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I had an amazing time working with everyone on #OnceUponATime but I gotta say it did feel weird not using a US accent.
—Wil Traval src

Wil Traval is the Australian actor who portrays the Sheriff of Nottingham, Keith and Sheriff of Nottingham (Wish Realm) on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


William "Wil" Traval was born on July 9,[1] 1980[2] in the town of Colac, Victoria[3] and grew up on a nearby farm.[2] He is of partial Russian descent.[4]

His interest towards acting shifted into full gear during high school while he made short horror and thriller films[1] with friends.[5] To hone his craft, Wil studied at National Institute of Dramatic Art[2] in the Performing Arts degree program.[1] After graduation, he was cast in the Australian miniseries Jessica with actor Sam Neill. Subsequently, he took on more roles in Australian dramas with a major character portrayal in the medical series All Saints as Doctor Jack Quade[1] and as a regular cast member on Rescue: Special Ops and Underbelly: The Golden Mile. Slowly, Wil has been breaking into a television career outside of Australia. After completing two guest stars on TNT's con artist drama Leverage and Showtime's serial killer series Dexter, he landed a role on ABC's Red Widow portraying Irwin Petrov, who is the brother of main character Marta Walraven. The series lasted for thirteen episodes as a complete season, but was not renewed as a returning show by ABC.[3]

When he isn't working, Traval's hobbies include amateur photography and anime. He also enjoys exploring his passion for cooking, as well as travelling for adventure, and once spent several months travelling solo through South America.[1] Additionally, Wil has a knack for amateur carpentry in restoring old furniture.[2]


  • Once spent two years training to be a chef.[6]


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