We pick right back up where we left off, with Tilly, Margot, and the White King meeting the Duchess. Margot speaks up first.

Margot: What does that mean? What happened here and why wouldn’t you want to be back here.

Duchess: Well, Alice over there abandoned me to the whims of an evil queen when she was last here, I barely made it out of there with my life.

Tilly: I’m truly sorry, but I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t think there was a way for me to escape, you looked like you were already caught and I-

Duchess: Shut it. It got better, but that doesn’t mean I’ll ever forgive you. However, I need you four to follow me.

White King: Why?

Duchess: Because you are a foreign king, my queen would like to meet with you, and since I guess you two are his guards you should be coming with him.

White King: I imagine you’d hand us over to my ex-partner if I said no.

Duchess: Most likely, yes.

White King: Okay girls, we’re off to meet the queen.

The four of them move forward and we see the title card, with the Castle of Hearts in the background. We move to the past, where we see Alice and the Duchess making out over a recently finished tea party. However suddenly the Jack of Hearts, flanked by two soldiers walks right in, and Alice and the Duchess quickly straighten themselves out.

Alice: Your Jackiness.

Jack of Hearts: Shut up. I have a job for you Alice.

Alice: What is it?

Jack of Hearts: I need you to kill the Ace.

Alice: What? No!

Jack of Hearts: I thought you would say that.

Jack rips out the Duchesses heart.

Jack of Hearts: How about now?

Alice hesitates, not sure what to do.

Jack of Hearts: I’ll make it easy for you. (She rushes and rips out Alice’s heart) Now you’ll listen to me, I have a job as handmaiden to our future queen for you, you will go to the palace and fill that role, and then, when eventually, after she’s alone, you will kill her. Once you’ve done that I’ll pick you up and restore you two your hearts, is that okay with you.

Alice No.

Jack of Hearts: I figured. Now shoo, you have a job.

Alice walks out of the building, and the Jack teleports out with the rest of the occupants. We return to the Jolly Roger, where Roger is sleeping, when suddenly we hear Regina’s voice, causing him to jump up, startled.

Regina: Hey! Rogers! You awake?

Rogers grabs his pocket mirror from the nightstand to see Regina’s face in it.

Rogers: Now I am, why are you calling so early?

Regina: It’s ten.

Rogers: Well I’m on pirating hours, we stay up late and wake up even later.

Regina: Sure, whatever, now I’m asking how long until you get back here, I’m a bit worried about Guinevere stirring up trouble and no one besides you has reported back with any information about what they’re dealing with.

Rogers: Well actually, I’m not coming back for a while.

Regina: What?

Rogers: Moana is still a threat, apparently her consciousness is preserved in many bits of water, so the one you had Elsa freeze is only one of them.

Regina: Damnit.

Rogers: Yeah, I’ll try to string Frollo along until I can get some decent information on how to stop her. Then I’ll head back immediately, I promise.

Regina: You better, I’m down to Leroy, Hook, Elsa and Tiger Lily, and only Elsa is actually around, I’m bored out of my mind.

Rogers: Maybe you should try to spend a few days with Henry and Jacinda, I’m sure they miss you and the people left can hold down the fort for a few days.

Regina: No they can’t, the only responsible ones who I actually know left have never had to protect anything larger than Granny’s.

Rogers: Point taken, but y’know, take some time away from being queen, go to Granny’s, I’m sure my worse half would love to have some help with his daughter and… nephew is it? Brother-in law? Honestly I can’t keep track.

Regina: Yeah maybe, I’ll try to take some time off.

Rogers: Okay, well I have to go make sure Frollo doesn’t murder anyone, try to stay in touch if you need some help staying sane, bye.

Regina: Bye.

Regina disappears from the mirror, and we find ourselves back in the past where we see the King of Hearts, behind a woman (facing backwards) who’s clearly being fancied up.

King of Hearts: Hello Ace.


King of Hearts: I know you don’t want to talk to me, that you’d rather be with the family you lost, but you’ve risen up the ranks, and we need a queen. You were the only one I trusted, I’m sorry.

