels.

Robin Hood: So, where are we headed?
Evil Queen: There's a fire in the courtyard that powers the spell. As long as it burns the shield will stay up.
Robin Hood: We simply need to put it out?
Evil Queen: I simply need to put it out. You need to stay out of my way (preventing him to take a step forward as they reach a trap.) Step in between.
Robin Hood: Oh, nice little surprise.
Evil Queen: To keep people like you out.
Robin Hood: People like me?
Evil Queen: Thieves.
Robin Hood: Oh, yes. True. But we aren't quite so bad, you know.
Evil Queen: Not if you're telling yourself you're stealing from the rich to give to the poor. I may have done bad things in my life but at least I own it.
Robin Hood: I own my mistakes, too. I hope you didn't let me come with you just to walk me into one of these traps. Roland has already lost his mother. I would hate him to loose his father, too.
Evil Queen: Well, then you should have stayed with the others. (smiles and continues to lead the way) So, Roland's mother what happened to her?
Robin Hood: After our boy was born I inadvertently put her in harm's way during the job. It's my fault. Like I said, I own my mistakes. (Both stop to take a closer look at the open door leading to Cora’s tomb.)
Evil Queen: That's impossible.
Robin Hood: What's wrong?
Evil Queen: That door. It's open.
Robin Hood: Perhaps you've left it unlocked?
Evil Queen: (shakes her head in disbelief) I sealed it with blood magic. I'm the only one who can open it.
Robin Hood: Clearly not. Appears the Wicked Witch is a formidable foe. (They enter the crypt.) What exactly was this place? Must have been important for you to seal it by blood.
Evil Queen: A crypt. Isn't that obvious?
Robin Hood: Yes, what I meant was, who was it built for?
Evil Queen: My mother. Like you, I’ve lost people I care about. More than I'd like to admit.
Robin Hood: Including a child?
Evil Queen: What do you know about that?
Robin Hood: I saw the way you grabbed Roland back there. Clearly you have the touch of a mother.
Evil Queen: I do.
Robin Hood: He's not with us on this trek. What happened to him?
Evil Queen: He's not dead if that's what you think. He's just lost to me forever.
Robin Hood: If the Wicked Witch is powerful enough to break blood magic perhaps we should reconsider this plan.
Evil Queen: I don't care how powerful this witch is. I have to go through with this plan. (The Evil Queen exits.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Granny’s Diner. Henry and Mary Margaret are sitting together. Mary Margaret is reading a book. Henry pays attention to his gaming console.

Mary Margaret: My God. Did you know there's something like cradle cap? Babies get that on their heads. It's a crusty, yellow, greasy, scaly skin rash. Seriously, this book uses all of these words.
Henry: Gross. Yes, de-rezzed him.
Mary Margaret: You know, there's a library down the street. We can pop in get you something, if you'd rather. I know how much you love reading.
Henry: How do you know that?
Mary Margaret: Y-your mom said... I think.
Henry: Cool. Let me go get my coat. I'll be right down. (He exits.)
Mary Margaret: Cradle cap. (sighs)
Zelena: You know, it goes away. It doesn't hurt the baby.
Mary Margaret: It doesn't?
Zelena: Babies are stronger than you think. You're Snow White aren't you?
Mary Margaret: I'm Mary Margaret here, actually. This must be your first time in Storybrooke?
Zelena: I’ve missed the last curse. So, everything in this world is still a bit new.
Mary Margaret: Don't worry. You'll get used to it. (smiles). Who were you back in our land?
Zelena: Oh, no one you'd remember. Not everyone is famous like you.
Mary Margaret: I don't know if I'd say famous.
Zelena: You were a princess. And some of us were just supporting players. Oh, it's okay. I loved who I was and what I did. (standing up and walking towards Mary Margaret) I was a midwife.
Mary Margaret: Really?
Zelena: (nods) My name is Zelena. I’ve seen a lot of new mothers. Don't worry. You'll learn quickly.
Mary Margaret: Maybe you can give me some advice? I have been turning the corner of every page on which I have a question and now I can't close the book. There are so many.
Zelena: It would be an honor. (smiles)
Mary Margaret: Careful. Once I have the baby I may not let you leave my side. (laughs)
Zelena: May I? (she touches Mary Margaret’s belly) Wow, helping Snow White with her baby? I can't think of anything that would make me happier.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. The woods. Searching for Little John, Hook, David and Robin Hood comb the woods. David discovers traces of blood on a leaf.

