In Oz we see Zelena (as the WW), lounging in a big throne, with an Ozian captain in front of her.

Zelena: So I’m going to ask you one more time, have you found a proper symbol of courage? And before you answer me, remember what happened in your predecessor.

The captain is clearly terrified.

Ozian Captain: No ma’am.

Zelena immediately fireballs him.

Zelena: Ok, now I know it seems complex, but I’m going to repeat it one more time. If any of you return to my sight without knowledge of where my symbol is I WILL KILL YOU ALL!

The terrified soldiers run out of the room.

Zelena: It’s like everyone but me is an idiot.

From the corner of the room we see a short young woman clutching some papers walk up.

Young Woman: Um, ma’am?

Zelena: Yes?

Young Woman: I believe I have found something that could be used.

Zelena: Finally something useful, what is it?

Young Woman: Well there’s this small town hero who’s been big news. Apparently he killed a powerful and dangerous lion and recovered a powerful artifact.

Zelena: Well that’s at least someone courageous, but what’s the symbol?

Young Woman: Since he killed the beast he has been wearing its pelt like a coat, and calling himself “The Lion”.

Zelena: Disgusting, but it’ll do. Glad to see someone in this city isn’t an idiot.

Young Woman: Thank you ma’am.

Zelena: What’s your name

Young Woman: Jellia Jamb.

Zelena: Okay Jellia, I’m going to go out after him, find the best soldiers and give them to me as help within a day.

Jellia nods her head and scurries out the room.

The Once logo appears, with a Lion prowling through it. We go to another council meeting, with the same people as before, albeit lacking Blue and Ruby there instead of Guinevere.

Snow: It’s nice to see you here Ruby, I’ve missed you.

Ruby: Me too Snow, I really wish I came over more often. But unfortunately I’m not just here to say hi to friends.

Snow: Oh no. Why’d you come?

Ruby: This chick named Ozma arrived in Oz and declared her intention to take over Oz, and then took over the Gillikin overnight.

Regina: That sounds bad, at least one of us will need to head over to help you.

Zelena poofs herself in, dressed too much like the Wicked Witch for our taste.

Zelena: I’ll come.

Margot runs up to hug her mom.

Margot: Mom! How are you? How’s Chad?

Zelena: I’m doing fine honey, so׳s Chad.

We can tell she’s lying, even if we didn’t already know it.

Regina: Why’d you come back?

Zelena: Can’t I want to see my family again?

Regina: Of course you can. But then why are you leaving so soon then?

Zelena: I would’ve stayed longer, but Oz needs my help, I hurt that land for too long, it’s time for me to make my apology.

Emma: So when do you plan on leaving?

Zelena: As soon as Ruby is ready, I assume she’ll want to catch up with everyone first.

Ruby: Oh yeah, Granny’s gonna kill me if I don’t spend the whole day with her.

Zelena: So tomorrow?

Ruby: Yeah sure.

Regina: Okay, now that we got that out of the way, it’s time for the next item on our agenda, Zelena since Mother Superior appears to not be showing up you can sit in her seat. (Zelena sits down) Rogers and Henry have some news on their case, would you care to share it?

Cause they haven’t found anything new we cut to where last eps cliffhanger left off, with Ana and Drizella being happy in their little life, sitting on a rock with Drizzy’s diary.

Anastasia: So whatcha writing about.

Drizella: I’ve told you a billion times, not telling, this book is for my eyes only.

Anastasia very obviously tries to take a look at the book, causing Drizzy to whack her in the head with it.

Anastasia: Owwwwww! That hurt!

Drizella: Yeah yeah, hands off the book.

We hear Rumpel’s voice from behind them.

Rumpelstiltskin: Um… girls?

The two turn around.

Drizella: Weaver? I heard you were dead.

Rumpelstiltskin: Well dearie, reports of my death were greatly exaggerated.

Rumpel seems to be moving closer and closer to her.

Drizella: Wait, you don’t seem like-

Rumpel has moved up to Ana and pulls out the wand and waves it.

Rumpelstiltskin: Bippity Boppity Boo!

Ana collapses into Drizella’s arms and Rumpel poofs away. Drizzy frantically tries to wake up her sister.

Drizella: What’s wrong Ana!

Drizella tries to give her sister a True Love's Kiss, but nothing happens.

Drizella: Oh damnit.

