We find ourselves in the past, with Blue sitting in the same pod that the Light Fairy did last we saw them. Tiger Lily flies into the room, ready to tell her something.

Blue Fairy: What is it Red?

Tiger Lily: I have news. Sgiathan has been running interference with Dark’s forces, but far too many people have been getting on the mountains, she knows what’s there.

Blue Fairy: Okay, send Gold there, the two of us need to focus on replacing Purple and Green.

Tiger Lily: With all due respect, Reul-

Blue Fairy: Blue.

Tiger Lily: With all due respect, Reul, I don’t think there are replacements for them, we were the Six, the four of us alone have to deal with Dark.

Blue Fairy: Send Gold out, and then find replacements.

Tiger Lily realizes its a lost cause and flies out, leaving Blue alone. We get the title card, with two women, one pregnant, climbing a mountain. Then’s the present, where Ivy and Blue are lying in a cell, Blue awakens to see the Dark Fairy standing outside of the cells.

Blue: You were manipulating this the whole time. I should have known.

Dark Fairy: No, actually Yzma’s been doing this whole thing on her own. I don’t think she even knows I’m free.

Blue: You don’t expect me to believe that Yzma has developed a plan of her own in her entire life?

Dark Fairy: I didn’t know she could do it either, but hey, every few centuries in my semi-eternal quasi-life I get surprised. I’m sure you understand.

Blue: I will stop you two, I will trap you two back in that sword, and then I’ll free Tink, I promise you that.

With Blue’s promise we find ourselves back in the Convent, where we see Tinker Bell sleeping on a bed, when Tiger Lily walks into the room, and taps her on the shoulder, waking her up with a start.

Tinker Bell: Huh? What's going on?

Tiger Lily: Get up, follow me, I have something to tell you.

Tiger Lily takes her to an office room.

Tinker Bell: Why did you wake me up so early this morning?

Tiger Lily: Reul gave me instructions when I returned to the fairies, she told me that if she vanished I was in charge of the fairies, temporarily. However she said that if she was gone for a while I was to give you control, along with a little bit of the classified information of the fairies.

Tinker Bell: So, what do you need to tell me?

Tiger Lily: The location of some of the Artifacts of the Six.

Tinker Bell: So where are they?

Tiger Lily: Unfortunately Reul Ghorm is the most obnoxious being I have ever met, and told me I wasn’t actually allowed to mention it until I knew she was dead. So… (a book appears in her hand) here is this. It contains every single thing she deemed that you could know before her death. Read up, cause I can’t clarify any of it.

Tink clearly hates this whole thing, but starts reading, as we move to Oz, where Jinjur wakes up with a start. She sniffs the air and runs out of her room to see the charred remains of the place they stored their equipment, burned to the ground. She runs to Emma and Zelena’s room, and starts yelling.

Jinjur: You two. Wake up! Emergency.

Zelena: Okay, okay, whats wrong?

Jinjur: Someone burned up the storage building, our army is completely resourceless.

The two hop out of their beds, however Zelena notices that the trunk is open, and that the Crimson Heart is no longer in it.

Zelena: Oh no. They took the Crimson Heart.

Jinjur: That's not good, what if…

She runs back into her room, and sees that her sword is missing.

Jinjur: She’s casting the spell, Ozma is trying to cast your spell.

Zelena: Oh no, that's not good.

Jellia walks into the room from a side door.

Jellia Jamb: What's going on honey?

Jinjur: Ozma has taken my sword and the Crimson Heart and destroyed the storage building.

Zelena: Wait, are you two dating?

Jellia Jamb: Yeah, we started back when you lived here, you just never noticed.

Zelena: Oops, sorry.

Emma: Why do you guys sleep in different rooms?

Jinjur: Not a big fan of sharing beds. I love her, but not a fan of all that.

Emma: Okay, cool. We’re gonna need to figure out what we’re doing though. This is bad, we need a new game plan.

Jellia Jamb: You two leave, Jinjur and I need a plan.

Emma and Zelena leave, confused, leaving the two girlfriends alone. With a return to the past we find Yzma in a lab, next to Kronk.

Yzma: Okay, I’ve developed a serum from the transformation spark, it can transform a fairy into a human, and I need you to use it on the Blue Fairy.

Kronk: Yes boss.

Yzma: And once you use it, throw her down the fairy mountain, trapping her far away from the action.

Kronk: Okay boss.

He is given the vial of humanitude, and we cut to him sneaking in the throne room of Blue, where he opens the pod a tiny bit, and throws the vial in. He waits a second, before opening it fully, grabbing Blue, now wingless, and running off. We cut to the edge of a mountain, where he pushes her off. And a return to the present, where we see Rogers sleeping on his bed. We see the back of a man walk up to him, and then splash a bucket of water on him. Rogers wakes up with a start.

