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Soon you and I will have everything we need to get out of this place.
Will Scarlet to Anastasia src

Will and Anastasia's Cottage is an Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the third episode.


Before First Curse

Anastasia falls in in love with a thief, Will, and the two live together in Sherwood Forest. Sharing a mutual dream to cross realms, Will joins the Merry Men and persuades them to break into Maleficent's castle to steal gold for the kingdom's people. When they agree, Will rushes back home to Anastasia to inform her everything went smoothly and they will be getting what they need from the castle. Shortly thereafter, he heads into the castle with the Merry Men, where he secretly pilfers a looking glass. During the night, he returns to an awaiting Anastasia. Once Will throws the looking glass onto the floor, it opens a portal. He prompts her on where they should go, to which Anastasia excitedly decides on going to Wonderland. Holding hands, they then prepare to jump into the portal. ("Forget Me Not")

Moments later, Anastasia's mother walks in on them and accosts her daughter for throwing away a life of privilege for a thief. The Knave interjects to say he's not a thief anymore. To her mother, Anastasia is a failure and states if she were to come home, it'd be by taking on cleaning of the chamber pots. Will comforts a hurt Anastasia and affirms he will build a life for the both of them because of his love for her, and not because he wishes her to be different. Bidding her mother farewell, Anastasia turns away to link hands with Will to disappear into the portal, while her mother watches stoically. ("Heart of Stone")


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