Drizella picks up and carries her sister into their cabin, where after placing her on the bed she pulls at a potion bottle and pours it into Ana ‘s mouth, but nothing happens. Increasingly worried, she opens a drawer, and then takes out the bottom of it and pulls out a key, the key has a note tied to it that reads: EMERGENCIES ONLY ~ Henry. She holds it tightly, mutters something we can’t decipher and throws it to the ground, causing a door to appear. She grabs her sister and walks through the door.

We are now back in the past, as Zelena is marching with her crack team of troops, consisting of Jellia, Jinjur, Omby Amby and Commander Cherrystone. Zelena turns to Jellia,

Zelena: Are you sure this is the best group you could find? We have three people!

Jellia Jamb: Yes ma’am, you killed everyone else qualified.

Zelena: Well then they must not have been good enough, keep going, we’re almost there.

We move up in the line to see Omby and Jinjur talking quietly.

Omby Amby: Are you sure she isn’t trying to trap us?

Jinjur: Yes, I’m sure, the Wicked Witch has no reason to want us dead, we are just some of her most accomplished soldiers heading to help her out.

Omby Amby: But, I mean, are you sure we want too? This might help her out in whatever her goal is.

Jinjur: I worry about that too, but this isn’t the final stage, and maybe we can recruit this “Lion” to the Army of Revolt.

They find themselves at the town, where the group stop.

Zelena: Okay kids, time to go find ourselves this mane.

We move from here to Zelena in the Mills Mausoleum, while searching through drawers for magic items. Regina, Emma, Tilly and Margot walk in.

Margot: Hey mom.

Zelena: Oh hi guys, Regina could you tell me where you keep your good magic items? I’m trying to find some good items, but all of these are useless.

Regina: Zelena, we came to talk to you.

Zelena: What sis?

Regina: We know you aren’t doing well, we don’t know what’s wrong but we can tell.

Zelena: I’m fine, I just came by to help out and say hi.

Emma: You remember my superpower right? I can tell that’s a lie, everyone can tell it’s a lie.

Before Zelena can respond, the door Drizella created appears in the room, and she walks out with Ana in arms. Zelena is relieved to be able to get out of this.

Regina: Ivy?

Ivy: Hi Roni.

Regina: What happened?

Ivy: Some, messed up version of Weaver came, and put some sort of Sleeping Curse on Ana, but I couldn’t break it with a True Love's Kiss.

Tilly: A version of Weaver?

Ivy: Yeah, I heard he died awhile back but when he first appeared I thought I must have misheard.

Tilly: That’s not good, cause last night I thought I saw him, but I wrote it off as just the wind or something.

Margot: This is all very bad, we should take Anastasia to Mother Superior.

Regina: Definitely, but how’d you get here?

Ivy: Right after the realms were merged Henry dropped by to give me this key (she picks up the key from the ground) for emergencies, he said it’d take me to Storybrooke.

Regina: So that’s where that went, I’ve been looking for it!

Regina grabs the key.

Margot: Let’s get going, this curse might be time-sensitive, and we’re gonna need to look into this new Gold.

The girls leave the room, and we move back into the town with Zelena and her forces, and we see The Lion showing off in front of a crowd.

The Lion: I shall recount once more my brave defeat of the dangerous lion! I had heard that there was a powerful magic item guarded by the beast, and so I went to fight it. Using nothing but my bare hands I ripped the lion apart, skinning it in the process. I took the artifact from its pedestal and now it is located in mybank vault, I would show it to you but only a true hero can look it and survive.

Zelena: Well this man is bloody awful, old dude, you come with me to search his vault for the artifact and you three go try to steal his costume.

Cherrystone and Zelena head towards some big building leaving the other 3 to figure out what to do.

Omby Amby: For once I agree with the Wicked Witch, this dude’s a prick.

Jinjur: I agree, there’s no way we... (looks at Jellia) I, would want to work with him if he was in the military.

Omby Amby: So how will we steal his coat? He sounds crazy strong.

Jellia seems to stand up straighter and become more certain.

Jellia Jamb: It’s simple really, we find his house and you two hide in it, and when he takes it off at night, you steal it.

Omby Amby: What if he doesn’t take it off? He seems like the type to do that.

Jinjur: Then we get to surprise him when we attack.

Jellia Jamb: Yeah, I’ll watch out for you in case someone else tries to attack.

Jinjur: So we’re heading out, may we win as Lurline wishes.

We cut back to where we left off in Storybrooke, with Ivy and the girls (minus Ana) at the convent. Ivy is sitting in a chair, clearly waiting.

Ivy: Why isn’t the Mother Superior showing up? Isn’t this her job.

Regina: I wish I could say she had a good reason, but I haven’t seen her in over a day, and usually she shows up to the council meetings.

