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Violet Roberts is a character featured in the extended universe of ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts, with her only appearance, in the fiction novel, Red's Untold Tale.


Before First Curse

Violet is one of three daughters in the Roberts family. Her family is well off, owning one of the nicest cottages in the village, which resides near the fork in the village stream. She is close with Florence and Beatrice, and often holds a yearly winter picnic, that is exclusive to only her and her two friends. The day after Widow Lucas' granddaughter's thirteenth birthday, Violet sees her wearing a red cloak, which she regards as an implication of promiscuity, although the latter has no idea. She then dubs the girl "Red" because of the cloak's color and later tells a male classmate, Tucker, about Red's looseness, to encourage him into making a sexual advance on Red. The next year, in February, Violet invites Red to her winter picnic. She, Florence and Beatrice mold a snowgirl in Red's image, and when Red shows up, they pelt her with snowballs. Red, angered at their behavior, destroys the snowgirl, before leaving.[1]

Three years later, on May 12, Violet shows up for Peter's birthday celebration that is set to begin with an evening bonfire. She ruins Red's birthday cake for Peter by shoving Florence into the cake, and then trying to "help" fix it by pushing the broken cake together. Peter later asks Violet if she's seen Red, who promised to come to his birthday, but the ebony-haired girl feigns ignorance, until Beatrice mentions Red and her horrid cake. After a wolf's howl is heard, Widow Lucas comes looking for Red and heads for the woods to search. Viola tries to stop Peter from joining Widow Lucas, to no avail, though she sees Red hiding nearby. When Peter returns after Widow Lucas rejects his help, Violet agrees to tell him where Red went, if he dances with her. Peter consents, but he grows impatient over Violet's stalling, so to get a quicker answer out of her, he promises to take her to the Forget-Me-Not ball. Viola then holds up her end of the bargain, but before he leaves to find Red, she kisses him, much to his surprise.[2]

The next day, Violet leaves a note for Widow Lucas, pretending to be the schoolteacher Miss Cates, who asks Widow Lucas to bake a batch of muffins. Later, Red shows up at Viola's house, hoping to buy milk. While Mrs. Roberts gets the milk, Violet recounts the spectacular evening she had with Peter at the bonfire. She states he not only danced with her, but rejected dances from other girls, asked her to the ball, and kissed her. When Mrs. Roberts comes back with the milk, Red insists on paying her, even though Mrs. Roberts doesn't take it because she pities Widow Lucas, whose failing baking business and obsession about the dangers of wolfstime is well-known around town. With Violet fighting back a gleeful grin, a humiliated Red eventually takes the milk and flees.[3]

At school, Violet badgers Red about the muffins Miss Cates didn't take. Red, realizing Viola is responsible for the mix-up, offers the treats to Beatrice and Florence. Violet reminds Red of why she came to her house yesterday, implying the milk was to make Miss Cates' muffins, but Red coolly states that Miss Cates never ordered any. Jealous over Peter taking one of Red's muffins, Violet has Florence leave the classroom and switch out the muffins in Red's basket with manure. Hearing that Red kissed Tucker at the market, Violet pushes Tucker into admitting what happened, right in earshot of their classmates, including Peter. Violet questions Red about whether she and Tucker are courting, but when Red denies it and confirms the kiss meant nothing, Violet then implies Red is not chaste.[4]

On another day, Violet pines for Peter's arrival to class, but her hopes are dashed when she spots Red and Peter outside, leaving together. After class is over, she and her friends pick flowers for Widow Lucas, with Violet giving her condolences about Red being ill, knowing this will get Red into trouble for skipping class.[5]

During the last day of wolfstime, after Amos is killed by the wolf, Violet attends a town meeting to show her support for not canceling the ball, despite the current dangers. While some people side with Violet's cause, Red speaks up in favor of rescheduling the ball, causing Mayor Filbert to follow Red's advice. Violet chalks up Amos' death to the man being too old and feeble, and insists the young people in town, like her, aren't going to meet the same fate. That night, she goes to a bonfire gathering, where the wolf unexpectedly corners her. Red protects Violet with her cloak and kills the wolf with a silver-tipped arrow. Afterward, Red and Peter take her with them back to Red and Granny's house, where most of the villagers are there to them back. Shaken up from nearly losing her own life, Violet later apologizes to Red in front of everyone, admitting to her that she was wrong about her and expresses relief that they are now friends.[6]


Mr. Roberts
Mrs. Roberts
SisterNicola RobertsViolet Roberts


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