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If our simian friend is any indication, then I think we know exactly who's taken up residence in our castle. The Wicked Witch.

Regina to Emma

"Witch Hunt" is the thirteenth episode of Season Three of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Jane Espenson and directed by Guy Ferland. It is the fifty-seventh episode of the series overall, and premiered on March 16, 2014.


Emma arrives in Storybrooke with Henry and reunites with her friends and family, only to discover that no one remembers how they were transported back – or the past year they spent back in Fairy Tale Land. But Emma is sure that someone in town is responsible for this new curse and teams up with Regina in an attempt to uncover their identity. While they were in Fairy Tale Land the past year, Regina, with the aid of Robin Hood, attempts to break into her castle, which has been overtaken by the Wicked Witch.[2]


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In the Enchanted Forest a year ago, the Wicked Witch of the West admires the various luxuries and treasures in the Evil Queen's palace. She remarks what a shame it is that all these beautiful things were wasted on Regina. She puts on one of the Queen's dresses and then sends out one of her Flying Monkeys to find Regina and "let her know that I'm here."

Outside the castle, Snow White, Prince Charming, and company continue on their journey to Sherwood Forest. Red Riding Hood approaches Snow; reminiscing about "old times" when they were on the run from Regina. She comments on how unusual it feels to now be running with her. Snow tells her she has to believe Regina has changed for the better. Red tells her friend she hopes so, but also notes that Regina does not seem well. Snow approaches Regina and notices Regina is thinking about Henry. Regina replies she is always thinking about Henry, but her mind was also on the palace. She explains to Snow and Charming that there is a system of tunnels that run underneath the castle and possibly beneath the protection spell encircling the edifice. She explains she intends to use the tunnels to get herself inside to lower the shield, allowing them to send in their army and drive out the unknown person who has taken up residence in the castle. Moments later, the flying monkey sent by the Wicked Witch attacks. It swoops in the direction of Neal, but he manages to duck just in time. The creature then flies in the direction of Robin Hood's young son, Roland, presently standing a few feet in front of the Queen. She stops the monster by turning it into a stuffed animal, which she gifts to the child.

A year later in Storybrooke, David, Emma, Hook, and Mary Margaret are gathered in the inn. Emma asks her parents what has happened. They reply they have no idea either; they recall watching her drive over the town line with Henry, Regina beginning to cast her spell to stop Pan's curse, and then blacking out. The next thing they can remember is waking up as if it were any other morning in Storybrooke. Their only clue that time has passed is the fact that Mary Margaret is nine months pregnant. Hook recalls that Regina's spell did return them to the Enchanted Forest, and they spent a brief period of time with Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora. He recalls that he left the group shortly afterward as they were preparing to make their way to Regina's old palace. David asks him how he knew to find Emma if he left before the curse, to which he explains that a bird came, which he figured they must have sent. Tied to its leg was a small vial of memory potion, and a note telling him of the second curse and directing him to retrieve Emma. Shortly after, Leroy and Happy enter, telling the present company that three dwarves have disappeared. Mary Margaret explains that people have begun disappearing since they woke up. With all the confusion, they still do not know who is missing, but Emma briefly worries Neal may have. Hook assures her he will turn up sooner or later, as "he always does". Emma realizes there's only one way to figure this out: they need to get their memories back and figure out who took them to begin with.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, the group discusses the attack. Snow identifies it as the same beast that attacked her and Regina on their way there. Grumpy states that it strongly resembled a monkey, and Belle shares knowledge of it being a flying monkey native to the land of Oz. From this, Regina figures the Wicked Witch must be the one who has overtaken the castle. Charming asks Regina what the Wicked Witch has against her. She replies she has no idea, as she has never met the witch. He then announces to the group that they will stick to their plan: Regina will get the shield down, and they will arm up and attack. Snow wishes to accompany Regina, but she insists this is a one-woman job.

