We see streets of a fifteenth century city, as some people walk through a puddle, as they pass by it turns into Moana, who looks around, to see a festival going on. We are told by the text that it’s PARIS, GRIMM REALM 100 YEARS AGO, as Moana walks up to one of the women there.

Moana: Hello, what is this?

Woman: The Festival of Fools, haven’t you heard of it?

Moana: No, I’m, um, new to this realm.

Woman: Well, it’s basically the one time of the year where the different can show their face.

Moana: Only once a year? In my realm we can… could, show our faces throughout the year.

Woman: Well your realm isn’t run by Judge Frollo, he cracks down on even this display.

Moana: That sounds awful, you must try to change it.

Woman: What do you think this is?

Suddenly we hear the bang of a cannon firing.

Woman: Dang it, Frollo’s cracking down again, follow me.

Moana follows the woman who runs into a sewer, once they are both there the woman grabs her and they teleport into a cottage.

Moana: Woah! You’re a magic user!

Woman: Yeah, I keep it a secret, I’m already constantly attacked by Frollo as a Romani, I wouldn’t survive a day if he knew I used magic.

Moana: I’m a magic user too, could I help you and the other oppressed out?

Woman: Of course you could. By the way my names Esmeralda.

Moana: Moana.

Esmeralda: Nice to meet you.

The two shake hands, and we see the title card, with the cathedral of Notre Dame in the background. We move to the Storybrooke police station with Rogers and Sheriff Henry sitting across from a man.

Rogers: So you’re telling us you have a clue on one of our villains?

Man: Yes, I believe that I know the person who attempted to ally with Morgana.

Rogers Oh really? And what can you tell us?

Man: I’d like to well, keep that a secret until you have done something for me.

Rogers: That sounds to me like blackmail, and do you know what we do with people who blackmail?

Man: Um, no?

Sheriff Henry walks up behind the man and puts handcuffs on him.

Sheriff Henry: We throw them in jail until they stop.

Henry brings him to the cell, and locks the door.

Rogers: Make sure to get his name for us to record.

Man: My name is Frollo, Judge Claude Frollo.

We cut to a large chapel in Hyperion Heights, which Moana walks into.

Moana: Yoo-hoo! Anybody home?

Suddenly we hear Leota’s voice.

Leota: If you think I’ll help you for what you and the other five did…

Moana: Hey! Don’t blame me for what Gothel did, I had no more control over this curse than you.

Leota: The witch sabotaged us all?

Moana: She put everyone but herself and Drizella asleep, and let the Hedge Witch and the Blind Witch get murdered. And after Drizella defected she somehow just found 5 poor girls to cast another curse, and she turned all but one of us into trees.

Leota: You don’t look like a tree.

Moana: You think I kept all of my water in one realm? Getting a good chunk of myself turned into a tree put me back a bit but I’m still okay.

Leota: This is all fine and good, but why are you here?

Moana: Gothel may have been a fool, but her plan for a coven was good.

Moana is left waiting and the scene switches to the council, which is currently Regina, Snow, David, Killian, Rogers, Sheriff Henry, Tilly and Margot, and an entering Henry and Jacinda.

Henry: Hi guys!

Regina jumps up to give him a hug.

Regina: Henry! It’s been so long!

Henry: I know mom, I’ve been busy over in Hyperion Heights.

Regina: Oh no, is something wrong? People only show up when something is wrong.

Henry: Not really, Jacinda heard about Ana and she just wanted to visit.

Regina: Oh yeah, well take a seat, we have plenty.

Jacinda and Henry sit down.

Regina: So let’s begin the meeting, I hear that Rogers and Henr… Sheriff Henry have some good news on the investigation front?

Rogers: Yes, we’ve found someone who thinks they know who the one who didn’t kill Morgana was.

Snow: Great! Who is it?

Sheriff Henry: He won’t tell us, he wants us to do something for him.

Rogers: So we threw him in jail, maybe he’ll open up after some time in jail.

Regina: Dang it! Try to see if he opens up, and if he doesn’t, maybe string him along.

Rogers: What do you mean?

Regina: Well maybe you can pretend to go along with his demands, and get as much information as possible from him.

Snow: Are you sure that’s a good idea?

Regina: No, but as far as we know, there are four different active threats we have to deal with, let’s try to get rid of the unknown ones, or at least figure out what they are.

Rogers: Ok, what’s next up on the list?

Regina: Well, a version of Rumplestiltskin is roaming about.