Rogers: Bloody hell! What was that for?

We see that it was Sheriff Henry.

Sheriff Henry: Rise and shine sleepy-head.

Rogers: I hate you so much, how are you a version of my best friend?

Sheriff Henry: Well anyway, we’ve made it to wherever Frollo thinks this friend of Moana is.

Rogers: Kay, thanks. I’ll be out soon once I’m dressed or whatever, is everyone else ready?

Sheriff Henry: Frollo only wants to head out with us two, but I’ve made sure that all the pirates are ready to get out the moment we have the info we need.

Rogers: Thanks, I’ll be ready soon, stop Frollo from doing anything while I do that.

Sheriff Henry: Will do boss.

Henry leaves the room, and we return to Ivy and Blue, as the former wakes up.

Ivy: Ugh, where are we?

Blue: The person who sent us all those animal people captured us, I guess we’re in some cells she has.

Ivy: Oh great, what fun. Can you tell me who this person is insteading of dodging?

Yzma walks in the door with Kronk behind her.

Yzma: Sure I can, my name is Yzma, and I am your captor. I’m sorry about this, I needed Blue, I just couldn’t let you roam around free, once I’m done with this thing I’ll let you go.

Ivy: (sarcastically) Oh thanks, how kind.

Yzma: Anyway, Blue’s coming with me.

Kronk grabs Blue, throws her over his shoulder, and they walk out. We return to the past, and see Tinker Bell, very pregnant, at a cottage, doing some weak farming, when she notices a human sized bag in a cart, she walks up to it, and pulls the bag off, seeing Blue, very human.

Tinker Bell: Reul?

Blue: Huh? Where am I?

Tinker Bell: You’re at my cottage, and your wings are missing, how did you get here?

Blue: No clue, but I’ll leave you to your silly domestic life.

Blue jumps, trying to fly, but doesn’t succeed.

Tinker Bell: Guess you’re going to have to take the long way.

Blue: Oh yay, I get to walk all the way up a dangerous mountain, alone, while you sit around here doing nothing.

Tinker Bell: You realize I’m pregnant, right?

Blue: You are? So that’s what that looks like.

Tinker Bell: Yes it does.

Blue: So can you give me some supplies for the journey so I can get out of your hair.

Tinker Bell: I’ll do you one better, I’ll take you back.

Blue: Why?

Tinker Bell: If I don’t come you’ll probably trip over a pebble and kill yourself, gives me a chance to see some old friends too.

Blue: Pink is busy so you probably won’t see her.

Tinker Bell: I’m still friends with Tiger Lily and Cinder am I not?

Blue sighs and gets up, as we return to the present. We find Tilly and Margot playing chess in their cell. Tilly moves a piece on a fairly full board, putting Margot into checkmate.

Tilly: Checkmate.

Margot: Why are you so good at this game?

Tilly: Papa always played it with me, I got really good.

Margot: You sure you aren’t cheating? I think you are.

Tilly: I promise I’m not.

Margot: I think I’m getting better, let's do a rematch.

Tilly: I just beat you 20 times.

Margot: Best out of 50?

Tilly: Sure, fine, not like we have anything better to do.

Tilly resets the board and they start playing again. We return to Tink in the past, who has a backpack full of supplies saying goodbye to Chicho.

Chicho: Are you sure this is the right decision?

Tinker Bell: Yes I am, I still have a few months until the baby is born, It will take a week max, and then I’ll be back, I promise.

Chicho: I guess, fine, but stay safe.

Tinker Bell: Don’t worry, I will.

They give each other a hug and kiss, and Tinker Bell walks off with Blue. They walk in silence for a long time before Blue speaks up.

Blue: Nice guy.

Tinker Bell: Yes he is, that's why I’m married to him.

Another long pause of silence.

Blue: So what do you think your child will name herself?

Tinker Bell: Humans don’t do that, their parents choose their names, do you not know that?

Blue: Maybe?

Tinker Bell: You wanted to be Fairy Godmother, how do you know nothing about humans?

Blue: Since you are apparently a human expert-

Tinker Bell: I’m a human.

Blue: Which is a human expert, and since you are one you can explain to me how they work.

Tinker Bell: Okay, fine. So what do you want to know first?

Blue: Who is in charge? Like, who’s the empress and how did she get the job?

Tinker Bell: Oh boy, this is gonna talk awhile.

As she starts to explain we return to the present, where Blue is being interrogated by Yzma. Yzma starts by removing the Blue Star from her neck.

Yzma: And that is number 4.

