We see a seemingly endless chamber of flower pods in the fairy lands, when suddenly six of them open, a blue one reveals Blue, a gold one right next to it reveals the Fairy Godmother, a red one reveals Tiger Lily, a Pink reveals a Pink fairy, a Purple one reveals the Purple Fairy, and a green one reveals Tinker Bell. As the other four fly off we zoom in on Blue and the Godmother.

Fairy Godmother: So Tink was invited.

Blue Fairy: Shut up Cinder.

Cinder: Shut up about what Reul?

Reul Ghorm: She must have been chosen because of how talented she is.

Cinder: Yeah sure, and that's why they invited Sgiathan

Reul Ghorm: Then why do you think the six of us were invited?

Cinder: Well… I do know that you are a schemer…

Reul Ghorm: Of course, I somehow got six fairies invited for an audience with the Empress, just so I could talk to my crush.

Cinder: Wouldn’t put it past you.

Before Reul can respond Cinder flies off.

Reul Ghorm: Oh get back here!

Reul flies up after her, as the two speed into the distance. We see the Once logo, with six fairies, Blue, Red, Gold, Green, Pink and Purple. We return to where the last episode ended, with Blue starting to move on from Ivy.

Ivy: You can’t just leave me on that! I came here for a reason you know!

Blue Fairy: And what was that?

Ivy: To get you to give me your “Blue Star”, so I can cure my sister of her sleeping curse.

Blue Fairy: Thats out of the question.

Ivy: Why?

Blue Fairy: I need it for my mission, which is time sensitive, so I’m afraid I can’t return with you.

Ivy: You’re a fairy, can’t you just fly back?

Blue Fairy: This place weakens my magic, I’ll need to hike across those mountains to get where I’m going.

For the first time we notice that there is a mountain range in front of them, with six mountains, Purple, Pink, Green, Gold, Red and Blue in color.

Ivy: Then I’m coming with you.

Blue Fairy: What?

Ivy: So the moment you’re done we can head back to Storybrooke and cure my sister.

Blue Fairy: ...Fine, but you’re gonna have to keep up with me, I’m not stopping for you.

Ivy: That sounds like a challenge, and I’ve never responded well to people underestimating me.

The two begin their trek up the first mountain. We return to the land of the fairies, where the six are standing in a fairy palace, chatting. We focus on Tinker Bell and the Pink fairy.

Pink: What do you think is going on?

Tinker Bell: No clue, but it has to be important, these are some of the most powerful young fairies of each color, the empress wouldn’t call us for anything minor.

Pink: Sure you guys are powerful, but I might never even become a fairy godmother, much less the important people in fairydom you guys are.

Tinker Bell: Stop saying that, you are powerful, you just aren’t the type for Fairy Godmother, trust me, I believe.

Pink: Thanks Tink, that makes me feel much better.

Suddenly from the ground rises a giant white pod, and the six immediately bow down, the pod opens to reveal the Light Fairy floating in the middle.

Light Fairy: Get up girls, you have no need to bow to me.

Purple: What?

Light Fairy: You six, you six are more important than me.

Pink: That’s impossible!

Light Fairy: Once I said that, back when I was a Blue Fairy and my Empress told me and five others the same thing, but you have been chosen to represent your Six Colors.

Reul: What do you mean?

Light Fairy: I’m sorry, it’s been awhile since the Colors had bosses, but you six are now Queens of your fairy colors. You Six are fated to stop the Dark Fairy, you Six will now guard the Artifacts.

Tiger Lily: The Artifacts!

Light Fairy: Yes, I am entrusting you six with them.

Five objects appear in front of the Six. A glowing purple spark is in front of Purple, a bag of pixie dust is in front of Pink, a smaller green pod in front of Tink, the Savior’s Wand (colored Red) in front of Tiger Lily, the Godmother’s wand in front of her, but nothing is in front of Blue.

Light Fairy: With these I name you something else. Sgiathan Pinc, you are the Pink Fairy. Vidia, you are the Purple Fairy. Tinker Bell, you are the Green Fairy. Tiger Lily, you are now the Red Fairy. Cinder Oir, you are the Gold Fairy.

Reul: And me?

Light Fairy: Reul Ghorm, you will lead them as the Blue Fairy. However your artifact is missing, located in the Enchanted Forest. You six must recover it, and then your true mission will begin.

Purple: Our true mission is to stop the Dark Fairy, correct?

Light Fairy: Yes.