Henry: What!

Regina: Yeah, from what we know he appeared to Tilly once, and then he was the one who cursed Anastasia.

Henry: That’s… bad.

Jacinda: Do you guys have any plans for him?

Regina: No, we don’t, we don’t even know how he exists, we’re just going to have to wait for him to show.

David: Do we have anything else on the docket?

Regina: No, besides the Rumple news nothing much has happened, so meeting adjourned.

We return to Paris, where we see a large group of misfits in what looks like a circus tent, now only 80 years ago. Esmeralda (now clearly older) is walking onto a small platform in the center.

Esmeralda: Hello my friends and allies. Today is finally the day we will dethrone our rulers, from the king on high to his chief enforcers. It has been a long and hard twenty years as we have worked to develop a coalition, but it's time for us to rise up, and for the different to be allowed to be free!

We hear some loud cheering from the audience as Esmeralda walks back to her spot, next to Phoebus, Quasimodo and Moana, Phoebus gives her a kiss, much to the chagrin of Moana.

Moana: Good job, let's hope we can win this.

Esmeralda: God willing we will, and remember, limit the casualties as much as possible, our enemies are the leaders, not the soldiers.

Quasimodo: Of course.

As the meeting adjourns we find ourselves back at the convent, where Ivy is sitting next to Ana’s permanent sleeping body, clearly having been crying for the past day.

Ivy: Ana, Ana, what do I do? These last few years were wonderful, but you’re asleep, and the one person who could fix you is missing. And so here I am, in a town where I know only one person, left to wait until the Mother Superior shows her stupid face.

As Ivy collapses back into tears there is a knock on the door.

Ivy: You can come in!

Henry and Jacinda walk in, looking somber.

Henry: Hey Ivy, how’s Ana doing?

Ivy: Uh, the same, sleeping for eternity.

Henry: I’m so sorry, I can’t imagine what you’re going through.

Ivy wipes away some tears.

Ivy: Thanks Henry, that means a lot.

Jacinda: It's all your fault.

Ivy stands herself up.

Ivy: I’m sorry, what?

Jacinda: It was your job to keep care of her, but you failed and now she’s under a sleeping curse.

Ivy: She’s an adult! I’ve replayed those two minutes in my head millions of times in the past day, and I wish I could have done anything else, but she’s an adult, I don’t have full responsibility for her.

Jacinda: But you have full responsibility for everyone you’ve killed, and everyone you’ve cursed.

Ivy: You’re right, all of what I’ve done weighs on my conscience, but I’m trying to change, and I truly apologize for everything I have done to you, I wish I could take it all back, but I can’t…

Jacinda: I don’t believe you, you’re the same self-centered brat you’ve always been.

Ivy: That’s it, OUT! I was the one whose taken care of Ana for the past years, not you. You haven’t even came by to visit! You have no clue who I am anymore! Your husband has more of clue cause he’s bothered to show up every once and awhile. Get out, we aren’t accepting any more visitors.

Henry and Jacinda leave, and Ivy returns to crying in her chair. Back in Paris Moana is leading some misifts to attacking a cathedral.

Moana: Now people, I believe that Judge Frollo is located in this building, and if we take it we are one step closer to freedom, now charge!

The people attack, throwing magic and weapons at its wall trying to break in, meanwhile Moana turns into water and secretly slips under the door, to find a priest guarding some poor people.

Moana: Give them up.

Priest: Why would I want to do that?

Moana: These people are royalists, they will die!

Priest: Hey! I know the rights your leader gave us, only the leaders will die, and these aren’t leaders.

Moana: Well my leader isn’t here, is she, give them up or I destroy the church.

Priest: No, I will die protecting these people.

Moana: Then die!

Moana pulls out Maui’s fish hook and slams it to the ground, an explosion ripples through, leaving nothing but rubble and dead surrounding Moana. Esmeralda and some more misfits are retreating, and she is shocked at what she sees.

Esmeralda: Moana!

Moana: I had no choice.

Esmeralda: The hell you did! There was no threat in that church.

Moana: Do you really have the time to fight me on this?

Esmeralda: No…

Moana: Exactly, now the enemy is coming, so I’d suggest you continue retreating.

Everyone remaining in the forces, including Moana, retreat back. We move from a broken cathedral to an intact one, where Moana and Leota are still debating.

Leota: I wasted not just my life but my death on Gothel’s foolish crusade, I will not spend the next few centuries on yours.