Blue: You have 3 more artifacts? How did you-

Yzma: When you’ve been running around for as long as I have you end up with a lot of things. That Transformation Spark was lying in Chicho’s tomb for so long, eventually some grave robber took it, and sold it to me. You hid the Savior’s Wand back on Neverland, after I was able to see that pirate get it, and as for Gold’s wand, well, I have my secrets.

Blue: You won’t be getting the other two, I promise they are well hid, and you’ll never find them.

Yzma: Actually, I will, I already know where the Breeding Pod is, I just need some allies to grab it, and a little birdie told me that I’ll be getting them soon. However, you do know where the bag of pixie dust, I’m running out of my bit, and I might need the actual bag, I’m not sure.

Blue: You think I’m going to tell you?

Yzma: Actually, yes.

She pulls out Gold’s wand, and sends a little zap at Blue, which clearly hurts her.

Blue: That won’t be enough, I will never break.

Yzma: Yes you will, you will break, because you would never, ever, sacrifice your life, you proved that in the final battle, and so I just have to keep zapping you, and eventually you’ll give in, or die, and luckily I have a backup plan if that happens.

She sends another, longer, zap, and begins cackling at this, as Blue begins to scream in pain. We return to Rogers, Henry and Frollo wandering through a forest, looking for Esmeralda.

Rogers: It’s been hours, are you sure she’s here?

Frollo: Yes I’m su-

Suddenly a net comes from the ground, catching him in it. Rogers and Henry freeze, until we see Esmeralda walking in from the woods.

Esmeralda: Hey boys, what are you doing here?

Rogers: Are you Esmeralda?

Esmeralda: Yeah, why do you want to know?

Rogers: Your old friend Moana is making havok, and we’d like your help to fight her.

Esmeralda: I’m not sure I can help, but I’ll try, as long as you don’t make me work with him.

Rogers: Oh sure, we were going to betray him anyway.

Esmeralda: Well then, I’m coming along.

She cuts Frollo down and they cuff him as they walk off, with another return to the past and we see Tink and Blue laughing at something.

Blue: So that’s how human children are made?

Tinker Bell: I can’t believe you didn’t know that, I knew all about that, and participated in it, before I became human.

Blue: Eh, the bodies of men have never really interested me, only those that look fairy like for me.

Tinker Bell: So you just want things that look like you? How selfish.

Blue: That's definitely not how that works.

Tinker Bell: Are you the human expert now?

Blue: I may know nothing about humans, but I know a lot of stuff about fairies, and I know quite a few fairies not in-love with themselves only attracted to fairy-like beings.

Tinker Bell: But you are in love with yourself, maybe you just didn’t notice it.

Blue: I’m right for once and you know it! Admit it!

Tinker Bell: Okay yeah, you’re right.

Blue: Hah. I’m not a complete idiot.

They laugh, and we return to the present, and see one of the Snowings walking through a town, shopping at markets. We see several soldiers around, including the Huntsman. He gives a signal and the soldiers begin to surround the two, but suddenly an arrow flies through, almost hitting a soldier. We see Snow, David, Robin and the Bandit with bows pointing at the soldiers.

Snow: I’d suggest that you surrender, or run.

A bunch of soldiers run away, but the Huntsman and a few more stay behind and fight, however once Grimm Snow and James fight with the four the soldiers are quickly surrounded and knocked out, including the Huntsman.

Snow: See, I told you this would work.

David: Yeah yeah, you were right, you’re always right. Let's get these people to the cottage and tie them up before they wake up.

The Bandit: Eh, we might need some of our men to come, there are a few of these.

Snow: Yeah, you guys grab the Huntsman, I’ll go run as fast as possible to get the others.

Snow runs to a horse and starts galloping off, while the other five grab the Huntsman and start trying to carry him back. With these people leaving we return to the past, as Blue and Tink are sitting around a camp at night.

Tinker Bell: So… we’ll be getting to the top of the mountain tomorrow.

Blue: Yeah, and then we can use the Birthing Pod and make me a fairy again, you two.

Tinker Bell: No no, I don’t want to be a fairy again. Not even temporarily to fight Dark. If I were to return to be a fairy my child would join me, and that would mean their birth would take so long they would never meet their father, and I would never want that.

Blue: Oh I’m sorry, I forgot that-

Tinker Bell: Don’t worry, it's okay, I know you’re trying to not be the worst.

Blue: Hey!

Tinker Bell: I’m joking, but you have to admit that you’re hard to deal with.

Blue: Yeah, I guess I am… Tink.

Tinker Bell: But you’re getting better, one day I can see that you’ll have people who like you for being someone they want to be around and not just for saving their lives, Reul.

Blue: (smiling like an idiot) I think it’s time to rest.

Tinker Bell: Yeah, it is. Good night Reul.