Purple: And who is this Dark Fairy.

Light Fairy: …She is the source of evil in the world. For as long as fairies have existed so has she, and many fairies throughout time have fought and reimprisoned her. But you, you have been prophesied to break this cycle, and finally kill her.

Blue: So we are the most special fairies in history?

Light Fairy" You could say that. But anyway, I send you six out, I hope you live up to your prophecy. Now Red Fairy, wave your wand and think of the Enchanted Forest.

Tiger Lily waves her wand and a portal appears.

Light Fairy: Go through there and you will find yourself outside of the castle fortress containing the Blue Star. Goodbye, and good luck.

The Six fly in through the portal, and before we leave here we see the Light Fairy looking regretful. We return to New Wonderland, where the Black Queen is sitting in a chair next to what is clearly a freshly painted throne. Suddenly Rumplestiltskin appears.

Black Queen: What are you doing back here?

Rumplestiltskin: Oh, I’m not him, I’m just a- figment of your imagination, brought on by that dagger.

Black Queen: And what are you here to tell me?

Rumplestiltskin: Oh nothing, just wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job! Getting ready to chop off the heads of those three, an inspired move! I wish I had thought of it.

Black Queen: So are you just… staying here?

Rumplestiltskin: Oh yes, until you’ve fully accepted the dagger.

The Black Queen sinks back into her chair, and then suddenly Moana rises from a glass of water on a side table.

Black Queen: Another one!

Rumplestiltskin: Oh no, she’s not with me.

Moana: I see Rumpel has gotten to you.

Black Queen: What are you here for?

Moana: An invitation, I am apart of a coven of witches, three of them currently, and I think you would be a great addition to our ranks.

Black Queen: And why exactly would I want that?

Moana: Because we plan on casting a curse, one that will give us all what we want, including freeing you of yours.

Black Queen: If it can do that, then I accept.

Moana: Good, because I’m gonna need your help to recruit our next member.

Another council scene pops up, with Regina, Killian, Leroy, Tiger Lily and Elsa.

Elsa: I’m sorry I couldn’t come sooner, being a Queen is very time-consuming.

Regina: Sure, I completely understand why you couldn’t show up sooner, it’s only been a couple years since you last had a free morning. What did you come to talk about?

Elsa: Since the recent murder of Morgana Le Fey in your custody I have become worried about the Arendellian prisoners I entrusted with you.

Regina: I promise you we are dealing with the threats that attacked Morgana, members of the council are moving throughout the United Realms finding and defeating any villains that appear.

Elsa: But what if a new one pops up and attacks? Your whole council was here when Moana attacked, I don’t want my prisoners getting attacked or breaking out, and I can trust my guards to stop them.

Regina: I promise that we can keep Hans and his brothers locked up, if you don’t trust us you can stay for a little while, help us out, offer your opinions at council meetings.

Elsa: Sure, I’ll stay for a little bit, I cleared out my schedule and I’m sure Anna can deal with anything that pops up.

Regina: Wait, you’re actually planning on staying? Not seceding or dragging Killian and Leroy to Arendelle to fight some elemental spirits? With my luck that would be on the better end of possibilities.

Elsa: Not been a good week?

Regina: I haven’t had a weak this messed up since we were fighting Gothel. Okay, Tiger Lily, do you have any news from Mother Superior?

Tiger Lily: No, in fact I come because Blue’s been gone for long enough that my job as second in command matters, I now represent the fairies.

Regina: Do you have any clue where she went?

Tiger Lily: Yes I do, but she swore me to secrecy about it long ago.

Regina: That doesn’t sound very fairy-like, I’ve heard Blue say that fairies couldn’t lie.

Tiger Lily: That’s more of a thing Reul says than anything else.

Leroy: I knew you couldn’t trust her! She’s been shady for years.

Tiger Lily: Hey! She is-or was at least, a tireless opponent of evil, whatever else you can say about her she has put much more good into the world than evil.

We return to their subject, Reul Ghorm in the past with the other five, landing in front of a small cottage (with a man gardening in front of it) and a large castle.

Man: Who-who are you?

Blue: (absentmindedly) The Blue Star, er, I am Reul Ghorm, the Blue… Star. Us Six are the chosen fairies, we come here to find a magical artifact in that castle there.

Man: Oh yes, an alchemist lives there, I’ve heard from some that she uses some fairy artifact.

Tinker Bell: Thank you for your help…

Man: Chicho.

