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Despite what you may think, there's nothing for me in Oz. Anyone who ever cared for me there now hates me. Look, I know you and I aren't exactly the sisters that our mother wanted us to be, but... you're all I've got, Regina.

Zelena to Regina

"Where Bluebirds Fly" is the eighteenth episode of Season Six of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by David H. Goodman & Brigitte Hales, and directed by Michael Schultz. It is the one hundred and twenty-ninth episode of the series overall, and premiered on April 23, 2017.


In flashback, Zelena befriends a young woodcutter who has been cursed and turns to her for help finding a new heart. Zelena is forced to choose between keeping her powers and her friendship with him. Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, Zelena decides to take on the Black Fairy and put a stop to her, once and for all, against Regina’s wishes, and the Charmings disagree over Emma and Hook’s wedding plans.[2]


Deleted Scenes

"Wedding Lasagna" (Scene 7)

This scene is included on Once Upon a Time: The Complete Sixth Season.

An extended version of the scene where Emma and her family check out Granny's Diner as a potential location for Emma and Hook's wedding. The extended version features additional dialogue with Granny, which was cut from the episode.



Guest Starring





Production Notes

  • The pancake scene was a late addition to the episode. According to Brigitte Hales, they "actually hadn't planned anything like that".[5]
  • ABANDONED IDEAS: When Emma is making pancakes, Hook comes over and says, "Something smells delicious." In the episode script, he simply says, "Mmm... delicious."[6]
  • ABANDONED IDEAS: In the episode script, Regina says, "Emma? "What are you thinking?", and Emma answers, "Maybe we can."[7] This exchange is not in the final episode.
  • A segment where Mary Margaret says, "So where do we look? And is anyone else surprised Tiger Lily was a fairy?", and Zelena replies, "You can all drop dead from shock for all I care"[8] is also not in the final episode.
  • ABANDONED IDEAS: When Belle and Mr. Gold are talking about their son, Belle says, "You know, this means he can be saved." In the episode script, Mr. Gold answers, "Yes. But that's not all it means."[9] This line is not in the final episode.
  • For unknown reasons, the beginning scene with Emma, Hook and Mary Margaret at the Swan house was shot or reshot on the final day of filming for Season Six.[10]
    • Furthermore, Emma's wrist tattoo appears and disappears continuously throughout this scene.

Event Chronology

Episode Connections


Fairytales and Folklore

Set Dressing

  • HIDDEN DETAILS: The table cloth and candle on Zelena's dinner table are green, as is her drink.[12]

Costume Notes

  • BRAND INFO: Emma is wearing[13] a Zara Coat with Embroidered Yoke[14] (no longer available).

Filming Locations

International Titles



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