In Storybrooke at Granny's Diner, Ruby serves Henry a hot cocoa with cinnamon. When he asks her how she knew, Ruby creates a flimsy excuse that is was a lucky guess. David and Mary Margaret enter, and Emma introduces them to Henry as old friends of hers. When Henry questions how they know each other, Mary Margaret makes the mistake of saying they met in Phoenix. This confuses Henry, because he thought Emma was only in Phoenix for the time she spent in jail. Mary Margaret invents a story that she was Emma's cellmate. Across the diner, Regina spots Henry and the shock of seeing him causes her to drop her food. He stares back blankly, then shrugs it off. Emma walks up to Regina, and explains that Hook found her and gave her a potion to jog her memory, but there was not enough for Henry. Regina then states she did not cast the new curse. Emma admits the thought did cross her mind, thinking it may have been her way of bringing Henry back. Regina claims if so, it would not add up, since Henry would have no memory of her. Emma understands, but she needs to start ruling people out.

Near the town line, Robin Hood and the Merry Men are admiring a crossbow Little John has recently acquired. He attempts to use it to shoot a turkey, but misses. Determined to hit it, Little John chases the turkey and comes very close to the town border, where a flying monkey snatches him away. Later, David, Hook, and Emma arrive on the scene. Emma figures Little John was abducted for attempting to cross the town line. When asked by David, Robin states he did not get a good look at what took John, but describes some kind of monster with wings. Emma compares this description to the monster she fought in New York. She then asks David and Hook to run a search grid to find the missing man. When inquired about why she isn't joining, Emma explains that Regina is right and she cannot go around asking people about the new curse one by one; instead, she intends to talk to everyone.

At the town hall, Emma tries to keep various citizens, among them Archie, Belle, Dr. Whale, Granny, and Leroy calm. She explains that there is reason to believe people are being taken when they approach the border, and she is trying to figure out who cast the second curse. At this, Leroy scoffs, believing there to be no need. He makes it clear that there is only one person who both knows how to use the curse and has ever done anything like this before: the Evil Queen. At this, all eyes in the room turn to Regina. She attempts to defend herself, but they refuse to believe her. She declares that if she was behind this, there was one thing she would have right now: Henry. Emma states Regina is not going anywhere near him until she figures this out. This further upsets Regina, as she and Emma already went through this, and insists she is innocent, to which Emma states she is now wondering if that is true. At that, an angry Regina magically causes an earthquake in the hall and disappears in a cloud of violet smoke. Dr. Whale tells Emma not to let her get away, to which Emma states she won't. When Emma exits, a woman donning a green necklace smiles to herself.

In the Enchanted Forest, Regina continues her journey to her castle. She uses her magic to remove a large boulder in her path, but as she turns around to place it down, she finds Robin Hood standing behind her. She attempts to convince him to head back to the others, but he insists he must at least try to help her. He tells her that the flying monkey from earlier was not after Roland, but her. Roland was merely standing in its way, but it still could have seriously hurt his son. Reluctantly, she lets him join her, and warns him not to get in her way. He remarks that he "wouldn't dream of it."

Act Three starts with Emma enters the mayor's office, where Regina is waiting for her. The two then proceed to figure out who really cast the curse. Emma hands Regina the vial of memory potion, asking if it's enough. The Mayor says no, but it is enough to replicate. Emma wants to wake people up, figure out who sent everyone back there. Regina hopes to make Henry remember her. She then sighs and thanks, Emma. The blonde asks what for. Regina saw how quick the town was to blame her. Emma believes the brunette didn't cast that curse. Regina acknowledges that it wasn't easy for her. Emma knew Regina told the truth. Regina asks if she knew this despite how everything that has happened has put her next to Henry and throws around the hypothesis that this was some super-complicated, ingenious plan of hers. Emma insists it wasn't, explaining that her superpower is not perfect, but she always knows when Regina is lying, and this time she didn't do it. "Even though you know I can't live without him," Regina says, to which Emma tells her, "There you go, telling the truth again." They smile at each other.