Tinker Bell: Chicho, if we can repay you for your services when we are done.

The Six fly towards the castle, Bleu trying and failing to glare at Tink, in the back of the pack Pink turns to Tink.

Pink: What was that about?

Tinker Bell: I don’t know, he’s sort of cute, he seems nice.

Pink: Tink, you know that’s a bad idea,

Tinker Bell: Yeah, but if I can have some fun for a bit that’d be okay.

Pink: You know if Reul found out…

Tinker Bell: Yeah she’d be mad, but she can’t punish us, and it’s mostly just cause she likes me.

Return to Blue in the present hiking up the Purple mountain with Ivy.

Ivy: Since we’re gonna be traveling awhile we might as well learn about each other, you just told me the one person you ever loved died a few miles back, so I’ll tell you that I’ve loved four people, my dead mom, my cursed sister, my step sister who hates me, and her husband.

Blue: And why does your stepsister hate you?

Ivy: Because I killed a handful of people and cast a curse on her for two years.

Blue: It sounds like you deserve it then.

Ivy: You’re right, I do, I deserve to be hated by them, I probably always will, but she’s a hero, I just want a second chance.

Blue: From my experience you won’t get one, a redemption is a miraculous thing, and I wouldn’t trust it to happen to anyone.

Ivy: You’re a jerk.

Blue: I have been told that before,

Ivy: And have you bothered to try to change that about yourself?

Blue: No, I find it can be useful in getting things done.

Ivy: Oh cool, then you are trying to project your inability to change for the better onto everyone else. This will not be fun.

A return to Regina and Killian on Storybrooke’s streets, talking.

Regina: Maybe this day will be decent after all, we gained people instead of losing them.

Killian: I’m not sure if it was actually possible to lose people at that point.

Regina: You know full well you would have chased after rock giants or something if she asked you.

Killian Yeah, probably, but she didn’t, and now we have five people on the council.

Suddenly in front of them appears Mombi.

Mombi: Hello.

Regina: Who the hell are you?

Mombi: I’m Mombi, and I am here to distract you.

Killian: Huh?

Suddenly the two are zapped in the back, we turn to see that Leota is behind them, Regina and Killian get up and prepare to fight, but we see that Storybrooke’s Town Hall is being surrounded by some Black Kingdom soldiers, with their clothes now mostly fitting and black.

Regina: Dang it, guess today won’t be good after all.

A return to another attack, The Six’s attack on the castle. Cinder zaps open the door and they sneak in, Blue quickly moving to the front. Suddenly a bunch of lights zap on, and reveal Yzma in the center, and she pulls a lever. The ground beneath their feet is pulled out of the way, causing them to return to flying

Yzma: Well dang it! I guess that the war has finally started, guess my research is going to need to end.

Yzma grabs a hanging necklace and starts running off, when she is zapped by Cinder. Purple flies back and forms some purple ropes around Yzma.

Blue: Good job Gold and Purple.

Gold: Reul,

Blue: Blue.

Gold: Reul. Call me by my name, Cinder Oir.

Blue: I am now the Blue Fairy, and you are the Gold Fairy, and that is that.

A move from Blue being a jerk to the past to Blue in the present (probably being a jerk).

Ivy: I’m just saying that your ancient past, something should have been shared with the other heroes!

Blue: The information of my past is on a need to know basis.

Ivy: Okay, sure, whatever, but if what's going on caused you to immediately need to leave, maybe some of the fifty heroes who can help you need to know!

Blue: They couldn’t help, I am the only one who can do anything about this, because its all my fault anyway.

Ivy: If I know anything about fixing mistakes, and I probably don’t, it’s that you can’t just fix giant screw-ups on your own, you have to trust your friends and get help.

Blue: I have no friends.

Ivy: My god, you are the stupidest, hottest most self-sabotagingly selfish person I’ve ever met, well besides me.

We leave this argument to find Elsa in the council building, seemingly trying to sneak out.

Elsa: This is what I get for staying in the building for a bit, I have to sneak out.

Suddenly Moana materializes from the ground.

Elsa: Who are you?

Moana: I am Moana, and like you I am a witch.

Elsa: Oh you, the one who killed Morgana.

Moana: I didn’t do that, that was Rumpel, but I hope that your opinion of me wasn’t colored by what you have been told.

Elsa: Ok, then what did you want with an evil witch like Morgana.

Moana: Morgana was just a means to an end, a member of my coven, a coven that I would like you to join so to help me cast a curse.

