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Everyone tune in for our show Once Upon a Time tonight on ABC - 8pm! Been working hard on it for a long time!
—Vladimir Cvetko src

Vladimir Cvetko is a writer of ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Vladimir Cvetko hails from the former Yugoslavia. He immigrated to California, where he studied English literature at the State University and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts. Further studies resulted in a Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting from the University of Southern California. He went on to pursue a career in television, working as a production assistant on episodes of the drama series My Own Worst Enemy and the legal drama television series Outlaw.[1]

Cvetko landed his first first writing assignment when he penned the Once Upon a Time episode "Hat Trick" in 2011. He has also written several episodes of the drama television series Kingdom and the crime drama television series Power.[1]



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