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This thing... must be quite powerful to keep you pinned up for all this time.
Jafar to the Jabberwocky src

The Vorpal Blade is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the ninth episode.

The Vorpal Blade is based on the item of the same name from the novel, Through the Looking-Glass.


Before First Curse

Forged from magic in Wonderland, the vorpal blade is used on an ancient being known as the Jabberwocky, pinning her to stay in place, as long as the weapon is embedded within her body. For a hundred years, she remains unchanged while forever trapped in this state. ("Nothing to Fear")

After First Curse

Hearing tales of the Jabberwocky's great power, the sorcerer Jafar requests her help to retrieve an item in Wonderland. Deciding she will assist him in return for her own freedom, the Jabberwocky directs him to pull out the vorpal blade from her body. As soon as he does, she regains mobility. When she moves to take the weapon from him, he insists on keeping it. Annoyed at his response, the Jabberwocky demonstrates her power, discovering Jafar's fear of drowning, and taunts him until he is frozen with fear. ("Nothing to Fear")

As the Jabberwocky continues to assist Jafar's efforts to break the laws of magic, she grows impatient with his refusal to give her the vorpal blade. When she teases him about his latest fear concerning the person inside his serpent staff, Jafar angrily threatens to keep her as his slave forever as long as he holds the vorpal blade. Realizing she'll have better luck elsewhere, the Jabberwocky betrays the sorcerer by pretending to bring Cyrus to him as a prisoner. Jafar questions Cyrus about the location of his missing serpent staff, to which the genie asserts that Alice already left Wonderland with it. The Jabberwocky lies for him and states he is telling the truth. With no more use for Cyrus at the moment, Jafar sends him to the dungeon. Although she had hopes "capturing" Cyrus would convince Jafar to return the vorpal blade, the Jabberwocky finds the sorcerer still refuses her. ("To Catch a Thief")

Shortly after breaking the laws of magic, Jafar summons the Jabberwocky and asks her to sense what he fears most now. She confirms he is afraid of nothing, which satisfies Jafar, as he comments that having true power means having no fears. Unexpectedly, he advances on the Jabberwocky, pinning her to the wall with the vorpal blade, causing her to scream in agony. With tears in her eyes, she watches him depart and asks what he is going to do with all his amassed power. Coolly stating that he'll do whatever he wishes, Jafar then blows her a mocking kiss that extinguishes all the light in the dungeon. ("And They Lived...")