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This article focuses on the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland location.
For the similarly-named Once Upon a Time location, see Cave of Wonders.

I haven't seen it myself, but I've heard stories. The water inside is said to contain magical properties.
Cyrus to Taj and Rafi src

The Well of Wonders is an Agrabah and Wonderland location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the tenth episode.


Before First Curse

The Well of Wonders, whose waters flow beneath all lands, is protected by the guardian, Nyx, who'll curse those that take her water without permission by turning them into genies. After Cyrus incurs the wrath of some gamblers he tricked, the men set his house on fire while his mother, Amara, is inside. Suffering from severe burns, Amara is near death when Cyrus convinces his brothers, Rafi and Taj, of a rumored well that contains healing water. The three men reach a pavilion with a lake bed, where they each take some of the water, which prompts Nyx to arise from the well. Ultimately, the guardian deems Amara's fate is to die rather than live on, but Cyrus argues since his mother is injured due to his own mistake, and he wants to right a wrong. Nyx sticks to her prior judgment, warning them to return the water or pay the price, before sinking below the surface. Instead, they return home to cure their mother with the water. However, once Amara learns they stole from the Well of Wonders, she ushers them to leave Agrabah before Nyx finds them. Her warning comes too late, as in the next instance, Nyx materializes in their home. Amara pleads on her sons' behalves, but Nyx is angered they let desire cloud destiny. She entraps the brothers into three bottles; transforming them into genies to spend their lives serving the desires of other people. Afterward, the bottles are scattered across Agrabah. ("Dirty Little Secrets")

Becoming a powerful sorceress, Amara aspires to break the laws of magic and free her sons. Since another magic user is necessary for it, she grooms her protégé, Jafar, for this purpose. Their goal is to collect the three bottles, although she doesn't tell him that they contain her trapped sons. Before finding the last bottle housing Cyrus, a power-hungry Jafar turns Amara into a serpent staff so he can utilize her magic at his own whim. Shortly after, he fails to gain the third bottle once Cyrus is sent by his current master to a faraway land. Jafar tracks Cyrus to Wonderland, and with the Red Queen's help, as she also desires the laws of magic to be broken, they trick the genie's lover, Alice, into believing her beloved has been killed. ("Down the Rabbit Hole", "The Serpent")

After First Curse

Cyrus, free of the genie curse due to a wish, resolves to convince the well guardian Nyx to release his enslaved brothers. Locating the Wonderland's Well of Wonders, the White Knight guarding the entrance refuses to allow them in unless the correct door is chosen. Alice cleverly picks the left door after realizing the knight is lying when he answers affirmatively or negatively. Upon going through the door to find the well, Cyrus persuades Alice to stay while he approaches the well guardian. Cyrus begs to Nyx to be merciful towards his brothers, who are innocent and only stole the water because of his stubbornness. Still, Nyx vows to remove the curse only if the water he took is returned. While Cyrus thinks this is impossible since he believes his mother to be dead, the guardian can sense otherwise. When he questions her about where his mother is, she disappears under the well without answering. Afterward, he discovers Alice overheard on his conversation with Nyx. Cyrus explains his reason for not telling her sooner, as he believes everything from his brothers' entrapment to her suffering, is punishment for his mistakes. Alice comforts him with the knowledge that all people have regrets and constantly looking to the past is no way to make a future. ("Dirty Little Secrets")

Surprisingly, Cyrus fends off Jafar in a battle after the sorcerer's own serpent staff turns on him. Just as strange, the compass, which Cyrus is using to locate his mother, points at the staff. Realizing Amara is imprisoned within, they plan to somehow remove the water from her and return it to Nyx. Their mission is sidetracked by Knave's demand that they turn over the staff to him so Jafar can break the laws of magic and resurrect a deceased Anastasia. They refuse to give it willingly, so Knave steals the staff, although Alice convinces him that Jafar cannot be trusted. Jafar's ally, the Jabberwocky, temporarily sides with Alice and her group in a bid to secure her own interests. With the Jabberwocky's help, Amara is restored to human form. During a confrontation with her, Jafar fatally injures Cyrus as a means to force Amara into breaking the laws of magic with him. Fearing the loss of her son, she complies with his demand, to which the laws of magic is shattered. ("Heart of the Matter", "To Catch a Thief")

In the aftermath, Alice and Amara flee with a deceased Cyrus, who is later revived by his mother's now unrestricted magic. While Alice splits from them to raise an army for taking down Jafar, Cyrus goes with his mother to the Well of Wonders. As Nyx waits for them, Cyrus expresses an unwillingness to let Amara go, but she persuades him that he must. As she walks up to the well, Jafar murders her. At the stranger's presence, Nyx disappears below the well. Alice, arriving at the Well of Wonders through the White Rabbit's portal, is frozen by the sorcerer. During the distraction, Cyrus attempts to toss the water from his mother's body into the well, but Jafar entraps the liquid in a bubble and obliterates it. Smugly, Alice alludes to a punishment for his crime. Nyx, angered at his thievery, surges up from her watery hideout to enslave Jafar as a genie. With their nemesis gone, the laws of magic are reversed, and the genie curse on Rafi and Taj is lifted. ("And They Lived...")


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