Elsa: Let me stop you there, a curse has a very negative feel, I’m not joining.

Moana: That is disappointing, I’d let you leave but you seem to be friends with the Good Queen, and I can’t let her know what our goal is.

Moana turns to water, seemingly to attack Elsa, but Elsa freezes her instead.

Elsa: You know someone with ice powers isn’t the best person to attack with water.

And back to the past with all the fairies but Tink in the same place as before (Tink is missing).

Blue: It can’t take this long to thank him.

Pink: I’m sure it's just uh-some big award or something.

So Pink doesn’t have to explain what’s going on Tinker Bell flies back in, with some frizzled hair.

Tinker Bell: Sorry, took a bit, anyway, are we ready.

Purple: We’ve been ready for hours.

Blue: Time to go Red.

Tiger Lily waves her wand, and another portal opens, and the six (and Yzma) go in. They reappear where they left the Fairy Land, without Yzma.

Blue: Where’d she go!

Tiger Lily: She must have found some way to hijack the portal to head to a different realm.

Blue: This wouldn’t have happened if Tink hadn’t taken so long.

Tinker Bell: Hey! Let's not jump to conclusions, we don’t know how much time it took for her to be able to escape.

Blue: Fine, but this wasn’t a loss, we got what we came for, the Blue Star. Now my Empress, could you explain to us what these artifacts do?

Light Fairy: Yes of course. First is Vidia’s Transformation Spark, that has the powerful ability to transform anything into anything else.

Vidia: Oh really…

Vidia wraps her hand around the spark and points at a patch of ground, which transforms into water.

Vidia: Okay, that's cool.

Light Fairy: Sgiathan, your artifact is the bag of the first pixie dust, even one tiny piece of dust is as powerful as ten bags of pixie dust.

Sgiathan: Are you sure you can trust me with that? I’m very clumsy and I might drop it or lose it or-

Light Fairy: I’m sure you’ll be fine, you were chosen for this purpose. Tink, your artifact is the Fairy Pod. It is what produced every single pod in all of Fairy Land, every single fairy owes their life to it.

Tinker Bell: Sorry to seem ungrateful but um, how could I use that?

Light Fairy: It is not very effective in a fight like the others, but it is very valuable, it allows our people to continue, and can transform a human female into a fairy.

Tinker Bell: Ah, ok, so nothing I’m gonna need.

Light Fairy: Trust me, you’ll find yourself very thankful for it one day. Now Cinder, your artifact is a wand, one of the most powerful in existence, but with it comes something else, the gift of prophecy, you will be able to witness all of the many prophecies that our kind have received, and many more in the future.

Cinder: Thank you for this gift, I promise to use it responsibly.

Light Fairy: Tiger Lily, you also have a wand, The Wand of the Savior. While it’s true use will not be for a very long time for now it is the most powerful wand in history. In addition to its many uses as a wand it also can create portals between realms, and banish people to other realms.

Tiger Lily: What is it’s true use?

Light Fairy: You can ask Cinder later. And finally you Reul Ghorm, your artifact is the Blue Star. The Blue Star increases your powers tenfold, but it is much more than that. With it you can chanel the other five artifacts, becoming almost godlike with your sisters. The last time this happened the Holy Grail, the start of all magic in the Fairy Tale Land, was made, I hope if you need to use that power you will use it wisely.

Blue: Of course I will, my Empress.

Vidia: Is that all?

Light Fairy: No, there is one more artifact.

Of course we don’t get to see this resolved and we return to Regina and Killian fighting Mombi and Leota. We see Leota seem to receive a message.

Leota: It appears our mission has failed.

Mombi: Does that mean the plan is over?

Leota: No, just that we need to regroup at Blackie’s hideout.

Regina: Are you gonna just have a conversation while we’re fighting you?

Mombi: We taking the minions?

Leota: Yes.

Suddenly Leota, Mombi, and the other soldiers nearby poof away.

Regina: I can’t tell if we won or lost this.

Killian: Me neither, but we should probably check on Elsa to see if she’s okay.

We cut straight to where we last saw Elsa, standing in front of the frozen Moana, now with Regina and Killian.

Regina: I guess we won.

Elsa: I don’t know, it sounds like her “coven” is at least 3 strong, and it's not like she couldn’t be restored.

Killian: Well we won for now at least. And based on what she told Elsa we can probably get the other me and Henry to come back, we know pretty much everything now.

