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Everyone wants a magical solution for their problems and everyone refuses to believe in magic.
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Song Rankings[1][2]

  1. Wicked Always Wins
  2. Emma's Theme
  3. Powerful Magic
  4. Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine
  5. A Happy Beginning
  6. Love Doesn't Stand a Chance
  7. Charmings vs. Evil Queen
  8. The Queen Sings

Season 6 Characters from
Favorite to Least Favorite

  1. Black Fairy ("Changelings")
  2. Gideon ("The Savior")
  3. Oracle ("The Savior")
  4. Jasmine ("Strange Case")
  5. Jafar ("Down the Rabbit Hole"), ("The Savior")
  6. Aladdin ("The Savior")
  7. Hook (Wish Realm) ("Tougher Than the Rest")
  8. Lucy ("The Final Battle Part 1")
  9. Tiger Lily ("Awake")
  10. Captain Nemo ("Dark Waters")
  11. Robert ("Murder Most Foul")

Season 7 Characters from
Favorite to Least Favorite

  1. Drizella/Ivy Belfrey ("Hyperion Heights")
  2. Alice/Tilly ("Hyperion Heights")
  3. Gothel/Eloise ("The Garden of Forking Paths")
  4. Robin/Margot ("The Girl in the Tower")
  5. Tiana/Sabine ("Hyperion Heights")
  6. Cinderella/Jacinda Vidrio ("Hyperion Heights")
  7. Jack/Nick ("Pretty in Blue")
  8. Dr. Facilier/Mr. Samdi ("Greenbacks")
  9. Rapunzel/Victoria ("Hyperion Heights")
  10. Anastasia ("The Garden of Forking Paths")
  11. Naveen/Drew ("A Taste of the Heights")
  12. Gretel ("Sisterhood")
  13. Seraphina ("Flower Child")
  14. Blind Witch/Hilda Braeburn ("The Eighth Witch")
  15. Eudora ("Greenbacks")
  16. Doctor Sage ("The Eighth Witch")
  17. Chad ("Chosen")

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