We open over the Emerald City, where we move into the throne room, and see a king and queen on their thrones, with the woman holding a baby. Suddenly Mombi teleports in.

Mombi: Hello my majesties yada yada.

King: What? Who are you? How did you get here?

Mombi: Well, I was saying hello, my name Mombi, the Wicked Witch of the North, and I teleported in with magic.

Queen: And why are you here?

King: And why shouldn’t we have our guards kill you?

Mombi: Well for the second one, because I’d kill them first. As for you Queenie, because I need a hand around the house and I think I can get one from you.

Queen: And why do you think we’d give you one?

Mombi: Because I can convince the Thropps to give you control of Munchkinland, for a price.

King: And what would that price be?

Queen: It's a deal.

Mombi: Well thanks, now give me that baby boy in your arms right there.

King: What!

Mombi: It's either that, or I use the same methods I was planning on using to get you Munchkinland to keep it away from you, your choice.

Queen ...Fine, we accept.

Mombi: Hooray.

The young child poofs into her arms.

King: His name is Tippetarius by the way!

Mombi: Oh thanks, I completely forgot about that whole name thing.

We poof away with Mombi, where she returns to her cabin, which contains a very bad crib, and an armless little girl. Mombi poofs the baby into the crib.

Mombi: Well now I have a possible heir to the throne, some help, and you little, whatsyourname, can be used how I was hoping to use you.

Mombi grabs the girl by the leg, teleports out, leaving Tippetarius crying and alone. And we see the title card, with a saw horse walking around. We finally get to return to Oz in the present, where we see Ozma lounging around in full color in her castle (now with a fabulous pink dress), while Button-Bright, now in faded color is sitting in the corner messing with a colorful ball.

Ozma: So what are we going to do next?

Button-Bright: I don’t know, I thought that was your job, you do all the conquering and I float around nearby.

Ozma: Well yeah, but I need to have an idea on what to do!

Suddenly we see Moana materialize in front of her.

Moana: I think I can help with that.

Ozma: Who are you?

Moana: I am Moana, and I have an offer for you. I am the leader of a coven of eight, well, four right now, who aim to cast a curse, one that will give us all a happy ending.

Ozma: That’s interesting, and who’s in this thing?

Moana: Well, there’s me, this ghost named Leota, a Dark One called the Black Queen, and a witch named Mombi.

Ozma: You almost had me there, but you see, I know Mombi, the women raised me, and I will never, ever, work with her, I will not let her live. In fact, because you want her to have a happy ending, I can’t let you live either.

Ozma jumps forward in an attempt to rip out Moana’s heart, however she dodges and fights back. The fight goes on for a bit but Moana eventually gives up by turning into water and flowing out.

Ozma: COME BACK HERE AND FIGHT ME LIKE A WOMAN! I promise, I will kill Mombi, and if I can, I will make sure you die with her!

From Ozma’s rage we find Margot in New Wonderland, looking out and guarding two tents, however we see Tilly walk out of one, looking fairly tired.

Tilly: Hey Nobin, how’s the watch going?

Margot: I haven’t seen anything yet, but right now is probably time to go, I think we’re close to somewhere we can be safe from the queen, so wake up the king, we’re gonna need to start running.

Tilly: HEY! Kingy, wake up! We have to go!

The White King stumbles out of the tent.

White King: Hmmm? What’s going on.

Margot: I think it's time for us to go, pack everything up, we’re moving out.

As the three pack up we find ourselves in Camelot castle, where Violet is frantically running around, looking for something, eventually she finds herself in a dark room and takes out a pocket mirror, and opens it up to see Regina in it.

Violet: I’m sorry it took so long, the queen has had her eyes on me for a while, this is the first time since I got here that I’ve found some free time.

Regina: It's cool, what info do you have?

Violet: It's not much, I still can’t figure out where Lancelot is, and the queen has been giving me a ton of chores as far away from the cells as possible, I don’t know if I can find anything important anytime soon.

Regina: It's cool, just report whatever you can.

Suddenly we hear someone walking by.

Violet: Shhhhhh, be quiet, I hear something.

Violet stuffs the mirror in her pocket, but then the door opens, and we see Guinevere in it.

Violet: Why hello you majesty-

Guinevere: Quiet, I know what you’re doing, and now you’ve finally found an excuse for me to lock you up.

