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6 10 The Wish Realm was magically created when the Evil Queen used the genie Aladdin to grant Emma Swan's wish of never having been the Savior.
7 07 Hook travels from the Wish Realm to the New Enchanted Forest in search of a flower with the power to defeat Rumplestiltskin. In the meanwhile, has a child with Gothel, disguised as Rapunzel which can get Gothel out of the tower, like a prison. This leaves Hook to take care of the child he names Alice.
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6 10 Emma Swan is teleported to the Wish Realm, a recreation of the Enchanted Forest, where the Evil Queen was defeated before she could cast the Dark Curse. As a result, David and Snow are revered for saving the kingdom's people from the Queen, and they are the elderly rulers of the land, with their daughter Emma growing up to be a meek princess, who has a son, Henry, a prince who is soon to be knighted. This realm's Robin of Locksley is also still alive, however, has not aged and Rumplestiltskin is imprisoned underneath the ruined Evil Queen's former palace.
6 11 The Wish Realm version of Henry continues his search for his mother, who he thinks has been kidnapped by Regina Mills. However, Regina and Emma, both go in search of Pinocchio to find a way out of the Wish Realm, since they missed their last opportunity when Regina saw Robin. After hearing that the wardrobe that Emma was supposed to leave in is gone and the wood has been claimed "unbreakble", Emma and Pinocchio set out to find it. While, Regina disappears in search of Robin to seek her answer for one question: Is Robin of Locksley better off without her? Emma and Pinocchio then run into Hook of the Wish Realm which to Emma's surprise, is quite a fat and lazy pirate. After this is sorted and they come to another block, Emma and Pinocchio carve the wood and turn it into a replica of the wardrobe. After a talk with Robin, in the Wish Realm version of the Enchanted Forest tavern and after a capture from both the Sheriff of Nottingham and Rumplestiltskin, Regina and him return to Pinocchio's house, they leave to Storybrooke and leave everyone else in tact.
There is a gap of 3 years.
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