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|name = Victoria Smurfit
|image = InfoboxVS.jpg
|gender = Female
|birthdate = January 7, 1974<ref name="tvguidevictoria"></ref>
|birthplace = [[Wikipedia:Dublin|Dublin]], [[Wikipedia:Ireland|Ireland]]<ref name="tvguidevictoria"/>
|status = Guest Starring
|portrays = [[Cruella De Vil]] / [[Cruella De Vil (Wish Realm)]]
|firstappearance = [[Heroes and Villains]]
|latestappearance = [[Leaving Storybrooke]]
|gallery = yes
{{Quote|I was terrified because she's so iconic, and the person who played her previously was [[Wikipedia:Glenn Close|Glenn Close]], who's my idol. But I wasn't able to watch her version of it because I thought that if I did, I would mess myself up. It was extremely intimidating, but beyond exciting. I love [[Cruella De Vil|Cruella]].|Victoria Smurfit <sup>[ src]</sup>}}
'''Victoria Smurfit''' is the Irish actress who portrays [[Cruella De Vil]] and [[Cruella De Vil (Wish Realm)]] on [[ABC]]'s ''[[Once Upon a Time]]''.
Victoria Smurfit was born in 1974 in [[Wikipedia:Dublin|Dublin]], [[Wikipedia:Ireland|Ireland]] to Caroline and Dermot Smurfit. She has one brother also named Dermot Smurfit.<ref name="tvguidevictoria"/> The family, headed by Victoria's uncle [[Wikipedia:Michael Smurfit|Michael Smurfit]], sponsors a number of sporting events including the [[Wikipedia:Smurfit European Open|Smurfit European Open]] and the [[Wikipedia:Champion Hurdle|Champion Hurdle]]. The family is also associated with [[Wikipedia:Smurfit Business School|Smurfit Business School]] in [[Wikipedia:University College Dublin|University College Dublin]].<ref></ref>
Educated at [[Wikipedia:St Columba's College, Dublin|St. Columba's College in Dublin]] and [[Wikipedia:St. George's School, Ascot|St. George's School]] in [[Wikipedia:Ascot, England|Ascot, England]], she later finished her studies at the [[Wikipedia:Bristol Old Vic Theatre School|Bristol Old Vic Theatre School]]. In 1997, Victoria introduced herself to television viewers on the [[Wikipedia:BBC|BBC]] series ''Ivanhoe'' followed by the BBC miniseries ''[[Wikipedia:Berkeley Square (TV series)|Berkeley Square]]''. Her breakthrough role came on the BBC series ''[[Wikipedia:Ballykissangel|Ballykissangel]]''. Other series roles include those on the [[Wikipedia:Channel 4|Channel 4]] drama ''[[Wikipedia:North Square|North Square]]'', [[Wikipedia:Granada TV|Granada TV]]'s ''[[Wikipedia:Cold Feet|Cold Feet]]'', [[Wikipedia:ITV (TV network)|ITV]]'s ''[[Wikipedia:Trial & Retribution|Trial &amp; Retribution]]'' and the Irish [[Wikipedia:Raidió Teilifís Éireann|RTÉ]] series ''[[Wikipedia:The Clinic (TV series|The Clinic]]''. Among her other TV projects are telefilms such as ''[[Wikipedia:The Shell Seekers (film)|The Shell Seekers]]'' with [[Wikipedia:Vanessa Redgrave|Vanessa Redgrave]], [[Wikipedia:Agatha Christie|Agatha Christie]]'s ''Marple: The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side'' and [[Wikipedia:The Hallmark Channel|The Hallmark Channel]]'s ''Honeymoon for One'', a guest-starring role on the [[ABC]] series ''[[Wikipedia:Missing (2012 TV series)|Missing]]'', and a starring spot on NBC's short-lived vampire drama ''[[Wikipedia:Dracula (TV series)|Dracula]]'' as Lady Jane Wetherby.<ref name="nbc"></ref> On the big screen, Victoria has shown both her drama and comedy talents in such feature films as ''[[Wikipedia:The Run of the Country|The Run of the Country]]'', ''[[Wikipedia:The Leading Man|The Leading Man]]'', ''Romance and Rejection'', ''[[Wikipedia:The Wedding Tackle (film)|The Wedding Tackle]]'', ''[[Wikipedia:The Last Great Wilderness (film)|The Last Great Wilderness]]'', ''[[Wikipedia:Bulletproof Monk|Bulletproof Monk]]'', [[Wikipedia:Danny Boyle|Danny Boyle]]'s ''[[Wikipedia:The Beach (film)|The Beach]]'' and the [[Wikipedia:Chris Weitz|Chris]] and [[Wikipedia:Paul Weitz (filmmaker)|Paul Weitz]] film ''[[Wikipedia:About a Boy|About a Boy]]'' with [[Wikipedia:Hugh Grant|Hugh Grant]].<ref name="nbc"/>
She married advertising executive Douglas Baxter in 2000,<ref></ref> and they have three children; Evie Dorothy, Ridley Belle and Flynn Alexander.<ref name="tvguidevictoria"/>
*Before she was cast as [[Cruella De Vil]] on ''[[Once Upon a Time]]'', Victoria auditioned for the role of [[Colette]].<ref></ref>
*After the announcement that the [[Season Seven|seventh season]] would be the final season of the [[Once Upon a Time|series]], she wrote the following on [[Twitter]]:
::''A HUGE congratulations to all in front and behind the scenes of @OnceABC What a ride. What joy you’ve brought to millions. #bestfansever''<ref></ref>
<small>Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.</small>
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