We see right after the first scene of The Girl in the Tower, the Troll is carrying Alice to the ground from the Tower. Once she is on the ground she says.

Alice: My birthday wish came true! Thank you.

The troll gives a happy grunt before walking off.

Alice: Goodbye, friend.

Suddenly a white rabbit runs by.

Alice: What was that?

Alice chases after it, until she finds herself falling in a hole, before crashing onto a table (headfirst) where a tea party is going on, the guests being the White Queen, the White King, a White Knight and the Duchess.

White Queen: Who the hell are you?

Alice, still in the same position, outstretches her hand.

Alice: Alice, nice to meet you.

The Once Upon a Time logo appears, with giant chess pieces in the background. We get to see, you guessed it, another council meeting. What’s left is Regina, Killian, Snow, David, Tilly, Margot and Leroy, with a different White Queen also there.

Regina: Welcome to our council, um, what’s your name?

White Queen: You may call me the White Queen.

David: Don’t you have a given name?

White Queen: I do, but when I was crowned Queen the first time I renounced it.

David: The first time?

Tilly: She was the Red Queen awhile back.

White Queen: And before that I was a Red Pawn, before that Queen of Diamonds, and before that the Ace of Spades, and before that-

Regina: We don’t need to know your life story, just why you decided to show up.

White Queen: How do you know that I’m not here for the sole purpose of assisting my overqueen?

Regina: Well because the last time that happened was oh-never.

White Queen: Fine, I am here because one of your friends, has been terrorizing my realm, making a warpath for my castle.

Regina: What friend? I have never sent any friends to attack you.

White Queen: I think his name was Rumplestiltskin.

Killian: The new crocodile.

White Queen: What?

Snow: While our Rumple died a few years back a second Rumplestiltskin has recently shown up.

White Queen: Convenient story, what, a known friend of yours “dies”, and then when he pops up and attacks realms you want in line you can just blame it on a different version of him.

Tilly: Weaver is really dead!

White Queen: Fat chance, the only way I’d believe that is if one of you bothered to come and help me fight him.

Tilly: Okay, I’ll come.

Margot: Me too.

White Queen: Wait really?

Tilly: Of course, we want to help.

White Queen: Well then, I’d like to leave now before Rumple can get to the castle.

She gets up and starts walking out of the room

Tilly: Wait really? Okay, bye guys.

Tilly and Margot jump up and start following her.

Margot: Bye! Love you guys.

Once the three are out of the room Regina starts speaking.


Well okay, now we’re down four people in a day, which makes my latest plan impossible.

Snow: What was it?

Regina: Well since Moana came from the Grimm Realm, and from what I’ve heard the largest rulers of it have opposed me, I was thinking that some of us could try to investigate it, see if our other unknown villains are from there, but that would leave only like three people.

Snow: What’s so wrong with that? We already only have five already, having three isn’t much different.

Regina: Are you saying that you want to do it?

Snow: Um… yeah? I mean, if David is okay with it.

David: Yeah sure, if someone’s okay with taking care of Neal.

Killian: I’m already taking care of a baby all on my own, what's another kid?

Snow: Thanks Killian, we’ll start packing up and then head out for the Grimm Realm.

Leaving the near complete dissolution of the council we return to New Wonderland right where we left off, as Alice is straightening herself out.

White King: So um, Alice, where are you from?

Alice: A tower. I just got out of it too.

White King: And how did you get here?

Alice: Well I found a white rabbit, and then I chased it and followed it through a hole here.

White Queen: I’M GONNA KILL THAT RABBIT! It keeps running around everywhere just bringing people to Wonderland and INTERRUPTING MY TEA PARTY! Knight, send out the bishop to kill him.

White Knight: Um… which one ma’am?


The Knight scurries out of the room.

White King: Oh, by the way, some Spade just took one of our pawns.

White Queen: DAMNIT! And why are you telling me this now?

White King: Well, this new arrival might be fortunate, we could replace her.