Back in the tunnels of the Enchanted Forest, during the "missing year", Robin Hood asks where they're headed. The Queen explains that a courtyard fire powers the Wicked Witch's protection spell. The thief theorizes they only have to put it out then, to which Regina responds that she has to put it out... and he needs to stay out of her way. Regina stops and tells the thief to step between the path of grey stones. His torchlight reveals the stepping stones set up a booby trap of jagged spears coming from the tunnel walls. The Queen explains that they're to keep thieves like him out. He chuckles and explains that they aren't all bad. She chuckles that might be so when one tells themselves they steal from the rich to give to the poor. Regina goes on to say that at least she owns her bad deeds. Robin claims to own his mistakes. He hopes she didn't let him come so that she could trap him, for his son Roland has already lost his mother. "Well, then you should have stayed with the others," Regina taunts. They walk on. She asks what happened to Roland's mother, and he says he put her in harm's way during a job. He says that it was his fault and reiterates that he owns his mistakes. They make it to an entrance that leads to a spiral staircase. Regina, surprised, says that door can't be open. Robin suggests that she left it unlocked. She reveals that she sealed it with blood magic, and is thus the only one who can open it. "Clearly not," the man tells her, "It appears the Wicked Witch is a formidable foe." The two make their way to the entrance.

In the crypt, Robin Hood asks who it was built for. The Queen says her mother, adding, like Robin, she's lost plenty of loved ones. He asks if this includes a child. Regina asks what the thief knows about that. He reminds her that she grabbed Roland with the touch of a mother. She confirms this and they look down. Robin, knowing Henry wasn't on their trek, asks what happened to him. Regina clarifies that Henry's alive, her son's lost to her forever. Robin changes the topic, saying that if the Wicked Witch is powerful enough to break blood magic, they should reconsider their plan. The Queen doesn't care how powerful this Witch is, she has to go through with it. She keeps walking.

In the present, Mary Margaret gasps at a passage in an old book. She makes conversation with Henry, who sits right across from her in Granny's Diner playing a videogame, about something called "cradle cap", something babies get on their heads, a crusty, yellow, greasy, scaly skin rash. The book's actual usage of all those words surprises her. Henry says that's gross, not showing much interest, as he keeps playing his game. Mary Margaret, attempting to re-bond with him, puts her book down and tells him that they could pop in into the library down the street and get him something if he'd rather. "I know how much you love reading," she says, which makes him wonder how she knows that. Caught off-guard, she tells him his mom said so... she thinks. Eyes still on the videogame, Henry says that's cool. He gets up to go get his coat. Mary Margaret gets back to her book below her and says "Cradle cap..." lowly. "You know, it goes away," a sweet female voice says behind her. Mary Margaret turns around to face a redheaded - none other than the cursed version of the Wicked Witch, who adds that the cradle cap doesn't hurt the baby. "It doesn't?" Mary Margaret asks, looking more relieved. The woman says babies are stronger than she thinks. "You're Snow White, aren't you?" The pregnant woman answers that she's Mary Margaret here, and presumes that this must be her first time in Storybrooke. The woman says that she missed the first curse, so everything in that world is still a bit new to her. Mary Margaret gives her a comforting smile and tells her not to worry, saying that she'll get used to it. She then asks who the redhead was back in their land. The woman says that she wasn't anyone she'd remember, for not everyone was famous like she was. "I don't know if I'd say famous," Snow laughs. The redhead points out that Snow was a princess, but others were supporting players. The princess doesn't quite know how to react, but the woman, standing up, says it's okay, she loved who she was and what she did, revealing that she was a midwife. This interests Mary Margaret. The woman introduces herself as Zelena and says that she has seen a lot of new mothers, so she tells her not to worry - she'll learn. Mary Margaret suggests that she could give her some advice. Zelena smiles and says it would be an honor. Mary Margaret tells her, that once she has the baby she might not let Zelena leave her side. Zelena asks if she may touch her pregnant belly, and Mary Margaret allows it. She does so and shows enthusiasm in helping Snow White with her baby, saying she can't think of anything that would make her happier. They smile at each other.