We move to the Wish Jolly Rogers, where Rogers is waving around his pocket mirror.

Rogers: Um… Regina? You gonna try to check in? Please? I have really important news for you, I really need your hel-

Suddenly we see Javert on the side of the boat, about to jump off, when Rogers runs up and grabs him.

Rogers: What was that for?

Javert: What's the point? I was wrong, Valjean is a criminal yet he is good, he spared me, he let me live, he would have let me take him as long as he returned a friend to his family.

Rogers: It sounds like you need some help, I think I’ve been in a similar situation, follow me, lets talk.

As Rogers walks with Javert we visit the past and see Ozma waking up in Mombi’s cabin, to Mombi’s yelling.

Mombi: TIP! Get up and start planting the crops!

Ozma: (whispering to herself) Don’t try to kill her, she’ll just kill you, just ignore her, ignore her-

Mombi: GET OUT!

Not happy Ozma walks over to some small farmland, and as she begins to put seeds in the ground she hears a voice. We see that it is a saw horse nearby her.

Saw Horse: Hey kid, you sure you don’t want to run away?

Ozma: No, but keep quiet, I don’t want Mombi to hear you.

Saw Horse: You made me for a reason, so you can leave this place, this woman who has you do jobs she could in seconds, who beats you, who whips you, who refuses to recognize who you are, leave.

Ozma: But where would I go?

Saw Horse: Anywhere but here, I’ve heard the Emerald City is nice this time of year.

Ozma: Who’d you hear that from?

Saw Horse: I dunno, some people walking nearby? Anyway, it's nicer than here I’m sure, so, are you in or are you in?

Ozma: Fine.

Ozma gets herself on top of the horse, grabs its ears, and it begins running. As it runs, we return to Ozma in the present, she is pacing around muttering to herself.

Ozma: What, what can I do? Who could I get help from?

Button-Bright: How about the green lady or her sister?

Ozma: YES! I’ll find Zelena. Grab my crystal ball.

Button-Bright runs out of the room quickly and returns with a crystal ball. Ozma waves her hand and we see Zelena, who jumps when she sees Ozma.

Ozma: Hi Zelena, it's been awhile.

Zelena: (clearly trying to be understood by others) Oh hi OZMA, why did you reach out?

Ozma: Well, you may have heard that I’ve returned to try to conquer Oz, sorry that you lost it by the way, and I’d like to ask for your help.

Zelena: Well, the thing is, I’m not really into conquering whatever I want anymore, I’m more of a help-my-family-beat-up-slash-redeem-conquerors kind of girl.

Ozma: What do you mean, your family?

Zelena: Well, you could say that I’m a member of the United Realms Royal Family.

Ozma: And your sister?

Zelena: How did you… Well she’s the queen of the United Realms.

Ozma: Then, who is the green woman who brought me here?

Zelena: I have no clue, but I’d suggest you don’t listen to her, whatever she says.

Ozma: But… She promised to bring me Mombi, I have to trust her.

Ozma waves her hand and Zelena’s image disappears. However as it goes, we then move to where she is, in a room with Emma, Ruby, Jinjur and Jellia.

Zelena: How much of that did you understand?

Emma: Well, Ozma called you, I guess to get help conquering Oz? And then you told her no, and something about Regina and another green woman?

Zelena: Basically yeah, apparently some green woman who told her she was my sister brought her here and promised to bring her Mombi, who she wanted to kill last I saw her.

Jellia: Okay, so someone’s manipulating her, but who could it be? Do you know any other green women?

Zelena: I think Nessarose had a green sister? I don’t remember her name but I think she mentioned her once.

Ruby: Great! Let's talk to Nessarose then.

Jinjur: Unfortunately Zelena killed her.

Emma: Why’d you do that?

Zelena: She was going to kill me, for once I was mostly justified in it.

Jellia Jamb: Is it possible that Nessarose’s sister is aiming for revenge?

Zelena: Maybe, but neither of the sisters were on good terms with each other or the rest of their family, and attacking Oz is a strange method of revenge against me.

Ruby: Yeah, but we’re gonna need to watch out for whatever’s going on, cause this is more than just Ozma, this is something big.

Jinjur: I’ve been trying to raise an army for us, from my old resistance and outside of it, I’ll try to work harder.

Jellia Jamb: And I’ll see if I can figure out who Nessa’s sister is.