Reul Ghorm: Good night Tink.

As Reul Ghorm retires for the night we return to the Blue Fairy in the present, who is screaming from the torture.

Yzma: You’ve lasted longer than I thought you would, but would you like to tell me where the bag is.

Blue: ...Fine, I’ll tell you.

Yzma: Good, now spill the beans.

Before Blue can say anything we find ourselves with Queen Snow, pacing around her throne room, when an old Hag poofs in.

Hag: This better have been worth it, I was having some fun when you called.

Queen Snow: I know, but stuff was getting hairy here, my top lieutenants have been captured by the Grimm Men, and apparently my daughter has been doubled, as has her dead husband.

Hag: So you need my help to capture these Grimm Men and your two daughters and zombie sons-in law?

Queen Snow: Yes, that is what I want.

Hag: Good, because that's something I can do.

The Hag cackles, and we find Reul and Tinker Bell making it to the top of the mountain, and collapse there. Tiger Lily flies to them, and grabs them as she starts flying back.

Tiger Lily: What happened to you two?

Tinker Bell: Someone turned Reul human, probably Dark, you need to turn her back.

Tiger Lily lands in the throne room, next to the Birthing Pod, which she opens and lies Reul on, with glowing magic going over, re-turning her into a fairy.

Tiger Lily: So, do you want to return?

Tinker Bell: No, I just came to help a friend.

Tiger Lily: You think she’s a friend?

Tinker Bell: Believe it or not, there is a good and kind person somewhere down there, and I helped bring it out, I do think she can be good, trust me.

Tiger Lily: If you say so.

The two sit down and watch Reul be reborn, and we move over to Yzma, sitting around, being very impatient, when Moana forms from water.

Yzma: Hey. You’re Moana, right?

Moana: How did you kno-

Yzma: Not something you need to know. I’m willing to join your coven, if you do something for me.

Moana: What is it.

Yzma: I need a couple of magic artifacts, and I’d like you to help me get them, I don’t really know if you’d need them, but they might be nice to have.

Moana: Sure, fine, where are they?

Yzma: Well, the first one is located in Storybrooke, but the second, more useful one, is in somewhere a bit harder to find.

Moana: Okay, fine, welcome to the Coven.

Yzma shakes her hand, and we return to the past, where Reul suddenly shoots up, with wings popping right out.

Reul Ghorm: Ah, thanks, that feels much better.

Tinker Bell: You’re welcome.

Reul Ghorm: Hey, um, could you stay around for a few days? We’ve missed you.

Tinker Bell: Sure Reul, sure, I’ll stick around for a bit.

We think we have a happy ending, however in comes Cinder Oir, flying in, crashing to the ground.

Reul Ghorm: What’s wrong?

Cinder Oir: Dark, she found the sword. Sgiathan was holding her off, and I-I don’t think she’s alive.

Reul Ghorm: That’s not good. Tiger Lily, go summon the fairy armies, we’re going to need them, Cinder, when will you get better?

Cinder Oir: I’ll probably be fine in a few minutes.

Reul Ghorm: Good, and Tink?

Tinker Bell: Yeah?

Reul Ghorm hands her the transformation spark.

Reul Ghorm: Make yourself a weapon, we’re going to need all the help we can get.

Tinker Bell: Sure

Tink begins to form a sword, and despite this disaster Reul looks happy and sure of herself, and we return to her in the present, completely destroyed, and thrown into her cell by Kronk.

Ivy: What happened to you?

Blue: Yzma, she tortured me for hours, until I told her where a magic artifact was.

Ivy: Oh no, that's awful.

Blue: It gets worse. I think, I think she’ll be attacking Storybrooke, with some powerful allies. And I’ve helped her do it.

Ivy: Its okay, it’s not your fault, anyone would have given up after what you went through

Blue: No, I know at least one person who wouldn’t do it.

Blue collapses into Ivy’s arms, and we zoom out from this sad scene, while we switch to another. Regina is sitting in her office, clearly bored, when Tinker Bell walks in.

Regina: Hey! Tink! What’d you come for.

Tinker Bell: I just discovered something that could be very useful to deal with your Moana problem, something that could trap her in that ice sculpture you have.

Regina: Really?

Tinker Bell: Yeah, and even better, you know the person who has it.

Regina smiles, and we return to Rogers, on the Jolly Roger, looking at his pocket mirror, when Regina appears.

Rogers: Oh hey, I was hoping you would call,we finally got all the information we need, we’re sailing back.

Regina: Well that's good, because I need you to head to the Enchanted Forest first because I found something important.

Rogers: That’s good, so where are we going?

Before Regina can respond we get the answer, we find the ruins of some castle in the Enchanted Forest, and three different dragons lying in it.

End of episode

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