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W 01 As a child, Alice leaves this world and visits Wonderland.
A great deal of time passes during Alice's absence and her family presumes she is dead.
W 01 Alice returns to this world having had many spectacular adventures in Wonderland. Upon returning home to her father, she attempts to recount her wonderful adventures, but he is in disbelief and instead thinks she is insane. She swears that one day she will prove her journey is real.
Alice grows to be a young woman.
W 01 Alice leaves Victorian England again to go to Wonderland in order to prove that her first trip there did indeed occur.
A long period passes as Alice spends a great deal of time in Wonderland, during which she falls in love with the genie Cyrus, and has many traveling adventures with him.
6 04
Dr. Jekyll is asked by Rumplestilskin to make a serum that seperates a man's good and bad traits. Jekyll attempts to show his work to Dr. Lydgate and is rebuffed. Jekyll uses the formula and becomes Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde later meets Dr. Lydate's daughter Mary at a party and the two fall in love. When Jekyll transforms back, he becomes jealous and accidentally murders Mary. He frames Mr. Hyde for the murder then flees to the Land of Untold Stories.
W 06 Alice's father, Edwin, becomes distraught over losing his daughter and comes to believe she is dead. He eventually moves on by remarrying Sarah and having another daughter named Millie.

After seemingly seeing Cyrus die at the Red Queen's hands, Alice comes back to Victorian England from Wonderland. She reunites with her father, meets Sarah and Millie, and is welcomed into the family. Sarah tries to set her up with a new man, but Alice refuses, unable to move on from Cyrus, and chooses instead to let her father send her to an asylum for her "delusions".

The Dark Curse is cast
Time is frozen for 28 years
W 01 Dr. Lydgate proposes a new form of treatment to eliminate all of Alice's pain, and she agrees to it. The day of the procedure, the Knave of Hearts and the White Rabbit come to this land to rescue Alice and take her to Wonderland where the White Rabbit claims to have seen Cyrus. Thus, Alice leaves this world and visits Wonderland for a third time.
W 06 Jafar journeys to Victorian England with the White Rabbit's aide. Jafar pays a visit to Dr. Lydgate to find out information about Alice's father, Edwin, who he then kidnaps to Wonderland. After Alice makes a wish to save her father from harm, Edwin awakens in his study room in Victorian England.
W 13 After saving Cyrus, Alice returns to this land for her marriage to Cyrus, which has guests such as the White Rabbit and his family, Will and Anastasia, Tweedledum and Cyrus' brothers, as well as several others.
A gap of several years, during which Cyrus and Alice live together for many years and have a daughter, who grows up to be approximately seven years old.
W 13 Alice tells her daughter about her adventures in Wonderland, officiating the White King and Queen as the rulers of Wonderland.

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