Act 4 opens with David and the search party looking for Little John in the Storybrooke woods. David finds bloody leaves. The sheriff calls the rest of the crew over. Robin Hood deduces the victim was dragged. Robin points out the trail that leads to his old partner. They all rush to find Little John, injured in the shoulder, groaning with pain but almost unconscious. Hook asks if he's alive, to which Robin answers that he barely is. Robin tries to comfort John. Hook's never seen a bite like the one the man's received before. David hasn't either. Robin says they need to get John some help.

Back in her Castle, the Queen tells Robin Hood to make himself useful and keep watch. The thief stands on one end of the room as Regina takes out a chest of magical items from her dresser. Robin asks about it, and she tells him it's nothing that concerns him. Suspicious, Robin points an arrow at the Queen, asking again what it is, making it clear it's the last time he will ask. Regina is infuriated that he dares to threaten her in her castle, and uses her magic to choke him from a distance. Robin explains that even if she chokes the life out of him, that arrow will still leave his bow, and he never misses. He asks what manner of dark potion she is making. Regina, convinced, lets go of her hold over him, and he gasps for air. She tells him she's making a sleeping curse. He asks if she means the kind she used on Snow White. Regina explains that the spell came from Maleficent, but she finally learned how to make one of her own. He deduces that the spell is why she wanted to come to the castle. Regina replies that those ingredients are hard to come by... especially when Snow White has been breathing down their neck every second of the day. He asks if that was her plan, to use it on the Witch. Regina brushes this off, claiming not to care about her. She finishes the potion, as the thief asks who she plans to use it on, and she tells him, "Don't worry. No one you'll miss." She sits down at her vanity, and finishes with, "No one anyone will miss." She takes out the pin from her hair and dips it in the potion. Robin asks if this is about her son. He walks closer to her and says he can't let her do this. The Queen tells him it's a good thing then that he doesn't have a say in the matter. With one wave of her hand, she glues his feet to the floor. He knows how she feels, which she doubts. He tells her, as she stands up, that when he lost his wife, he felt that there was no reason to go on, but then he found one: his son. Regina says that's where they differ: she already lost Henry - she already lost the only thing she cares about. The man tells her that doesn't mean she won't find a new reason, for they all get a second chance, she has to open her eyes to see it. "It's too bad mine will be closed," the Queen answers. Robin, worried for her, asks if that's it if she wants to give up, and she tells him this isn't an end, it's an eternal middle. The curse can be broken, by the only true love in her life, and the only reason she would even want to wake: her son. He begs that she listen to him, deeming this to be a mistake. She tells him not to worry, that she'll keep her word and lower the protection spell so that Snow and Charming can be victorious. "But then... then I go to sleep." She leaves. Robin tries to move but can't. Over in Regina's magic lab, Emma looks on with amazement, as Regina plans to replicate the memory potion that the blonde took. As the Mayor finishes the mixture, Emma asks if it worked, to which Regina says that there's only one way to find out. She drinks some of it and smiles, hopeful. Emma asks if she remembers. Regina, annoyed, throws the vial at the office wall, causing it to shatter. Emma acknowledges that it didn't work unless that wall did something to Regina in the past year. The brunette thinks that she must have missed an ingredient. Emma asks if they can try again. The aggravated Mayor explains that she already used up what was left of the potion that Hook gave her, and there's nothing left to replicate. Frustrated, Regina says that she can't live in that town if Henry doesn't remember her. Emma gets an idea of how to find the person who cursed them. Regina asks if she hasn't been paying any attention because she can't make any more potions. Emma says they don't have to make anything. Regina asks how, and Emma reminds her that they've been running a con, by making the potion in secret, but they're running the wrong con. Regina claims that she's not well versed in cons. The blonde says it's not something one learns in prison, it's an old bail bonds trick, to smoke out the perp by making them think you're on to them. Regina asks how that helps them, and Emma concludes that if the person who cast the curse thought they were about to make the potion... "They'd wanna stop us..." Regina finishes her thought. Emma adds that they set a trap for them when they do, they need to get the word out that Regina is close to making all this work. Regina smiles and says she knows who to tell. "Big news, everybody!" Leroy blurts out, with wide eyes, after he enters Granny's Diner that night. He closes the door and tells the entire clientele, that Emma found Regina holed up in her office working on a potion. Archie asks what kind of potion. Mr. Clark, sitting on the counter between Walter and Happy, asks if the Mayor will hurt them. Leroy answers that Regina wanted to use a memory potion to prove that she didn't cast the curse. Granny makes it clear she wouldn't drink anything the Queen handed her. Leroy says that somebody will, and if they remember, they'll know who did this to them. As the diner patrons discuss, Zelena grows concerned, stands up from her booth, and walks out. Medical personnel cart Little John through the halls of Storybrooke General Hospital, followed by the search party. The nurse informs Dr. Whale that the man's blood pressure is dropping fast. David tells Whale they don't know what did this to John. John convulses. The nurse says that he's going into shock. Whale asks the nurse for fifteen milligrams of propofol to sedate him. Whale tries to inject Little John, but the man screams out and a grey tail springs out from under his back, whiplashing Whale back. Robin intervenes, as the tail knocks Friar Tuck and the nurse out, and then Robin. "Bloody hell!" Hook shields himself with his arm. A male nurse is also thrown back. David ducks in time to avoid the tail. The bespectacled audience looks on in terror as Little John transforms into a winged monkey. David admits he "didn't see that coming." The monkey shrieks and flies out a window. David asks what that thing was. Whale replies, "Don't look at me. I'm a doctor, not a vet." Act Five opens with Regina and Emma staking out the Town Hall at night. In the blonde's yellow bug, the Mayor asks if that's what they do: sit and wait. "Till the person who cast the curse makes a move on your office," Emma answers. Regina asks if this is what she does for a living. Emma answers, carefree, that she does, it's called a stakeout. The Mayor asks the sheriff if she doesn't get bored. Emma tells her one finds ways to pass time, eat, talk, but mostly watch, which is what they should do. Emma takes a sip from her coffee cup. Regina asks her if Henry has friends, in New York. Emma says he has a lot of friends, but no girlfriends yet, at least that she knows about. Regina asks if he's happy and whether his life is good, hoping for confirmation but also dreading it. Emma comments that she almost didn't come back because of that. Regina asks why she did. Emma says Henry might not remember all this, but she does, and she knows what he would say: "a hero would come back." Regina smiles, acknowledging that he would say that. Emma asks Regina if she's sure she doesn't want to meet him. Emma suggests telling him she's an old friend, like Mary Margaret and David. Regina shakes her head, saying it would be too hard. Before Emma can respond, she spots a figure moving in Regina's office. Emma says they got them.