Astrid bursts out of a nearby door walks out Astrid.

Astrid: Hi, I’m so sorry I’m late, all the other fairies are busy and no one knows where Mother Superior is so I had to use only my own limited magic to figure out what was wrong.

Ivy: And what was wrong?

Astrid: It appears that your sister is under an extra powerful sleeping curse, one that can only be broken by “Truest Love’s Kiss”.

Ivy: And Ana’s Truest Love was mom, who is dead.

Astrid: It seems so yes.

Ivy: So what you’re telling me is that no matter what I do my sister is doomed to sleep forever.

Astrid: No, I know of a handful of magic items powerful enough to wake her up.

Ivy: Really? What are they?

Astrid: Well, there’s the Blue Star, the Gold Fairy’s wand, the wand of the Savior, some pixie dust of the first bag, the transformation spark and the Fairy Pod.

Ivy: Why do most of them sound like fairy artifacts?

Astrid: Well most other powerful artifacts have been destroyed.

Ivy: Okay then, use one of them.

Astrid: Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. The Blue Star is with Mother Superior, the Gold Fairy has been missing since before the first curse, I believe the wand of the Savior, the first bag of pixie dust and the Transformation spark have all been hidden, and the Breeding Pod will turn your sister into a fairy.

Ivy: Then since the Blue Star seems closest, I suggest finding your boss and getting her over here to help my sister!

Astrid: Sorry miss, I’ll try as hard as possible.

Astrid returns to her room, and Ivy collapses into her chair in tears. Next we visit Granny’s and see Ruby with Granny, both seeming happy.

Granny: Ruby. You really need to visit more often. You’re my only family left, I get lonely without you.

Ruby: I know Granny, I’ve just been busy, and besides you’ve got all your friends in Storybrooke.

Granny: Bah! Friends are no replacement for your own flesh and blood, and anyway it’s been years and I still haven’t met that girl of yours. If you two don’t show up in town again I might just invite myself over.

Ruby: Okay, once we’ve dealt with Ozma I’ll come back, I promise.

Granny: With Dorothy.

Ruby: With Dorothy.

They give each other a hug and we return to the flashbacks with Jellia, still looking powerful by the Lion’s house, as Omby and Jinjur sneak in. They see the Lion and a women, presumably his wife, talking

The Lion’s Wife: John, take the coat off, you’re getting obsessed.

The Lion: No! I earned this rightfully, and I will wear it until the day I die!

The Lion’s Wife: Did you earn it? Or did you kill a weak lion and claim it’s coat?

The Lion: Take that back whore!

Jinjur has to hold back Omby from attacking right then and there.

The Lion’s Wife: No, I won’t.

The Lion slaps her, and still Jinjur holds back Omby, though she clearly hates it.

The Lion: Take. It. Back.

The Lion’s Wife: No, I won’t, in fact, I’m leaving you.

At this the Lion starts punching her, and Jinjur jumps in and slashes him.

Jinjur: Hands off the lady.

The Lion: Who the hell are you?

Jinjur: I am Jinjuria, I swore on the alter of Lurline to protect the innocent, and I will stop you.

The Lion: Oh no you won’t, this is my wife and I’ll do with her what I want.

Jinjur: Then I’m afraid I’ll have to stop you. Omby, get the lady out of here, and if you can get some help.

Omby and the Lion’s wife life leave as Jinjur and the Lion begin to fight. From here we move on to the docks where Zelena (with a bag full of magic items) and Ruby are preparing to leave, with the rest of the council (and Granny, minus Leroy) ready to say goodbye.

Ruby: Bye guys, I promise to stay for longer when this whole Ozma thing has calmed down.

Everyone hugs, and as Ruby and Zelena get into their back Emma says something.

Emma: Wait.

Zelena: What?

Emma: I’m coming with you.

Regina: What do you mean Emma?

Emma: I’ve felt, unsatisfied, for awhile now, I need to be a hero, and I realize this is the perfect time to deal with it.

Killian: What about this second Crocodile and Morgana’s attackers?

Emma: That’s what the eight of you are for, and anyway I’m sure Zelena is hiding something, and when it finally comes out she’ll need a friend’s shoulder to cry on.

She gives hugs and kisses goodbye to her family and hops in the boat. As they sail off we return to Jellia standing watch, Zelena and Cherrystone teleport in and she instantly slunches over.

Zelena: Well that was a bust, there wasn’t even that much gold in there. Hey Jellia, how’s the B-Team going.

