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You honestly think a pin cushion is going to work on me?
Mr. Gold to Dr. Facilier src

Voodoo Dolls are magical items featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They first appear in the fifth episode of the seventh season.

Voodoo Dolls are based on Dr. Facilier's voodoo dolls from the Disney film The Princess and the Frog.


After Fourth Curse

To free Robert's true love, Tiana brings the Firefly Ruby to Dr. Facilier. They briefly battle, Dr. Facilier using a voodoo doll to inflict pain on Tiana, but the ruby seems to take its effect and Dr. Facilier teleports away, leaving Tiana to reunite Robert and his frog lover. ("Greenbacks")

Later, Facilier visits the Dark One, Mr. Gold, as he is talking to his dead wife Belle. He tells Mr. Gold that he has asked Belle if the Guardian is Alice and offers to take his power for himself. Facilier conjures a voodoo doll and stabs it, hoping to kill Mr. Gold but it does not work. Mr. Gold, astonished that the man thought pushing a needle into a doll would hurt him, magically chokes Facilier and tortures him into telling him what Belle said. ("The Guardian")

During Fifth Curse

Mr. Samdi comes to the Rollin' Bayou food truck while Sabine is away getting her "secret ingredient" to add to her beignet batter mix and intimidates Drew into fulfilling the debt he still owes him. That night, Drew gives him a freshly baked beignet he made himself, though he doesn't understand why the witch doctor specifically wanted one from him when he could've gotten one from Sabine. Samdi explains Sabine trusted Drew enough to teach him how to make the beignets, and that while trust is a powerful thing, breaking that trust is even more so. Samdi then takes the beignet out and taps some of its sprinkled sugar onto a voodoo doll, seemingly imbuing it with magic. Later that night, Samdi visits Nick Branson in the interrogation room at the police station after the latter's arrest and reveals himself as the one who woke Nick up from the curse. Nick wants another chance to kill Gothel, but Samdi laments that the opportunity has passed since he was caught by the police and now he is too much of a wild card that he needs to be taken out of the deck. Pricking the vodoo doll, Samdi kills Nick, causing him to have severe chest pains until he collapses dead over the table. ("Chosen")

Upon finding Nick's deceased body in the interrogation room, Weaver also finds a remanent from the voodoo doll that Samdi used. Later, Detective Rogers receives Nick's autopsy report and is astonished to learn Nick was stabbed in the heart from the inside of his body. ("The Guardian")


On-Screen Notes

  • Voodoo Magic uses tokens of powerful emotions, like trust or love, to perform powerful range of effects. Mr. Samdi used a symbol of Sabine’s trust in Drew to imbue a voodoo doll with magic. ("Chosen")


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