Emma: Okay, yeah, and we’ll try to leave within a week?

Jinjur: I think I can do that.

Zelena: Then let's go and do it.

From here we return to the Emerald City of the past, as Ozma gets off the Saw Horse and begins to look around. We see her wow at a bunch of things, until she walks right into the Emerald Palace doors where we see that Zelena is talking to Jellia Jamb.

Jellia Jamb: So, I know you wanted me to come to work tonight, but I have a date and I was wondering if I could get time off for i-

Zelena: Yeah sure, whatever, now you over in there who just walked in!

Ozma: Um, yes your majesty.

Zelena: I’d prefer your wickedness

Ozma: Yes your wickedness.

Zelena: So what are you doing here?

Ozma: I want you to train me as a witch.

Zelena: Hmm? What? Why?

Ozma: I was raised by the Wicked Witch of the North, who mistreated me, and I want revenge.

Zelena: Well, I’ve never liked how many other witches keep wandering around Oz, sure I’ll help you out.

Ozma: Thanks, what should I do first?

Zelena: Follow me.

Zelena leaves the room in style as Ozma scurries after her. We return to Rogers and Javert, sitting in a cabin on the ship.

Rogers: So the man you spent your life hunting, he proved that he was good?

Javert: Yes, and, what does that mean? If he can be good, does that mean I’m bad? Am I a villain? And if I’m a villain, am I worth anything?

Rogers: Honestly, I don’t know, I haven’t spent much time with either of you, and I barely remember the musical about you, and these things are usually wrong.

Javert: What?

Rogers: It's a long story, but the point is, I don’t know whether you are a villain. What I do know, is I’ve been in your situation before. I spent centuries trying to hunt a crocodile, and he was evil, that was for sure, but eventually he stopped, when I finally found him, he was a hero, trying to reunite with his wife, and I didn’t believe him, but then one day he sacrificed that chance for my daughter, to ensure she wouldn’t be trapped in an eternal life without happiness. And eventually, he sacrificed his life to save mine. So I don’t know what Valjean was like, but it seems that now he is good, and just like I stopped hunting the crocodile, you can stop hunting him, and then, you can move on, and start working to become better.

Javert: Yeah, but your crocodile was evil, was Valjean?

Rogers I was evil too, I murdered far too many people, I didn’t care for lives, for anyone. I don’t think you are evil, but even if you are, you can improve, you can get better, and you have a reason to live.

Javert smiles for a quick second, before collapsing into tears. As Rogers comforts him we return to the past, right where we left off. Zelena and Ozma are in a room, in front of a tray full of ash (like the one Cora used with Anastasia).

Zelena: The power of magic is based on your emotions, the more you feel, the stronger your magic.

Ozma: So what do I need to do?

Zelena: Well, think, what do you hate?

Ozma: Mombi.

Zelena: Okay, think of that, and imagine that Mombi is that tray, and then imagine her on fire. Let me show you.

The ash catches on fire, and then is put out.

Zelena: Now you try.

Ozma closes her eyes, focusing as hard as possible, but eventually she gives up.

Ozma: I-I’m sorry, I couldn’t.

Zelena: No, it's okay, just, think of everything she has done to you, what makes you hate her.

Ozma: She calls me Tip, a little boy, and then when I try to get her to call me by my real name, she whips him, over, and over, and over again.

The ash catches on fire, Ozma begins to smile.

Zelena: That's a start, now lets keep going.

A return to the present, this time we see Snow, David, the Bandit and Robin (with the Grimm Men in the background) walking through a big long tunnel.

David: Ugh, how long is this thing?

Robin: I’m not sure, we have a lot of different tunnels, I don’t remember where this one goes.

The Bandit: I think this one leads to the woods? But it could lead to the dwarves cottage, or just somewhere random, or a safe house, I think at max it's a couple days, minimum a few hours.

Snow: Okay well I think I can speak for most of us when I say if we’re gonna keep going for a while we should stop, we’re all getting tired and it’d be better to be nice and awake if we’re going into somewhere dangerous.

Robin: Yeah, okay, you’re right. EVERYONE! We’re stopping here, time to make camp. Regina and I will take the first watch, we’ll wake you two up for the second watch.

As the group starts to set up camp we see another group setting up camp, Blue and Ivy on the Green mountain, the former of whom just summons up some tents and sleeping bags.