Jellia Jamb: I’m not sure ma’am, Jinjur and Omby went in to wait for the Lion to fall asleep so they could steal his coat.

Zelena: Hmmm, smart-

Omby and the Lion’s Wife run through the doorway.

Omby Amby: Jinjur is fighting the Lion!

Zelena: I thought you guys were being smart and what do you do? Pick a fight with the strongest man I’ve ever met, without anyone else. Who is this chick with you anyway?

The Lion’s Wife I’m the Lion’s soon to be ex-wife. Jinjur was protecting.

Zelena: Well fine, follow me so we can bail her out.

Everyone comes in and sees Jinjur in the fight of her life, dodging and slicing at the Lion, who keeps hitting harder and harder.

Jinjur: You know if you surrender I’ll let you live. I’ll even accept admitting that you overcame no challenge in getting your coat.

The Lion: Ha! That’s a sign that you don’t think you can’t win.

Jinjur: No, it’s a sign that I don’t want to kill you.

Commander Cherrystone: Um, Witch? Shouldn’t we do something about this?

Zelena: Nah, if it’s true that this Lion lied than his hide is of no worth to me, but letting Jinjur defeat him might just be.

Omby tries to help out anyway but Zelena pushes him back, and stopping him from giving help. Eventually Jinjur is able to pin down the Lion.

Jinjur: One last chance. Admit you lied, or die.

The Lion: Fine! The Lion was a coward, it was easily killed and skinned without effort, and the Crimson Heart was already gone when I reached it.

Jinjur: That’s what I thought.

Jinjur gets off him and crouches down nearby while muttering something, as Zelena bursts into laughter.

Zelena: Are you serious? I go looking for a few hours for something I already have! (Notices Jinjur’s muttering and turns to Omby) What’s she doing?

Omby Amby: Her sword is a family heirloom, said to be given to the family by Lurline herself, after every victory she thanks her for assisting.

Zelena: That’ll work.

Omby Amby: Wait…

As Jinjur gets up Zelena grabs her sword.

Zelena: This’ll be a good symbol.

Zelena grabs Cherrystone and teleports away, leaving the rest of the room shocked. In a way we follow Zelena back, as we return to the present day with Zelena, Emma and Ruby arriving in the Emerald Palace, to see it occupied by Dorothy, Jellia Jamb and Jinjur.

Zelena: (under her breath) Oh great, the three people who hate me the most.

Jellia Jamb: So… when choosing allies to fight against Ozma, you chose the Wicked Witch?

Ruby: She volunteered, and I swear she’s changed.

Zelena: Yes, I’m sincerely sorry for every single act I did as Wicked Witch, and if I could I’d apologize to all of Oz individually I would. But I’ll start with you three, I’ve hurt you guys more than all, you have every right to be mad at me, especially you Jellia, and I understand if you’ll never forgive me, but I’m here to help you anyway, maybe start making up to Oz everything I took from it.

Jinjur: I don’t trust you.

Ruby: You don’t have to trust her, you just have to work with her.

Jinjur: Fine. But if I see anything suspicious…

Emma: Great! Now that we’re all... friends? It’s time to get to work.

We move back to a final flashback, where Jinjur, Omby and Jellia are about to leave town, Jinjur walks right behind the Lion’s wife before leaving and whispers something in her ear.

Jinjur: You seem like a brave lady, if you would like to do more bravery find the tin statue in the woods, there a young girl will explain why I’m still working for the Witch, and so much more.

The Lion’s Wife is confused but Jinjur is out of sight in a few seconds. As Jinjur, Jellia and Omby ride off Jinjur moves up to Jellia.

Jinjur: So, I’ve been meaning to talk to you…

Jellia Jamb Yes?

Jinjur: Well, you seemed very commanding at times while we on this mission and I wanted to ask you if…

Jellia Jamb: Yes, I’ll go on a date with you.

Jinjur is shocked and doesn’t know what to say.

Jellia Jamb: There’s a nice Gillikin restaurant a few blocks away from the palace, see you… next Friday?

Jellia rides up ahead of him, and Omby is clearly holding back a laugh.

Jinjur: Laugh and I kill you.

Omby Amby: I hope your date goes well, she seems much better than your last girlfriend.

Jinjur: That wasn’t the point of me talki-

Omby Amby: Yes it was.

Jinjur: OK, you’re a dead man.

As they ride off we see a cottage in Oz, and Moana rise up from water and walk into it, to see Mombi standing there.

Mombi: Who the hell are you?

Moana: My name is Moana, and I can make your wildest dreams come true.

End of episode

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