White Queen: Of course, and maybe if she makes it to the end, I can finally give up this crown.

White King: That is the idea.

White Queen: Okay then Alice, welcome to the pawns, your first job, make it to the end of the board, become queen, and since I guess the Duchess is done with this meeting take her back to the Hearts Kingdom.

Alice and the Duchess: Huh?

White King: Well, my dear wife doesn’t want her job anymore, and when a pawn makes it to the end of the board they can get that title.

Alice: But why?

White King: Because thats how it works.

Duchess: And what about me?

White King: Gives you a chance to negotiate with the future queen as opposed to the outgoing one.

Duchess: Ooookay?

White King: Well then, you two get going, it’s our turn.

Alice: Okay, then, guess we got to go.

From here we move to the same building again, with the same White King, a different White Queen, Tilly and Margot.

Tilly: Wow, it's been awhile since I was here, and it hasn’t changed at all.

White King: Yes, we do hate change here

White Queen: So I’d like you to guard the castle, I imagine Rumplestiltskin will arrive in a few hours.

Margot: Why don’t you want us looking for him?

White Queen: Because if you get lost than he wins, as long as his goal is to get here I’ll need you be here to stop him.

Tilly: You know he is invincible? The best way to stop him is to try to figure out a deal to make with him.

White Queen: I’m sure you know him enough to find a way.

Margot: If you’re sure.

From Margot and Tilly walking out of the castle we get the White Knight (on a horse) taking the Duchess and Alice out of it, as the ladies start walking forward the Knight wanders off.

Alice: Um, where is he going?

Duchess: Oh yeah, the knights like to wander around, he’ll catch up soon enough.

Alice: So I’m going to be queen?

Duchess: If you make it over, I imagine you will cause no one really knows you exist.

Alice: But how do I be queen?

Duchess: I have no clue, I’d suggest just heading over to the Hearts Kingdom with me.

The White Knight, suddenly returned.

White Knight: Oh god please don’t, I need a new boss.

Alice: I am not qualified for this! I can’t do it, I’m leaving for the Hearts Kingdom.

The White Knight is annoyed but wanders off, after that we visit David, Snow, Killian, Regina and Neal at the Charming household. David and Snow are saying goodbye to their son, who is packed up.

Snow: Now Neal, Hook is taking care of you for the next few weeks, do you think you can deal with that?

Neal: Yeah, Hook and Emma have taken care of me before, there’s not much difference between that and just Hook.

David: Just remember, if you get tired of a dirty pirate you can always go to Regina.

Killian: Hey! I take offense with that… I took a shower last week.

Snow and David give their son hugs and kisses before leaving. Snow makes sure to say

Snow: Love you!

Neal: Love you too mom.

Once Snow and David have gone Regina heads out.

Regina: Bye kid, bye Captain.

Killian: So Neal, you have your stuff packed?

Neal: Yep.

Killian: Well then grab them and get in the car, Leroy’s gonna get mad if he spends too much time babysitting Hope.

Neal grabs his suitcase and they leave as well. We return to New Wonderland’s past, in the same position as before. The Knight stops for a second

White Knight: Wait, stop.

Alice: Why?

White Knight: There’s a Red Rook nearby, I need to attack him.

In a blue we see the Knight speedily moving around trying to fight a red rook, until eventually they are nearby Alice and the Duchess, causing Alice to punch the rook in the face, knocking them out.

Duchess: Wow! You can punch well for a girl whose spent her whole life in a tower.

Alice: I don’t think I can, there’s no way that knocked him out.

White Knight: Of course not, you took him, he’s faking it, we just have to leave him and someone will pick him up.

Alice: Okay? (everyone continues moving) This realm is weird, I think.

Duchess: Oh it is, but this is the weirder part, the Hearts Kingdom may be seen as loony by people from other realms but it's more sane by a good deal than here.

Alice: So you think it’ll be easier to fit in?

Duchess: You spent decades living in a tower, you might be madder than us!