Ivy: Okay, we’ve spent three days fighting off so many animal people, and whenever you try to interrogate them they are dissolved into mush, what are we going to do?

Blue: I DON’T KNOW! OKAY! I’ve been thinking about this since we saw the first ones, and I don’t know what the person who is doing this wants and how they can destroy their minions.

Ivy: Okay okay, I’m sorry, I’m just getting tired of this and I wanted to figure out what to do, jeez.

Blue: It's cool, it's cool, I’m tired too, want to help me go to sleep? Get our minds off this stuff?

Ivy: Uh, no, I think we’ve done that too much, I’d like to sleep alone.

Ivy crawls into one of the tents, leaving Blue alone for a moment, before she goes into the other tent. We return to the past, some time after we saw it last, with Zelena, Ozma, Jinjur and Jellia.

Zelena: Ok, it’s time for your final test, I need you to rip out someone’s heart.

Ozma: Whose?

Zelena: Jellia’s. Just put your hand to her chest, and rip it out.

Jellia Jamb: Um, are you sure your wickedness? I can be very valuable and it would be very inconvenient if-

Ozma rips out her heart.

Jinjur: Hey!

Zelena simply freezes Jinjur.

Ozma: And what should I do next? Want me to crush it?

Zelena: Squeeze it, don’t crush it, not yet.

Ozma begins to squeeze it, as Jellia is clearly in pain.

Zelena: Eh, stop it, she’s pretty useful.

Ozma stops squeezing and shoves the heart back in her chest, as Jellia falls back into Jinjur’s arms.

Zelena: Congratulations, your training is complete. Now you’re as ready as you can be to fight Mombi.

Ozma: Really? Are you sure? This has been really basic.

Zelena: Eh, I don’t know, but I do know I can’t train you more, so either you can go around and figure out what you’re doing, or you can go directly to Mombi, I don’t care.

Ozma: O-okay.

Ozma leaves the building as Jinjur tries to wake up Jellia.

Jinjur: Do you think that she could actually kill Mombi?

Zelena: Almost certainly not, but it doesn’t really matter, I’m about to cast a spell that makes this all pointless.

With this worrying statement we return to present day Ozma who is still pacing the floor trying to figure out what to do. Eventually she collapses back into her throne, however suddenly Rumpelstiltskin poofs in.

Ozma: Gah! Who are you!

Rumpelstiltskin: Rumpelstiltskin! And I’m here to help you out.

Ozma: How exactly are you going to help me?

Rumpelstiltskin: Well I have some advice dearie! You see, there is a spell you can cast, one that you can use to make all of your problems go away.

Ozma perks up and crosses her legs.

Ozma: I’m intrigued.

Rumpelstiltskin: Well you need four ingredients…

Because we basically know what he’s going to say we move back to the flashbacks, with Ozma riding on the Saw Horse.

Saw Horse: Why did you just abandon me for months?

Ozma: Um… I didn’t think you would support me in this, I thought you would be against me attacking Mombi.

Saw Horse: Of course I’m not, my personality was built upon your rebellion against Mombi, anything you do to her I’ll support.

Ozma: Okay, thanks, now we’re here.

We see Mombi’s cottage, the Saw Horse stops and Ozma gets off of him.

Saw Horse: Good luck.

Ozma nods as thanks and walks into the cottage. She sees Mombi, who is working on some sort of spell or ritual.

Mombi: Finally! You’re back! Get back to work Tip!

Ozma: No, I don’t think I will.

Ozma throws a fireball at her, who simply dodges it.

Mombi: Oh come on, do I have to deal with this?

She draws magic from her spell preperation, and a portal begins to open behind her, starting to suck her in.

Mombi: Time to get you out of my hair, if you keep doing this you’re going to be annoying.

Ozma: What! Noooooo!

Ozma is sucked into the portal, where we see that she is now in the Land without Color, lying in an olden street, knocked out, however Button-Bright is passing by and stops to look at her. Then we return to New Wonderland, with Margot, Tilly and the White King moving through the woods, and they find themselves right at the border of the Hearts Kingdom.

Tilly: Wait, we’re on the border to the Hearts Kingdom?

Margot: I guess? What’s wrong with that.

Tilly: Well, um..

Suddenly the Duchess walks in, and notices the three.

Duchess: Alice. I didn’t think you’d be willing to show your face here again.

With that worrying line…

End of episode

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