It’s nighttime in the United Realms, we swoop over Storybrooke, and into the psych ward, now clearly a full prison, where we see the Chief mopping the floor. Water from his bucket flows out of it, and into one of the cells, marked Morgana Le Fey. In the cell Morgana is sleeping, until the water forms itself into a human woman, Moana.

Moana: Hello Morgana.

Morgana wakes up with a start.

Morgana: Who are you?

Moana: My name is Moana, and I have come here to make you an offer.

Morgana: And what is that?

Moana: I am forming a coven of witches to cast a curse, one that will give every one of us our wildest wishes.

Morgana: And you’d like me to join you? Well what can I say bu-

Suddenly we a dagger sprouting from her back, Gold’s Dark One Dagger, and as she falls we see what appears to be Rumple behind her.

Moana: Damnit Rumpel!

Rumpelstiltskin: Did you actually expect us to not notice what you were doing, Dearie.

Moana: I didn’t expect you to try to stop me.

Rumpelstiltskin: We know what you want, and it’s not exactly helpful for us. But this lady isn’t why I’m here, I came here to give you a message from Wilhelm. Ahem (switches into a comically deep and serious voice) I suggest you quit your quest soon, or else you’ll end up like this woman.

Rumple poofs away, while Moana returns to water to sneak out.

We get the Once logo with the United Realms in the background.

We cut the scene to the morning where our heroes (Regina, Emma, Killian, Rogers, Snow, David, Tilly, Margot, Mother Superior, Sheriff Henry and Leroy) as well as Queen Guinevere are sitting around a giant round table, so big that the 13 people sitting at it fill up less than half the seats.

Regina: Welcome to the Council of Rulers everyone, today we have up for discussion a few topics, but first Guinevere says that she has something she has come to talk about.

Guinevere: Yes, thank you Regina, I have come to question the strength of your prison system due to the recent events.

Regina: Who told you about Morgana?

Guinevere: I have my secrets.

Leroy: And by your secrets you mean your spies.

Guinevere: Why would you assume that I have spies?

Emma: Lets just say we’ve talked to a mutual friend.

Snow: But don’t worry about it, we understand your complaints about our guards and are dealing with it, we’ve already assigned the dwarves to guard it and Rogers and Sheriff Henry have agreed to investigate Morgana’s death.

Guinevere: Maybe so, but I will be staying in town until you provide me with the killer.

Regina: Oh great, now you finally want to show up.

Guinevere: What are you saying?

Regina: I’m saying that no one who doesn’t live in Storybrooke has shown up to this council, that you guys created, in months. I also don’t trust any of your specific opinions since you still refuse to tell us where you are holding Lancelot and still seem controlled by the Sand of Avalon.

Guin gets up in a huff

Guinevere: I am offended by your cruel, comments, I withdraw my support of your council and will return to Camelot, I suggest you do not send anyone there after me or my prisoner.

The moment Guinevere walks out of the room everyone turns to Regina.

Snow: Regina…

Regina: I know, I’ve just been really annoyed that no one ever bothers to show up.

Emma: I’m just as annoyed at them, and we should try to get people to show up, at least Henry, Jacinda and Tiana, but chasing a whole realm out of your rule isn’t gonna work.

Regina: I know, I promise I’ll send a peace offering... once we’ve dealt with whoever killed Morgana.

Emma: Before we do that we should probably thank Violet for her information.

Regina: Yes, I have a job I’d like to offer her.

Mother Superior: What sort of job?

Regina: Well, while I don’t want to deal too much with Guinevere, it would be nice to have someone nearby her to help us out.

David: Are you sure that’s a good idea? We’ve accused her of spying, do we want her to be able to accuse us.

Regina: She currently has our friend and ally locked up in jail, we need to do something about it, and that's the end of this topic.

Snow: Okay, well what’s next to be discussed.

Regina: Um, let me see, I guess some small kingdom in a realm is having a revolution against it?

As we don’t care about this too much (yet) we cut away from this to see Rogers and Henry’s investigation, as Rogers is interviewing Nurse Ratched about what happened.

Rogers: So what happened to Morgana?

Nurse Ratched: Well we can’t really tell, no one who was on guard around the time of her death saw anything that could be her killer.

Henry walks out of what appears to be Morgana’s cell.

Sheriff Henry I just looked around, I noticed the floor is a bit wet, has it been cleaned recently?

Nurse Ratched: No, Chief was mopping the floor outside but no one’s cleaned the cells in a few days.

Rogers: Hmm, well that’s unusual, make sure to write that down.

Sheriff Henry: Okay, I also noticed something else interesting. Morgana was lying on the ground, but she was attacked long after she was seen asleep, that means someone woke her up, why would they do that? Especially because she was clearly stabbed from the back, so someone woke her up, talked to her a bit, and then someone else must have stabbed her in the back.

Rogers: So you’re saying that two people broke into the cell?