In the town hall, Emma asks if the mayor is sure that whoever is in there can't get out. Regina replies that she sealed the office with a blood lock, which can keep one out or keep them in, so she knows what she's doing. Regina works her magic on the door's keyhole. They enter the office, the Mayor holding a flashlight, which she points at the lab set, that has been destroyed, and Emma holding her gun. Emma spots the culprit and calls for Regina's attention. She yells at the person not to move. Regina tells them there's nowhere for them to go. But, the hooded person is enveloped in a cloud of green mist, leaving the two women perplexed. Emma says she thought they couldn't do that. Regina claims that no one can break through blood magic, no matter how powerful they are. "Then who are we dealing with?" Emma wonders.

One year before, the Queen, holding the pin that she dipped in her sleeping curse potion, walks towards the area of her castle from where the cloaking spell emanates. Regina ascends to the podium, holds up her hand against the magic rays, the green fire that burns, and puts it out. She smiles. Out in the Enchanted Forest, Grumpy, through binoculars, witnesses the protection spell falling and informs his troupe. Charming tells everyone that they move on the castle at that moment, which they all prepare to do. The Queen sits on a bench alone, and utters the words, "I'm sorry, Henry. Maybe one day you'll find me and wake me up. But until then..." She prepares to prick her finger with the hairpin, but a female voice interrupts her, asking if she wasn't even going to say "hello" first. The Queen turns around to face the famed Wicked Witch of the West, in all her green allure, adding that it's not the welcome she expected. She asks what a witch has to do to get the Queen's attention, and, materializes the pin from Regina's hand to her own. The Witch asks the gasping Queen what the matter is, whether life got her down. The Queen stands up and tells her that is none of her business. The Witch gives her a look of entertainment and can tell that the Queen doesn't know who she is. The Queen says she knows exactly who she is, the Wicked Witch. The Witch asks if that's all. The Queen claims she's not interested. Before Regina can take the pin back, the Witch makes it disappear and says, "You can call me Zelena." The Queen notices the Witch is earring her dress. Zelena taunts her, says she had to take it in a little bit at the hips but states that it looks better on her. Regina says she should have never left Oz. Zelena says she can have her castle back, she was trying it on for size, and she's already seen everything worth seeing: Regina's closet, gardens, and crypt. The Queen curious, asks how she broke the blood lock. Zelena says she didn't. Regina reminds her that the door was open, and says that no one is that powerful. "Cora really never told you?" Zelena asks. "Told me what?" Regina asks, surprised to hear her mother's name. "The truth about us, Regina." Regina chuckles and asks her what she's talking about, and how she knows her mother. "The same way you do," Zelena says, "I'm your sister."

Act Six opens with the Queen standing in shock. The green witch explains they're half-sisters. The Queen claims that's impossible, for the Witch is green, to which Zelena replies that she's rude. The Witch goes on to say that Cora had her first before she wormed her way into the dregs of royalty. She reminds the Queen that she broke into the crypt, so she must be telling the truth. She goes on to say that their mother gave her up and sent her away, but she kept and gave Regina everything. "Everything she wanted," the Queen says, adding that if what she is saying is true, then the Witch was lucky to escape Cora. The Witch tells her to stop with the martyr complex and consider growing up in Oz without a mother instead, and knowing no one thought she was good enough, not Cora, and not the only man that their paths both crossed... Rumplestiltskin. The notion that the Witch knew Rumple entertains the Queen. The Witch asks if the Queen thinks she was his only student. The Queen, smirking, guesses that she's mad that he chose her to cast his curse. "Well, get over it," the Queen says, "It wasn't everything it was cracked up to be." The Witch answers that anything would have been better than the life she had, but, despite her shortcomings, she made something of herself, and she didn't need