Moana: I promise, it won’t take a year, and when it's done you’ll have what you truly want.

Leota: My life back?

Moana: And so much more, while I get the world I want, the realms without magic.

Leota: You telling the other six girls about that part?

Moana: Of course not, I’ll uh-leave that part out.

Leota: Now about letting me out…

Moana: Of course.

Moana poofs in a crystal ball, which Leota face pops up in.

Moana: Time to go.

They poof away, and we move to the Storybrooke sheriff department, where Sheriff Henry and Rogers walk in.

Rogers: Have you reconsidered your blackmail?

Frollo: I’ll give you some information.

Rogers: Cool, what is it?

Frollo: This lady’s name is Moana, a water witch, who has spent the last few centuries trying to recruit witches to cast a curse.

Sheriff Henry: Do you have any more information on her?

Frollo: Yeah, but I’m not telling you unless you do me my favors.

Rogers: Cool, get him out. Time to go.

Sheriff Henry unlocks the door.

Frollo: Wait what?

Rogers: Moana is a threat, it's time to deal with her.

We move back to flashbacks where Moana has a little mirror with Leota’s face in it.

Moana: My mission has failed, everyone has turned on me, I’ll need you to pick me up.

Leota: Okay, it might take a bit, I don’t know when the next portal opens up and I have no clue where Gothel and Seraphine are.

Leota disappears as there comes a loud noise, and Frollo walks into her room.

Moana: How the hell did you get-

Frollo whacks her in the head and she collapses. Esmeralda walks into the room.

Esmeralda: I didn’t want this to happen.

Frollo: Of course you didn’t my dear, she was a danger to all of us.

Esmeralda: Now for the rest of the deal.

Frollo: Yes, here is the magic bean, now take what remains of your people and go.

Esmeralda grabs the bean.

Esmeralda: I sincerely hope that I never see you again.

Frollo: As do I.

Esmeralda walks out of the room and Frollo picks Moana up and puts her on his back. There’s a fade over to the docks again, with two Jolly Rogers docked there, we see Wish Smee, Rogers, Sheriff Henry, Regina, David, Snow, Tilly, Margot and Killian, with Frollo standing in handcuffs.

Snow Are you sure this is a good idea?

Rogers: No, but I think its the best idea we have.

Smee: Um, captain? You ready?

Rogers: How many times do I have to tell you, don’t call me Captain, just call me Roger.

Smee: Okay then, Rogers, you ready to go?

Rogers: Yes I am, bring him aboard.

Henry pushes Frollo onboard, the ramp is pulled up and they start to sail away, as they leave Smee walks up to Rogers.

Smee: Capta-Rogers, where are we going to first.

Rogers I believe the judge said… Paris, of the Grimm Realm.

From their literal sailing off into the sunset we return to Ivy, still by Ana’s bedside when she hears a boom. She gets up and runs to the source to find Blue, now dressed like Tinker Bell except Blue, standing in front of a blue portal, holding her wand, Blue starts to walk into the portal.

Ivy: Wait! I need you to help me!

Blue ignores her and walks through the portal, while Ivy jumps in after her. As they both vanish in a flash of Blue light we return to Frollo in the past, pacing by a cell with Moana in it.

Frollo: What to do, what to do with you.

Suddenly Rumpel poofs in.

Rumpelstiltskin: Hello, I hear you need help, and I come to offer you a deal.

Frollo: Who the hell are you?

Rumpelstiltskin: Rrrrrumpelstiltskin. I am here to take that pesky little water witch off your hands.

Frollo: And why would I give up a valuable prisoner to you?

Rumpelstiltskin: My master will grant you life everlasting, as long as you are in this city you will never age.

Frollo: You’re willing to just give me that?

Rumpelstiltskin: She is very valuable to us.

Frollo: Well… I accept your offer.

Rumpelstiltskin: Hooray!

Rumpel throws some dust at Frollo’s face.

Rumpelstiltskin: And now, you are immortal, now for your end of the bargain.

Frollo spits some dust off his face and unlocks the door.

Rumpelstiltskin: Toodaloo!

Rumpel grabs Moana and poofs away. With them we go to the fields of New Wonderland, where we see the land that looks like a chessboard, we move towards the middle and see two white knights fighting two red knights. Rumpel appears in the middle of them, stabbing them all with his daggers in a heartbeat. Picking himself through the bodies he heads towards a large white castle on the horizon.

Rumpelstiltskin: Well that was messy.

End of episode.

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