David: Guys!
Robin Hood: (taking a closer look at the leaf) He was dragged. He's there! (A injured Little John is lying on the ground. He’s unconscious and suffers from a shoulder wound).
Hook: Is he alive?
Robin Hood: Barely. (trying to awake John) John, I'm here. We’ve got you.
Hook: I’ve never seen bite like that before.
David: Me neither.
Robin Hood: Okay, help me get him up. We gonna get him some help. (With an effort he rights Little John)

SCENE: Past, one year ago. The Enchanted Forest. The Evil Queen’s palace. The Evil Queen opens the door to her chambers.

Evil Queen: Make yourself useful. Keep watch. (The Evil Queen walks over to her dressing table and prepares a spell. Robin Hood closes the door behind him.)
Robin Hood: (watching her) What is that?
Evil Queen: Nothing that concerns you.
Robin Hood: (reaching for an arrow from his quiver. He bends his long bow.) I won't ask you again. What is that?
Evil Queen: (turning around) How dare you threatening me in my own castle? (She uses magic to choke him)
Robin Hood: (with a strained voice) Even if you choke the life out of me this arrow will still leave my bow and trust me I never miss. Now, what manner of dark potion are you making?
Evil Queen: (releases him) A sleeping curse.
Robin Hood: The kind you used on Snow White?
Evil Queen: That spell came from Maleficent. I finally learned how to make one of my own.
Robin Hood: This spell. This is why you wanted to come to the castle.
Evil Queen: Ingredients like these are hard to come by, especially when you have Snow White breathing down your neck every second of the day.
Robin Hood: That was your plan? To use it on the witch?
Evil Queen: The Witch? I don't care about her. (finishing the spell)
Robin Hood: Then who do you plan to use it on?
Evil Queen: Don't worry. No one you'll miss. No one anyone will miss. (applies the spell to a hairpin of hers)
Robin Hood: This is about your son, isn't it? (walking towards The Evil Queen.) I can't let you do this.
Evil Queen: It's a good thing you don't have a say in the matter. (She uses magic to froze his feet to the ground. He's unable to approach her further.)
Robin Hood: I know how you feel, Regina.
Evil Queen: I doubt that.
Robin Hood: When I lost my wife I thought there was no reason to go on. But then I found one. My son.
Evil Queen: That's where you and I are different. I’ve already lost Henry. I’ve already lost the only thing I care about.
Robin Hood: That doesn't mean you won't find a new reason. We'll all get a second chance, Regina. You'll just have to open your eyes to see it.
Evil Queen: It's too bad mine will be closed.
Robin Hood: So, that's it? You just wanna give up?
Evil Queen: This isn't an end. It's an eternal middle. This curse can be broken by the only true love in my life and the only reason I'd even want to wake. My son.
Robin Hood: Regina, listen to me. This is a mistake.
Evil Queen: Don't worry. I'll keep my word. I'll lower the protection spell so that Snow and Charming can be victorious. But then, then I go to sleep.

Storybrooke. Present day. The Mayor’s office. Regina adds a final ingredient to the potion. Emma watches her.

Emma: Did it work?
Regina: There's only one way to find out. (She takes a sip of the potion).
Emma: Do you remember? (Regina throws the bottle containing the potion at the wall. It shatters.) Either that wall did something to you in the past year or I'd say it didn't work.
Regina: I must have missed an ingredient.
Emma: Can't we try again?
Regina: I’ve already used up what was left of the potion Hook gave you. There's nothing left to replicate. I can't live in this town if Henry doesn't remember me. It's worse than any curse I ever could have cast.
Emma: What if we can still find the person who cursed the town?
Regina: Haven't you been paying attention? I can't make any more potion.
Emma: You don't have to make anything. We can still catch the person.
Regina: How?
Emma: We’ve been running a con by making this potion in secret. What if we’re running the wrong con?
Regina: I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm not well-versed in cons. Unlike you, I’ve never spend time in prison.
Emma: No, it's not something I learned in prison. It's an old bail-bonds trick. You smoke out the perp by making them think you're on them.
Regina: How does that help us?
Emma: If the person who cast the curse thought we were about to make a memory potion...
Regina: They'd want to stop us.
Emma: Yes. And then we set a trap for them when they do. We just need to get the word out that you're close to making all this work.
Regina: I know just who to tell.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Granny's Diner. Leroy storms into the room.

Leroy: Big news, everybody. Emma found Regina. She was hold up in her office working on a potion.
Archie Hopper: What kind of potion?
Happy: Was she gonna hurt us?
Leroy: A memory potion. Regina said she's gonna use it to prove that she didn't cast the curse.
Granny: Like I'd drink anything she gives me.
Leroy: Oh, somebody will. And when they remember we'll know exactly who did this to us. (Zelena quickly leaves the room)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Storybrooke General Hospital. Little John is taken to a emergency trauma room.