Cora or Rumplestiltskin. The Queen says it's too bad they're not around to see how well she turned out - they're both dead. The Witch looks surprised and disappointed, but she chuckles, saying that's alright, for Regina is the only one she needs alive. The Queen asks why, still entertained. The Witch answers that she will take everything away from Regina. The Queen tells her it's too late, she's already lost everything that matters. The Witch denies this, saying the Queen hasn't lost anything yet. The Queen theorizes that the Witch will kill her, which the green woman again denies, deeming it to be too easy. "For me to get what I want, I need you to suffer. You see, what's in store for me is all my dreams being realized. But for you? Well... it's a fate worse than death." Regina rises, putting herself face to face with her sister, and tells her, "Go ahead. Bring it, greenie." "Indeed I will," the Witch answers. Zelena holds up her hand and summons her broomstick with a whooshing sound. She tells her sis she'll see her soon and hops on the broomstick, cackling as she flies away. As she does, the Queen looks on, amused. The Queen returns to the chamber where she left Robin Hood glued to the floor, who sees she didn't go through with her plan. Regina releases him with a flick of her wrist. Robin regains his mobility and grunts. Regina goes through her possessions and tells him he was right, the sleeping curse wasn't the answer, she just needed to find something to live for. Robin, delighted, asks what she found. She tells him it's the one thing she hasn't had in a very long time: "Someone to destroy." He looks confused. She looks excited. In the present day, Regina stops Emma outside of the loft, where Henry stays, telling her that this isn't a good idea. Emma tells her to trust her that it's gonna be fine, and opens the door to let them in. She finds Henry playing a video game on the couch, and asks him how his day was. He stands up, as Regina closes the door behind her, and tells Emma that it was good, that Storybrooke is a weird but cool place. He asks her if she knew there's a library inside a clock tower, and the blonde says she did, she's been there before, and then brings him to meet Regina, introducing her as the Mayor of this town, who wanted to meet him. Regina looks at the young man, not sure of how to act, and Henry asks his mother if something is wrong, due to the Mayor being there. Regina assures him that nothing is wrong, as Mary Margaret looks down, feeling for Regina, who goes on to tell Henry that his mother told her a lot about him, including that he likes school and that he's good at English, something that comes off awkward. Henry wonders why Emma would tell her this. Regina struggles to come up with a response, but says, "Because she couldn't be prouder of you." Emma smiles. Regina tells Henry that while he's in town she could give him a tour sometime, show him around, and they can even stop for ice cream. Henry chuckles and tells her he'd like that, and says it was nice meeting her. Regina smiles and moves in for a hug, but Henry instinctively reaches out his hand to shake hers, which stops her cold on her track, and she takes off her glove and gives him the handshake. He then moves away, back to his video game. Emma asks her how that was, and whether she's doing okay, and Regina says it was a start. David and Hook soon barge in, with the former telling his daughter that they need to talk. Emma looks back at Henry and tells him, "Outside." The adults gather outside of the loft. Mary Margaret is shocked at the notion that the missing people are turning into flying monkeys, which explains why they haven't found any trace of the missing dwarfs. David says there's no sign of Neal either, so it's possible. Emma comments that it wouldn't be the first flying monkey she's dated, which surprises her mother. Regina recaps that the person who escaped their trap disappeared in a cloud of green smoke, and now there are flying monkeys in the town, so she thinks they know exactly who cursed them. Emma sarcastically asks if it was the Wicked Witch of the West. Regina gives her a confirming look. Emma is surprised that the Witch is real too, to which Hook responds, "Says the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming." Emma is further confused because they are not in Kansas, so she wonders why the Wicked Witch of the West would want to come to Storybrooke.

