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Everything in that realm was just a twisted version of the truth, like a cracked mirror.
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The Wish Realm, also known as the Alternate Universe,[1] and locally known as the Enchanted Forest,[2] is a reality featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the tenth episode of the sixth season.


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Reason: Season 7

After Third Curse

The Wish Realm was magically created when the Evil Queen used the genie Aladdin to grant Emma's wish of never having been the Savior. As a result, Emma is teleported to the Wish Realm, a recreation of the Enchanted Forest, where the Evil Queen is left unable to cast her Dark Curse after Prince Charming and Snow White find a way to take away her magic. The Evil Queen avoids being captured by striking a deal with Captain Hook and buying herself safe passage out of the kingdom on his ship. ("Wish You Were Here", "Eloise Gardener")

Revered for saving the kingdom's people from the Evil Queen, Charming and Snow ascend the throne as King David and Queen Snow, and they are the elderly rulers of this land. The original Emma is placed in the role of their meek daughter, given fake memories and having her real ones erased so she no longer remembers being strong or fighting back. Her son, Henry, is a prince who is approaching his knighting ceremony. This realm's Robin of Locksley is also still alive; Rumplestiltskin is imprisoned underneath the ruined Evil Queen's former palace; and Geppetto has died of old age, leaving his son, Pinocchio, alone. ("Wish You Were Here")

Regina, the Evil Queen's counterpart from the Land Without Magic, visits this realm shortly after its creation to try and bring Emma back. Emma doubts her claims of a "real" world and she is soon discovered by the king and queen, who believe her to be the Evil Queen they banished. After a suggestion from Rumplestiltskin, Regina decides to disguise herself as just that and attacks as Snow and David knight Henry, hoping to awaken Emma's inherent heroism. Instead, Emma attempts to give Regina control of the kingdom, even as Regina crushes her supposed parents' hearts. His grandparents dead, Henry swears revenge on the Evil Queen and attempts to kill her, but Emma stops him and remembers who she really is. Their escape is postponed when Regina meets the Robin of the Wish Realm but they are still able to return to the Land Without Magic via an Enchanted Tree carved into a wardrobe by Pinocchio, bringing Robin along with them. ("Wish You Were Here", "Tougher Than the Rest")

After Robin is returned to the Wish Realm by Regina's evil half, the Evil Queen created by Dr. Jekyll's Serum kidnaps him to use as bait in an attempt to kill Regina. Regina thwarts this attempt by putting some of her love in the Evil Queen's heart, turning her good, and Henry of the Land Without Magic uses his Author's pen to send the Queen somewhere she can be happy: the Wish Realm. However, this falls through when Sir Henry discovers her and still blames her for his grandparents' death. As such, the Queen and Robin leave the Wish Realm to retreat to the "real" Enchanted Forest. ("Page 23", "The Final Battle Part 1")

Sometime later, Sir Henry departs from the Wish Realm for an unknown land, where he turns down a chance to make a deal with Wish Rumplestiltskin to obtain his happy ending. ("Homecoming")

After Fifth Curse
In time, Sir Henry forgoes his decision and accepts Wish Rumplestiltskin's offer. Rumplestiltskin, with plans to sabotage his other half Weaver's plans of relinquishing their Dark One powers to the Guardian, kidnaps Henry's wife Jacinda and daughter Lucy to the Wish Realm. Weaver, along with Henry, Rogers, and Roni, follow Rumplestiltskin there to rescue them. Eventually, Henry obtains the Author's pen from the Apprentice, but before he can use it to save his family, Rumplestiltskin steals it and has Sir Henry use it to nullify the Guardian's powers. Roni is then put into Sir Henry's custody as his prisoner whom he intends to punish for her crimes against him and his family. When Tilly, Margot, and a past timeline version of Zelena come to the Wish Realm to help them, they find one of the posters Sir Henry has put up as an announcement of Roni's execution. Roni is rescued by Henry and his grandparents, Snow White and Prince Charming, both of whom inform the heroes of Rumplestiltskin's twisted schemes to entrap each of them in alternate realms where they live out their unhappy endings. While Snow, Charming, Jacinda, and Zelena scatter throughout the kingdom to alert the citizens of the danger they are in, everyone else joins up with Weaver, who eventually sacrifices his own heart to defeat Rumplestiltskin. ("Leaving Storybrooke")

After Sixth Curse

After Regina casts another curse, this time taking a piece of the hearts of everyone who she loves and who loves her, the Wish Realm is among one of the lands that become united. ("Leaving Storybrooke")

When the citizens of the United Realms, which includes the Wish Realm, elect Regina as their new Queen, Regina is brought to the royal castle by her family to crowned. ("Leaving Storybrooke")



For detailed location information, please see the Wish Realm Locations category, or the list of minor Wish Realm locations.

Ways to Access the Wish Realm

The Wish Realm can be reached:


On-Screen Notes

Production Notes

Set Dressing

Filming Locations


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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