Fairy Mary
Avalon Character
Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Home: Old Palace of Agrabah
Occupation: Fairy
Physical Description
Species: Fairy
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Show Information
Portrayed by: Kathy Bates (Old)

Lily Rabe (Young Adult)

First appearance: "Heiress of Magic"
Latest appearance: "The Fairest One of All"
I'm your Fairy Godmother, honey.
—Fairy Mary to Tiana

Fairy Mary is a character of ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts in the tenth episode of the eight season. She is portrayed by Kathy Bates

She is based on the character of the same name from the Tinker Bell series. 


Before First Curse

As a young woman, Mary's parents arrange her a marriage with Lord Milori. Mary gets pregnant with his baby, but Clarion, Milori's friend, who is actually his lover, tells her of a prophecy that says that her baby is the one who would defeat Caillech, the greatest evil of the time. They decide to steal Queen Ilsa's wand and her powers, so they can go to the Underworld and steal the Shears of Destiny from the hands of the Three Fates. They eventually go to the Castle of Avalon and Clarion steals the powers and wand of Ilsa. To enter the Underworld, they need to sacrifice a life; and Mary's mother, Passiflora, volunteers to do it. It is a hard decision, and when Caronte demands the life, Mary covers her eyes. Once in the Underworld, Mary finds out that Milori cheated on her with Clarion when they defeat the Three Fates with a True Love's Kiss. Mary didn't have time to think about it, so she ignores it and packs to escape Avalon before Caillech would attack. Milori mysteriously dissapears, so Mary and Clarion continue without him. Just before leaving their world, Caillech arrives and stabs Mary and stealing the Shears of Destiny. Nextly, Caillech cuts her own destiny with the Great Evil, and from that moment on, no Savior would ever defeat her. Clarion drags Mary through the portal, as they see Avalon burn. ("Virgin Mary")

Time later, Mary wakes up from her coma in the Enchanted Forest. Clarion tells her all the truth about her relationship with Milori, and Mary forgives her, as Milori narrates Mary's feelings, saying that Mary was too merciful. ("The Spy")

After Merlin is threatened by Nimue, he decides to ask Mary and Clarion for help. They unexpectedly bring two friends; Mother Goose and Lyria. Merlin tells them about the idea of the Author, and they all agree that Lyria should be the Author, but she disagrees and leaves, only to change her mind when Nimue threatens them again. When Nimue finally attacks with the Chernabog, the Dark One is defeated and they part ways. Before Nimue escaped, she told the fairies that Milori is now the Angel of Death, manipulated by the ghostly form of the Three Fates, and is the one who gave her the Chernabog. Clarion reluctantly says that the words of the Dark One are not reliable. ("The Spy")

Years later, Nimue attacks the Castle of Agrabah, where Lyria now lives as a queen with her husband and her two daughters, Mary, Merlin, Clarion and Mother Goose arrive just in time to save the day and defeat Nimue. Nimue escapes, but Lyria dies because Nimue previously poisoned her. After Nimue dies, Mary decides to stay in the palace to protect Lyria's daughters. ("The Spy")

Mary was asked by the princess of Agrabah to help her to summon Queen Clarion, the Queen of Fairies. Mary asks her why she didn't ask before, and Clarion emerges from the window. ("Heiress of Magic")

Mary and Clarion begin teaching maigc to Reul at the gardens of Reul's castle. Mary and Clarion teach her how to read auras when Reul says that Mary's aura is green. The vizir calls Reul to the castle, saying that her father needs to see her and Venuz. Mary and Clarion stay outside. A few minutes later, both fairies enter the throne room and using fairy dust, they take Reul and Venuz where Merlin is, before the castle could fall. Reul and Venuz, especially her, keeps a grudge against Mary and Clarion for leaving Sahara behind. ("Heiress of Magic")

Nine months later, Venuz is giving birth to a baby girl, Merlin's child, being Mary her midwife. After Venuz dies on childbirth, Clarion dies and they realize that Venuz poisoned her before she died. Mary gets angry with Reul at that, accusing her of helping Venuz, and flies away ("Heiress of Magic")

After Fourth Curse
Mary was the fairy godmother of Tiana who after Eudora told her of Tiana's quest to find Naveen, Mary shows up on Tiana's ship to offer her her help, but the princess reluctantly refuses. Mary ignores her words and stays anyways, and beats the crew playing he cards and getting all of their money.

After Sixth Curse
Mary is called by the Blue Fairy to help them, sending Tinker Bell and other fairies to find her. Mary arrives and she leaves differences aside with Reul, but the Order of Magic arrives sooner than expected, and chains Mary and the other fairies, but some are not lucky, as they're killed, including Reul and Nova.

Magical Abilities

  • Age Manipulation - Ability to accelerate or reverse the aging process or a pregnancy.
  • Conjuration - Ability to conjure objects out of the blue.
  • Protection Spells - Ability to magically protect a location, an item or a person through various ways.
  • Shapeshifting - Ability to alter the appearance of oneself or others.
  • Teleportation - Ability to magically teleport oneself and/or others from one location to another.
  • Telekinesis - Ability to control the movement of the environment.
  • Potioncraft - Ability to create liquid substances for various purposes by combining a set of ingredients.


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