Sheriff Henry: That's what it looks like, but it doesn’t seem like they would be working together, one of them seemed to want to help Morgana, but the other didn’t.

Rogers: So, instead of just one dangerous enemy, we have two.

Sheriff Henry: It’s looking that way.

Rogers: Okay, I’ll go tell Regina, then we can start looking to see who might want to help or kill Morgana.

From there we move to the Mayor’s Office, where Violet is walking in while Regina is on the phone.

Regina: Oh come on. You’re sure? Well okay, yeah, go try to figure out who they could be. Keep filling me in, it could be important, bye. (She hangs up and turns to Violet) Well hi Violet, thanks for coming, please sit.

The two of them sit down in some chairs.

Violet: So why’d you call me here Ms. Mills?

Regina: We recently had a discussion with Queen Guinevere, and it appears like your info on her spies was correct.

Violet: Oh thank god, I thought you were mad at me and were going to arrest me.

Regina: Oh no, in fact quite the opposite, I’d like to offer you a job.

Violet: What sort of job?

Regina: I’d like you to be a spy for me, Guinevere has seceded from my rule, and while I’m not ready to deal with her yet, I’d like to make sure I have someone I can trust nearby to make sure I stay one step ahead of her.

Violet: What would my jobs be while there?

Regina: I’ll need you to report back on any info you can gleam about her, as well as attempt to contact Lancelot, see if you can free him and help him to cure Guin, because if you can do that I’m sure a peaceful solution can be reached.

Violet: Okay, and whats my story, why am I returning to a realm I haven't been to in years?

Regina: I’ll send you the story later today, if you are willing to take the job.

Violet: Of course, after everything you’ve done, and the relationship your whole family has had with me, I’d do anything for you.

Regina: Then it’s a deal?

Violet: Of course Ms. Mills.

Now we move to the Swan household, where Hope is in her crib and Emma and Killian are sitting on their couch, watching television. Hook then turns to his wife, and sees something in her face.

Killian: Hey, luv, is something wrong? You don’t seem happy right now.

Emma: Oh no. Everything’s cool, I’m just a bit, bored, you know? I’m a hero! The Savior, but what have I done since we fought the Black Fairy? Since I had to start taking care of Hope I haven’t even been able to solve crimes as the sheriff, instead Nook and Wish Henry are doing everything.

Killian: Well then, try to go back to work, I can deal with Hope on my own.

Emma: No, we already have enough sheriffs, I wouldn’t want to put Nook and Henry out of a job.

Killian: Are you sure?

Emma: No, no I’m not, but I’m not going to mess with them until I’m sure.

Baby Hope begins to cry, and Emma gets up from the couch to start caring for her, escaping the conversation. From here we move to another family, the Charming one, where they sit down at Granny’s diner for dinner.

Snow: So, Neal, how’s school been.

Neal: Come on Mom! You work at my school, you know exactly how my day went.

Snow: Well humor me, I feel like I don’t get to talk to you enough.

Neal: Okay, well gym class was real fun, we got to play basketball. The rest of the day was pretty boring.

Snow sighs, and David wraps his around her.

David: What did you expect, he’s a kid?

Snow: Yeah, I know, its just, we have a happy ending, how rare is that? Most of our friends and family have lost theirs, and we’ve come close so many times, I want to make sure we enjoy it for however long we get before the next curse.

David: It’s gonna be fine, don’t worry, your kid ignoring you is a happy ending.

We move here to the Storybrooke graveyard, where Tilly and Margot are standing at seperate graves, first we see Margot, who is at her fathers grave, holding flowers.

Margot: Hey dad. How you doing? (she chuckles softly to herself) I know, I know, your dead, and your soul was somehow destroyed, but I have to believe that somehow you live on, even if its just in your legacy. I hope that whatever is left of you is proud of me, I’m following in your footsteps, I’m a real hero now. I’m uh-Margot Hood, I guess. Tilly looks like she’s wrapping up so I’m gonna catch up with her, bye.

Margot places her flowers and the grave and starts walking, we move to Gold and Belle’s grave, where Tilly is sitting down in front of it, mid conversation (the grave also totally says Mr. Gold on it).

Tilly: Rumple, I know you’re with Belle and all, and I know that I say this every time I come here, but if I could get just one chance to talk with you again, I’d give up almost anything.

Tilly lays her flowers down and starts to get up, when across the cemetery she sees Rumpel, and jumps over the headstone to chase after him. Alas she can’t catch up with him before he disappears. Margot eventually runs up to her looking confused

Margot: Hey! Tower girl, did you see something?

Tilly: Um, I don’t know, I thought I saw Rumple, but…

Margot and Tilly: That’s impossible.

Margot: Well, it’s probably nothing, just the wind or something, right?

Tilly: Yeah, sure, probably.

The two begin to walk home, as we move briefly to see a funeral, and everyone leave it, except for Zelena, who collapses onto the grave and cries.

Zelena: Why’d this have to happen? I finally found my true love, finally found someone not-evil to love me, and, I lose him, not to a villain, but a car crash.