Regina: Yeah, I’ll go call them tomorrow, I’m feeling all magicked out right now and I never got around to that plan to put cell towers throughout the United Realms.

Regina walks out and we return to Ivy and Blue, still arguing.

Blue: I’m the Blue Fairy! Of course I know what to do best!

Ivy: No one knows everything, and talking to you it seems like you know nothing!

Blue: If you think that maybe you are the one who knows nothing.

Ivy: I swear you are getting more stubborn the longer you argue, you are actually getting less reasonable, just so you can be right.

Blue: Okay, this conversation is over for real.

Ivy: So we’re gonna just walk forward for the next week in stoic silence? Can I at least try to remove that stick out from your butt to pass the time.

Silence. They walk forwards like this for a bit but then a troup of animal soldiers attack. In utter confusion Ivy starts trying to fight them, as does Blue.

Ivy: Care to explain why this is going on.

Blue: I honestly have no clue, the only thing that could do this is in safe-, oh no.

Ivy: Care to explain what that oh no was for?

Blue: Sure, once we’ve dealt with them all.

Ivy: Okay.

Ivy pushes the final soldier off the side of the mountain.

Ivy: Time to explain.

Back to the past, picking up directly where we left off.

Light Fairy: The final artifact is the Void Sword, which is a sword that traps whoever is hit by it in its Void forever, however once it is removed from its place anyone besides the one who removed it who hits anyone with it will also be trapped.

Blue: And so who is supposed to guard it?

Light Fairy: All of you, it is what the Dark Fairy is after, it, along with your artifacts, are all that stop her from conquering every realm. Your goal is to use them to destroy her once and for all.

Vidia: Why don’t we just remove the sword so she can’t use it?

Light Fairy: Because then the Dark Fairy can just return it, while it is where it is we can protect it with much more powerful magic.

Blue: And you are sure we can do it? We can destroy her?

Light Fairy: Of course I do. You are now dismissed.

The Six fly out, but we return to the Light Fairy, looking deeply sad.

Light Fairy: At least I have to hope you can.

And back to Ivy and Blue.

Blue: What was that for?

Ivy: I was fighting them off, and so I realized the best way to deal with her was to push him off.

Blue: Well I wanted to interrogate her! Then we could confirm if my theory was true.

Ivy: Well then you should have told me that! Then I would have knocked him out, but anyway you promised to tell me something about what's going on!

Blue: Fine, there is a… person, who is after a series of magical artifacts. One of these artifacts is the one thing that could have created these people. And while this person is likely not the one who sent these people, one of their minions is, and was very interested in these powers last I saw them.

Ivy: Well that is the vaguest information I have ever heard. It doesn’t need to be this hard! If you’d stop being so stubborn for one second-

Blue: You’re one to talk, from what I’ve heard-

Ivy: Exactly, if anyone can tell when someone is acting like an idiot its me!

Blue: You have no clue what’s going on, no clue why I’m hiding this.

Ivy: Then enlighten me!

Blue: I can’t! What I know, no one can know.

Ivy: Considering how much of a bone-head-

Blue: I know what I’m doing why won’t you trust me!

Ivy: Because you keep acting like I would, avoiding people who need to help you, and I’m a complete and utter-

Suddenly Blue kisses her.

Ivy: What was that?

Blue: You kept calling me hot earlier, and I was tired of this.

Ivy moves back into kissing her as well, and it continues, we cut away before what clearly will be more happens. Where we cut is the Dark Fairy, in a darker, twisted version of where the Light Fairy lived, when suddenly out of the sky drops Yzma, in the same position she was when we last saw her.

Dark Fairy: I take it the Six retook the artifact.

Yzma: Yes, but thank goodness I had my magic bean, or else I’d be stuck in Light’s prison. However before they took it I was able to do a few things, including expanding my lifespan, and this.

Yzma’s fingers turn into large purple claws.

Dark Fairy: That is very good.

Yzma: Should I begin preparations for the war?

Dark Fairy: Yes, I believe it's time for Light to know what she’s really up against.

And a move to the final scene, David and Snow moving through a forest.

David: You know I remember why we stopped doing this kind of stuff, its very messy.

Snow: Oh come on! Don’t you think it's a little bit fun?

David: Not at all, I prefer my nice little peaceful house.

Snow: Oh come on, where’s your sense of adventure?

Suddenly we see rocks hit them both in the head, and out from the forest walk Regina and Robin (both in Forest garb).

Regina: What have we stumbled onto?

End of episode.

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