A return to the White Castle, where Tilly and Margot are guarding, Margot with her bow and Tilly with a sword. Suddenly out of the woods walks Rumpel.

Tilly: Rumple?

Rumpelstiltskin: Not you again, why do you know me?

Tilly: ...You don’t remember me?

Rumpelstiltskin: Of course not! I’ve never been to either of the realms I saw you in!

Margot: So you must be the past Gold then! Before the curse.

Rumpelstiltskin: No? I have never time travelled in my almost two centuries of life.

Tilly: Gold was older than that, closer to three centuries. This must be before he met Belle,

Rumpelstiltskin: Who?

Tilly: ...but it would be after he lost Baelfire!

Rumpelstiltskin: Whofire? This is boring me, I’ll just leave now.

Rumpel teleports out, leaving a confused Tilly and Margot in his wake. We follow him to appear back in the White Castle, where only the Queen is there.

White Queen: How’d you get here?

Rumpelstiltskin: I teleported, it’s pretty simple magic.

White Queen: Why didn’t you teleport in before now?

Rumpelstiltskin: My reasons are my own, well mine and my bosses. Anyway, time for business.

Rumpel rips out her heart. Following this he pulls out the Dark One Daggers, giving the original Rumple’s one to the Queen, keeping the other in his hand.

Rumpelstiltskin: Okay, now when I say go you are going to stab me, which will be at the exact same time as I stab you, okay? 3… 2… 1… Go!

The two of them stab each other, both being surrounded by black smoke, the smoke disappears and the Queen is now the Black Queen, we zoom in on the daggers, discovering that the one the Queen is carrying says Black Queen, and Rumpel’s says Rumpelstiltskin.

Black Queen: What did you do to me?

Rumpelstiltskin: Well, the secondary villain needs a second in command, and here you are. Anyway, my boss wants me to return to some rebelling city, goodbye!

Rumpel poofs away, and some white bishop walks in.

Black Queen: You are now a bishop of the Black Kingdom, chase after my so called guards, they have betrayed me. And also go after my King, he’s never trusted me.

The bishop runs out. We cut to the Knight, Alice and the Duchess in the past, right by the edge of the chess board.

White Knight: Okay, this is where I leave you, just please reconsider not staying.

Alice: Goodbye.

Right before they can make it to the border the Red Queen, the one who now is the Black Queen interrupts them.

Red Queen: Oh come on! Please just move on, I want to be the next White Queen.

Alice: That’s what I was planning on.

Red Queen: Oh, okay, then by all means go ahead.

The Duchess and Alice cross the border into the Hearts Kingdom.

Alice: So where can I stay here?

Duchess: My house is pretty big, you can live there.

Alice: Thanks!

Fade out from here to outside the White Castle in the present, where the White King is running out of the palace and runs into Tilly and Margot.

White King: Girls? We have to run.

Margot: What? What happened?

White King: I don’t know, all I know is that we’ve been declared enemies of the state by the Queen, apparently she’s calling herself the Black Queen.

Tilly: Rumpel must have done something to her.

White King: I don’t particularly care to know why this happened, just run!

Tilly: What a coincidence, running is the thing I’m best at.

The three start running, as troops (hastily wearing random black articles of clothing) try to chase after them. We fade to black, but the black fades into a rocky terrain, we see Blue standing up, and Ivy picking herself up from the ground.

Ivy: Wha-what happened?

Blue: You jumped through a portal at the last second, you’ve been out for a day.

Ivy: Where am I?

Blue: The Mountains of the Six.

Ivy: Okay… (she notices Blue looking longingly at a patch of green rock on the ground) Why are you looking at that?

Blue: Looking at what?

Ivy: That green patch on the ground.

Blue: I wasn’t look-

Ivy: Yes you were, you were looking at that patch of ground like you were undressing it with your mind.

Blue: Fine. That, that is the place where the only person I’ve ever loved died.

End of episode.

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