Continued silence, eventually the King leaves the room, but we stay, as the fancying up is done and the Ace turns around, revealing Cecelia. With this reveal we find ourselves with Ozma sitting on a stone bench in some sort of cave, clearly impatient, eventually she stands up and says something to a Nome who is walking in.

Ozma: Am I going to be heard? I was promised an audience with your king, and he still hasn’t bothered to hear me!

Kaliko" Actually, I came to tell you that he has agreed to see you, you’ll find him that way.

Ozma swings the door open, to see the Nome King lounging around.

Nome King: I heard you wanted to see me for a business opportunity?

Ozma: Yes, I am a powerful witch, I plan on casting a time travel spell, but unfortunately for it I need your Magic Belt.

Nome King: And why would I give you that?

Ozma: Because that spell can ensure you have as many of them as you. I can stop Zelena from having killed your father and his design for it, I can allow your kingdom to produce as many of them as you want.

Nome King: ...That would be good, I would like that. But why do you need my belt? What about is an ingredient for your spell.

Ozma: I need a symbol of intelligence, and what better symbol of intelligence in Oz than the magnum opus of your father’s genius.

Nome King: That makes sense. I’ll also give you some forces to help you out in your cause.

Ozma: Also, I imagined you’d want to give me some support, and that is very helpful.

Nome King: However, until you are completely ready to cast this spell I’m not giving you the belt.

Ozma: Of course, it's a deal.

They shake hands, and we return to New Wonderland, where Tilly and Margot are at the back of the line and talking.

Margot: So, can you tell me what exactly happened between you and her?

Tilly: A while back, we were in a relationship. But then there was a coup, this lady made herself queen, and she went after us, I managed to escape her, but she didn’t.

Margot: And she blames you for it?

Tilly: Yeah, and I can’t say she doesn’t have reasons.

Margot: What are they?

Suddenly the Duchess interrupts them.

Duchess: Okay everyone, we’re here!

We see a giant castle of Hearts, towering over them.

Duchess: It's time to meet the queen.

The four walk into the castle, and we return to the castle in the past, in Cecelia’s room, we hear a knock on the door.

Cecelia: Who is it?

Alice’s Voice: Tilly, your new handmaiden.

Cecelia: Come in.

Alice opens the door and walks in.

Alice: Hello.

Alice begins pacing around, clearly avoiding what she knows she needs to do.

Alice: So, are you excited to be queen?

Cecelia: No, no I’m not, I was forced to leave my family years ago, because my husband’s heart was cursed, so when he is nearby me he starts to die.

Alice: That’s awful, my father was given a similar curse, and I haven’t seen him since I was a child.

Cecelia: Yes, I miss them so much, and I wish I could see them again, I don’t want to be tied to this realm, so maybe one day his heart could be cured and I can return. However as long as this locket on my neck glows I’ll know that he still loves me.

Alice: I understand that all too well, I would give anything to be allowed to return to him.

Suddenly we hear the Jack’s voice, clearly in her head.

Jack’s Voice: KILL HER!

Before we get to see what happens next we find ourselves with Ivy and Blue, clearly low on the Red mountain, walking right beyond a few bodies of animal people.

Ivy: You know, it would be nice to have a weapon or something during this, I can barely deal with these, and whoever created them has to be more powerful.

Blue: And do you think that if I could give you something I would have done it already?

Ivy: Not really, you’re a pompous bitch who only thinks about herself and I don’t know if you could have noticed how much trouble I’m having.

This shuts the conversation up quickly. They walk a bit longer before Blue looks around and speaks up.

Blue: I think this is a good place to set up camp.

Ivy: Why? It’s not even close to getting late.

Blue: Yes, but if we stop here we’ll be in the right position to attack at the right time, I promise, just trust me.

Blue summons in the camp.

Ivy: Fine, wanna have some fun in my tent for the next few hours?

Blue: Sure, why not.

The two walk into the tent as we return to New Wonderland’s present, where the Duchess opens the doors to a throne room, which reveals the Jack in it.

Duchess: Hello your majesty.

Tilly: Damnit. She still controls you doesn’t she.

Queen of Hearts: Yes I do, now boys! Lock them up.

The two men who were working with her in the flashbacks come by to grab our three heroes.

White King: Any chance that you could let me go?