Elsewhere, on the outskirts of Storybrooke, Zelena, carries a tray with food and water towards her storm cellar. She opens the door with magic and walks down the steps and towards a cage. She asks if the captive is hungry and puts down the tray on the floor when the prisoner grabs her arm. Mr. Gold, looking scruffy, tells her that she never should have brought him back. Zelena chuckles, amused, and stands up, kicking the tray under the cage door, splattering the water from its bowl. She tells him to eat up, for they've got work to do, and walks away, amused. Gold grabs the bowl of rice and plays with it in his hands, chanting, repeatedly, "You feed the madness and it feeds on you..." He then giggles maniacally and shoves a handful of rice into his mouth.

Deleted Scenes

"Thank You Note"

This scene is included on Once Upon a Time: The Complete Third Season.

Charming finds a note from Regina in Snow's saddle bag while they wait for her to lower the shields. It's a thank you note for convincing her not to bury her heart in the woods, and for trying to save her life. Snow correctly guesses that Regina is not planning on reuniting with them.

Emma and Regina

A scene with Emma and Regina outside the town hall was cut from the episode. Emma runs toward Regina and then stops to have a conversation with her. Both of them then disappear into the town hall.[3]



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  • REAL WORLD FACTS: Cradle cap, which Mary Margaret is reading about, is also known as infantile or neonatal seborrhoeic dermatitis, crusta lactea, milk crust and honeycomb disease. It is a yellowish, patchy, greasy, scaly and crusty skin rash that occurs on the scalp of recently born babies. It is usually not itchy and does not bother the baby. It most commonly begins in the first three months. It requires no specific treatment and, as Zelena points out, will clear up on its own time.[6]

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  • HIDDEN DETAILS: A small swan figurine is sitting on top of a shelf in the lounge at the inn.[14]

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  • BRAND INFO: Emma's blue, white and black colorblock blouse[15] is from Peter Jensen[16] (no longer available). Her boots[17] are Textured-Leather Biker Boots from Miu Miu[18] (also no longer available).
  • BRAND INFO: Belle's outfit consists of[27] an Akris punto Wool Jersey Jacket with Detachable Fur Collar,[28] a Carven Contrast Collar Blouse[29] and a Burberry Wool Blend Skirt[30] (all three are no longer available).
  • USE IT AGAIN: Belle wears the same skirt in "It's Not Easy Being Green".[33]


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