Nurse: He's bradycardic. BP dropping fast.
Dr. Whale: What did this to him?
David: We don't know.
Nurse (realizing that Little John shakes violently). He's going into shock.
Dr. Whale: We need to sedate him. 15 mg of propofol.
(Dr. Whale tries to give Little John a shot. Little John continues to tremble violently and he begins growing a tail. As Dr. Whale attempts a second time the tail lashes out hitting him. Lots of people take a blow from the tail.)
Robin Hood: John, John!
Hook: (ducking) Bloody hell!
Robin Hood: John!
(Little John transforms into a flying monkey)
David: Okay, I didn't see that coming. (The flying monkey takes a leap jumping through the window and disappears into the night.) What the hell was that thing?
Dr. Whale: Don't look at me. I'm a doctor not a vet.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Outside the Mayor's office. Emma and Regina are sitting in Emma's car and watch the house.

Regina: So, do we just sit here and wait?
Emma: Until the person who'd cast the curse makes a move on your office.
Regina: Is this really what you do for a living?
Emma: Yeah, it's called a stakeout.
Regina: And you don't get bored?
Emma: I don't know. I’ve learnt to pass time. Eat. Talk. Mostly watch, that's what we should be doing.
Regina: Does he have friends?
Emma: Does who have friends?
Regina: Henry. Does he have any friends in New York?
Emma: Yeah, he's got a lot of friends. No girlfriends, yet. At least not one I know about.
Regina: So, he's happy? His life is good there?
Emma: Yeah. I almost didn't come back because of that.
Regina: Then, why did you?
Emma: Because he may not remember all this but I do. And I know what he would say. A hero would come back.
Regina: (smiles) He would say that.
Emma: You're sure you don't want to meet him? We could just tell him you're an old friend like Mary Margaret and David.
Regina: It would be too hard.
Emma: I can't imagine- (Emma notices a movement in the window of the house.) We got them.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. The Mayor's office. Emma and Regina slowly sneak up to the office door.

Emma: Are you sure, whoever is in there can't escape?
Regina: I sealed the room with a blood lock. It can keep you out or it can keep you in. I know what I'm doing.
(Regina uses magic to open the door. The room is in a mess.)
Emma: (armed with a pistol) There. Don't move!
Regina: There's nowhere for you to go. (A hooded figure disappears in a cloud of green smoke.)
Emma: I thought, you said they couldn't do that.
Regina: No one can break with blood magic. No matter how powerful they are.
Emma: Then, who are we dealing with?

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. The Evil Queen's palace. The courtyard. A burning fire fuels the protection spell. The Evil Queen magically absorbs the green flame.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. Grumpy watches the Evil Queen's palace from a distance. A green dome surrounding the castle slowly fades and then disappears entirely.

Grumpy: It's down!
Prince Charming: Move on the castle. Now.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. The Evil Queen's palace. The courtyard. The Evil Queen sits down on a bench looking over the landscape.

Evil Queen: I'm sorry, Henry. Maybe one day you'll find me and wake me up. But until then-
(She is about to prick her finger as the Wicked Witch approaches her from behind)
Wicked Witch: You weren't even going to say hello first? It's not exactly the welcome I was expecting. (The Evil Queen turns around) What does a witch have to do to get your attention? (Using magic she takes the needle from The Evil Queen’s hand. The Evil Queen winces.) What's the matter? Has life got you down?
Evil Queen: (standing up) None of your business.
Wicked Witch: You really don't know who I am, do you?
Evil Queen: I know exactly who you are. The Wicked Witch.
Wicked Witch: Is that all?.
Evil Queen: I'm not that interested.
(The Wicked Witch stuns the Evil Queen’s feet)
Wicked Witch: Please, allow me to introduce myself. You can call me Zelena.
Evil Queen: That's my dress.
Wicked Witch: I had to take it in a little bit at the hips but it looks better on me, don't you think?
Evil Queen: I think, you should never have left Oz.
Wicked Witch: You can have your castle back if you want it so badly. I was just trying on for size. Besides, I’ve already seen everything worth seeing. Your closet. Your gardens. Your crypt.
Evil Queen: Yes, how did you break the blood lock?
Wicked Witch: I didn't.
Evil Queen: The door was open. No one's that powerful.
Wicked Witch: Cora really never told you.
Evil Queen: Tell me what?
Wicked Witch: The truth about us, Regina.
Evil Queen: (chuckles) What are you talking about? And, how do you know my mother?
Wicked Witch: Same way you do. (leaning closer) I'm your sister. Actually, half-sister. But, details, details.
Evil Queen: That's not possible. You're green.
Wicked Witch: And you're rude. Cora had me first. Before she found her way into the dregs of royalty. Well, you know I'm telling the truth. How else could I have broken the door to the crypt? Our mother gave me up and sent me away. But you, you she kept. You she gave everything.
Evil Queen: Everything she wanted. If what you're saying is true, then you were lucky to escape her.
Wicked Witch: Enough of the martyr complex, Regina. Try growing up without a mother. Try living in Oz. Knowing that no one thought you were good enough. Not your mother. And not the only man that our paths both crossed. Rumplestiltskin.
Evil Queen: You knew Rumplestiltskin?
Wicked Witch: Did you think you were his only student?
Evil Queen: Let me guess: You're mad because he chose me to cast his curse. Well, get over it. It wasn't everything it was cracked up to be.
The Wicked Witch: Anything would have been better than the life I had. But, despite my shortcomings I made something of myself, dear. And I didn't need Cora. Or Rumplestiltskin.
Evil Queen: It's too bad they're not around to see how well you've turned out. They're both dead.
Wicked Witch: That's alright. You're the only one I need alive.
Evil Queen: Really? Why is that?
Wicked Witch: Because I'm going to take everything away from you.
Evil Queen: Too late. I’ve already lost everything that matters.
Wicked Witch: No, Regina. You haven't lost anything yet.
Evil Queen: So, you are going to kill me?
Wicked Witch: No, it's too easy. For me to get what I want I need you to suffer. You see, what's in store for me is all my dreams being realized. But for you- Well, it's a fate worse than death.
Evil Queen: Go ahead. Bring it, Greeny.
Wicked Witch: Indeed, I will. See you soon, sis. (She summons her broomstick and leaves)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. The Evil Queen's palace. The Evil Queen returns to her chamber. She frees Robin Hood from her spell.