Queen of Hearts: Yeah, no.

The men drag the three away, and we find ourselves with Zelena and Emma, hanging out in what looks like a shared bedroom, each sitting on their beds.

Emma: Okay, you’re telling me what happened today.

Zelena: What?

Emma: Why you left your home and husband a week ago to visit the United Realms. I’ve come to the opinion that everything is a lot easier if you deal with your personal drama before you end up fighting the bad guy.

Zelena: I’m sorry, I just, I can’t say.

Emma: I’m your friend, I’ve known you since your witching days and I’ve forgiven you.

Zelena: You did try to kill me that one time.

Emma: But I did speed up your pregnancy.

Zelena: That hurt by the way.

Emma: Oh come on, if I could I totally would have gotten some of those onion rings when I was pregnant.

Zelena: Last I talked to Belle she seemed to hate having an accelerated pregnancy just as much as I did though.

Emma That’s what happens when your child is kidnapped by its evil grandma. But you’ve dodged the question, why are you here?

Zelena: I don’t want to say, okay?

Emma: Fine, but I think you should, putting up walls against people isn’t good, if there’s one lesson I’ve learned in life it’s that.

Zelena: ...Okay, I’ll think about it.

Zelena lies down on the bed, and we return to the past, right where we left off. Alice is clearly trying to fight off her instructions, but she turns to Cecelia, ready to kill her.

Cecelia: Tilly? What’s going on?

Alice: I’m sorry, I truly am.

She whips out a knife and stabs Cecelia a few times, whose body falls to the floor, dead. The Jack of Hearts teleports in.

Jack of Hearts: Good job Alice, now it's time for your punishment.

Alice: Wha-?

The Jack teleports her into a dungeon where the Duchess is in, and returns their hearts.

Jack of Hearts: I can’t just let you guys run around knowing what I did, but don’t worry, I’ll keep you alive, together, and somewhat comfortable.

The Jack teleports away, and as she does we return to the same dungeon in the present, as our three heroes are lying in them. Suddenly Tilly breaks into tears. Margot moves closer to her fiance and starts comforting her.

Margot: Hey Tower Girl, what's wrong?

Tilly: You-you remember how I told Jacinda what happened to her mum?

Margot: Yeah, I think I remember her sharing that story.

Tilly: Well, that was a lie. I killed her.

Margot: What do you mean?

Tilly: She was going to be Queen of Hearts, and the then-Jack, the one who is now Queen, didn’t like that. So she took my heart, and had me kill her, and so I did, I stabbed one of my best friends' mum until she was dead.

Margot: That wasn’t your fault! You had no choice.

Tilly: I could have resisted harder, I managed to postpone killing her, I could have spared her but you didn’t.

Margot: No. Look at me. You tried as hard as possible to not do it, but you had no choice, the Queen killed her, not you.

Tilly falls into her arms and cries some more, as we leave this prison we return to the past, with Cecelia’s dead body. Rumpelstiltskin opens a portal and walks in, grabbing the locket from her neck.

Rumpelstiltskin: Is this seriously all I’m here for? We get like five ways to travel worlds, and he makes me waste one on this? Oh well.

Rumpel walks through the portal once more, leaving Cecelia’s body alone. We find ourselves back in the present of the Grimm Realm, as the Grimm Men travel through the tunnels, and suddenly they see light.

Snow: We’re here!

The Bandit: Yes, but we need to watch out, who knows what the Huntsman has done since we left.

The group exit the tunnel, to find themselves outside of the dwarven cottage, where they find Grimm Grumpy, lying against the wall of it, clearly hurt. The Bandit runs to him.

The Bandit: What happened, Grumpy?

Grumpy: The Queen’s forces came for us, they thought you guys were going to stay with us, so they killed them, but we put up a good enough fight that I managed to chase them off before they got me. I buried my brothers over there.

He points to show and we see the six graves of Sleepy, Doc, Dopey, Bashful, Stealthy and Tiny. Snow helps Grumpy to his feet.

Snow: Well we’re going to avenge them, we’re going to stay here and figure out how to take out the Queen and her goons, I promise.

The group walks into the cottage, ready to fight back.

End of episode.

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