From here we see Mother Superior in a study, reading something late into the night, when suddenly the whole room gets a ton darker, we cut to the shadows and then cut back and we see that Mother Superior is now the Blue Fairy, full size. We hear a female voice cackle.

Blue Fairy: Who are you?!

Mysterious Voice: Oh, I think you know who I am.

Blue Fairy: You.

Mysterious Voice: Ah yes, you remember me, the Dark Fairy. Don’t worry I remember you.

Blue Fairy: How did your soul get out of its prison?

Dark Fairy: Well, I don’t really know. There I was, existing inside a sword with my fellow inmate, when suddenly, my soul was out of it, and instead in you. Imagine my delight to know that while in prison another one of the six died, but you pushed the other one far away.

Blue Fairy: Another one… oh no, Gold.

Dark Fairy: You didn’t know? Well that’s sort of pathetic, you’re the queen of the fairies. But anyway, I must leave you to wake up, toodaloo!

Mother Superior wakes up in her bed in a sweat, and immediately gets up and runs out the door. From here we move to the Land Without Color, where Elphaba, in all her greenness, is walking down a city street into a large manor, opening the door and walking in on Ozma, in faded color, and Button-Bright (in full black and white), dressed like nobles of the nineteenth century, Ozma is smoking in her couch while Button-Bright is reading some sort of Storybrooke magazine. Ozma sees Elphaba and stands up.

Ozma: Who the hell are you?

Elphaba: My name is Elphaba, and I’ve come to help your

Ozma: You aren’t from this realm, and you’re green, are you somehow related to Zelen-the Wicked Witch?

Elphaba: You could say so, a Wicked Witch is my sister.

Ozma clearly doesn’t parse that Elphie said “a” instead of “the”.

Ozma: Then, did she send you?

Elphaba: Not exactly, but I am here to help. (She goes into a sort of trance) Mana mani namo.

A magic door appears.

Elphaba: Go in this door and return to your homeland, with your magic revitalized, and eventually I’ll return with Mombi, for you to kill.

Ozma: And what’s the catch?

Elphaba: Not much. You and your husband can go to Oz, and in exchange for the trip and me providing you Mombi, all you have to do is take it over.

Button-Bright (Chuckles a little bit) That’s all!

Elphaba: Unless of course you wife feels like that would be too hard…

Ozma: No! I can do it.

Elphaba: Well then, goodbye, see you with Mombi.

Elphaba poofs out of the room.

Button-Bright: So, shouldn’t we pack for our trip?

Ozma, with visible strain, summons two suitcases, while Button-Bright grabs an umbrella and the two walk through the door. We return to Mother Superior, who is in front of Mr. Gold’s store. After hesitating for a few seconds she pulls out her wand and zaps the door. After walking in she starts searching, until eventually she sees the Fairy Godmother (from Price of Gold)’s wand, grabbing it before collapsing to the ground in tears.

Mother Superior: No, no, no. Gold is dead, Dark is free, and Tinker Bell is still trapped. It’s just me, it’s all down to me.

Mother Superior gets herself up, transforming into a full sized fairy before our eyes. Before she can get out Rumpelstiltskin appears before her.

Rumpelstiltskin: Why hello dearie. Could you give me that wand please?

Blue Fairy: Rumple?

Rumpelstiltskin: How do you know me? Oh well, it doesn’t matter.

Rumpel snatches the wand from her hand and then taps it on her forehead, causing her to collapse.

Rumpelstiltskin: You know if you hadn’t recognized me this would have all gone a lot easier, but oh well, your mind will fill in the gaps from what I erased.

Rumpel teleports out of the room. Eventually Blue stumbles up from the ground.

Blue Fairy: Wha-what happened. (looks down to see the wand is gone) Gold’s wand! The Dark Fairy must have took it! I know what I have to do, I have to get to the sword, increase its protections.

Blue teleports out herself. However we move to where Rumpel went, Ozma and Button-Bright’s house, where Elphaba is resting on a couch.

Rumpelstiltskin: Um… who are you?

Elphaba: Oh sorry, she’s a prisoner of mine, I took her heart and-

Wilhelm walks in holding her heart.

Wilhelm: Now she’s resting from all the magic I had her cast.

Rumpelstiltskin: So you brought all the prisoners with you I see.

Wilhelm: Yes, much easier to deal with our enemies if the minions are close by. Have you done what I assigned you to do?

Rumpelstiltskin: Yes, Morgana is dead, and I have the wand.

Wilhelm: Good, now Moana’s going to need to go for some harder allies.

Rumpelstiltskin: And what do you want with the wand?

Before Wilhelm can answer we cut to the NEF at sunrise. Drizella is sitting on a rock writing in a journal, she sees Anastasia walking bye and waves at her, leading Ana to come sit next to her. Alas we cut to behind them, where Rumpel poofs in, holding the wand.

End of Episode

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