Robin Hood: You didn't go through with it.
Evil Queen: (in a cheerful tone) You were right. The sleeping curse wasn't the answer. As you said, I just needed to find something to live for.
Robin Hood: And you found it? (smiles) What?
Evil Queen: The one thing I haven't had in a very long time. Someone to destroy.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Blanchard Apartment. Emma and Regina are about to enter.

Regina: Maybe this isn't a good idea.
Emma: It's gonna be fine. Trust me. (Emma opens the door and they enter. clearing throat) Hey, how was your day?
Henry: Good. Storybrooke is a weird place. But cool. Did you know there's a library inside a clock tower.
Emma: I do. I’ve been there before. Come on, I want you to meet someone. This is Regina Mills. She's the mayor of this town and she wanted to meet you.
Henry: Is something wrong?
Regina: No, no. No, nothing's wrong. Your mother just told me a lot about you. I heard you like school and that you're good at English.
Henry: Yeah. Why did she tell you all this?
Regina: Because she couldn't be prouder of you. While you're in town I was thinking, maybe I can give you a tour sometime. You know, show you around. Maybe we can stop in for ice-cream.
Henry: Yeah, I'd like that. (Regina smiles) So, it was nice meeting you. (Regina takes a step towards Henry intending to embrace him. He offers her a hand. After a moment she shakes it.)
Emma: How was that? You're okay?
Regina: It was a start.
(David and Hook enter the apartment.)
David: We need to talk.
Emma: (looking around, she notices Henry sitting on a sofa) Outside. (The group leaves the room)
Mary Margaret: They are being turned into flying monkeys?
Hook: Yes, he took on simian form with the added bonus of wings.
Mary Margaret: Did you think this is what happened to the missing dwarves, too?
David: It would explain why we haven't found any traces of them.
Emma: And Neal?
David: No sign of him, either. So, yeah, it's possible.
Emma: Wouldn't be the first flying monkey I've dated.
Regina: The person who escaped our trap disappeared in cloud of green smoke. And now, there are flying monkeys in this town? I think we know exactly who cursed us.
Emma: The Wicked Witch of the West? (Regina nods) Seriously? She's real, too?
Hook: Says the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.
Emma: I don't get it. It's not like we’re in Kansas. Why would the Wicked Witch of the West wanna come to Storybrooke?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Zelena's Farmhouse. Carrying a tray of food Zelena walks to a storm cellar in the gardens. She uses magic to open the door and is then seen walking down a wooden staircase. She places the tray in front of a cage.

Zelena: Hungry? (A hand grabs her arm before she’s able to turn away)
Mr. Gold: You never should have brought me back.
Zelena: (smiles, kicking the tray so that he can reach it) Eat up. We’ve got work to do. (Zelena exits)
Mr. Gold: (picking up a bowl of rice) You feed the madness and it feeds on you. (turning the bowl in his hands) You feed the madness and it feeds on you. You feed the madness and it feeds on you. (Mr. Gold giggles. Using his fingers he finally starts to eat.)

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