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I'm an admin for some Wikias. One wikia I'm admin of is a Wikia I had made myself (Do message me if you would like to join my Wikia I made.)
I'm an admin for some Wikias. One wikia I'm admin of is a Wikia I had made myself (Do message me if you would like to join my Wikia I made.)
{{UserBox|Land Without Magic}}
{{UserBox|Land Without Magic}}
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{{UserBox|Mr. Gold}}
{{UserBox|Mr. Gold}}
{{UserBox|Evil Queen}}
{{UserBox|Evil Queen}}

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Hi. My name is Theresa. I've been a fan of "Once Upon a Time" for a long time. But I'm also in other fandoms. "Once Upon a Time" will always be my top #1 show (even though I have many #1 show). I have an older brother. I have a few friends here and there. I love making new friends. But I don't like mean/rude people. So if you are mean/rude to me, then I won't be your friend anymore.

I'm an admin for some Wikias. One wikia I'm admin of is a Wikia I had made myself (Do message me if you would like to join my Wikia I made.)


PortalCaptainSwan This user ships CaptainSwan

PortalSnowing This user ships Snowing

PortalLWM This user is from the
Land Without Magic

PortalCaptainCharming This user ships

This user supports Fairies

PortalRumbelle This user ships Rumbelle

PortalOnce Upon a Time in Wonderland This user loves
Once Upon a Time
in Wonderland

Portal Season One This user loves
Season One

Portal Season Two This user loves
Season Two

PortalSeason Three This user loves
Season Three

PortalSeason Three A This user loves
Season 3A

PortalSeason Three B This user loves
Season 3B

PortalSeason Four A This user loves
Season 4A

PortalSeason Four B This user loves
Season 4B

PortalSeason Five A This user loves
Season 5A

PortalSeason Five B This user loves
Season 5B

PortalSeason Six This user loves
Season Six

PortalSeer This user loves Spoilers!

PortalSnow White This user supports
Snow White

PortalEmma Swan This user supports
Emma Swan

PortalRed Riding Hood This user supports
Red Riding Hood

PortalRobin Hood (Lacey) This user supports
Robin Hood

PortalBelle Season 4 This user supports Belle

PortalMerida This user supports Merida

PortalMadArcher This user ships MadArcher

PortalPrince Charming This user supports
Prince Charming

PortalGranny This user supports

PortalGrumpy Season 3 This user supports

PortalTiana This user supports

PortalCinderella (Hyperion Heights) This user supports Cinderella

PortalAlice (Hyperion Heights) This user supports Alice

PortalDrizella This user supports Drizella

PortalAnastasia (The Garden of Forking Paths) This user supports

PortalRapunzel Tremaine This user supports Rapunzel Tremaine

PortalGlassBeliever This user ships GlassBeliever

PortalArchie Hopper This user supports

PortalAugust Booth This user supports
August Booth

PortalHenry Mills Season 7 This user supports
Henry Mills

PortalEvil Queen Season 4 This user supports
Regina Mills

PortalAriel (Character) This user supports Ariel

PortalElsa This user supports Elsa

PortalTinker Bell This user supports Tinker Bell

PortalZelena This user supports Zelena.

PortalAnna This user supports Anna

PortalHercules This user supports Hercules

PortalViolet Morgan This user supports Violet

PortalAladdin This user supports Aladdin

PortalJasmine This user supports Jasmine

PortalLucy This user supports Lucy

PortalAgrabah This user is from Agrabah

PortalArendelle This user is from Arendelle

PortalEnchanted Forest This user is from the
Enchanted Forest

PortalNew Enchanted Forest This user is from
the New Enchanted Forest

PortalStorybrooke This user lives in Storybrooke

PortalBook  T his user wants to
read  H enry's  B ook

PortalOnce Upon a Time This user loves
Once Upon a Time

PortalSeason Seven This user loves
Season Seven

PortalGolds This user supports
the Gold Family

PortalSisters This user supports
the Mills Family

PortalOutlawQueen This user ships OutlawQueen

PortalVioletBeliever This user ships VioletBeliever

PortalIce Magic This user wields
Ice Magic

PortalMagic This user wields Magic

PortalWonderland This user is from Wonderland

PortalUnderworld This user is in the Underworld

PortalOz This user is from Oz

PortalNew Wonderland This user is from
New Wonderland

PortalNeverland This user is from Neverland

PortalCamelot This user is from Camelot

PortalAlice (Down the Rabbit Hole) This user supports

PortalIngrid This user supports Ingrid

PortalMadNook This user supports MadNook

PortalCharmings This user supports
the Charming Family

PortalWickedQueen This user supports WickedQueen

PortalTremaine Sisters This user supports
the Tremaine Sisters

PortalSnowQueen This user supports SnowQueen

PortalSwanQueen This user ships SwanQueen

PortalUR This user lives in the
United Realms

PortalEdge of Realms This user is from
the Edge of Realms

PortalMO This user has moved on
to a Better Place

PortalHotCocoawithCinnamon This user loves Hot Cocoa with Cinnamon

PortalRubySlippers This user ships RubySlippers

Delete This user hates trolls and does not want to see them on the wiki! X

PortalStaff This user supports the

PortalTreeNymphs This user is a Tree Nymph

PortalWerewolf This user is a Werewolf

PortalMadMother This user supports MadMother

PortalWP This user has been sent
to a Worse Place

PortalDarkOne This user is the Dark One

PortalQueens of Darkness This user wants to join the Queens of Darkness

PortalCovenEight This user is a member of the Coven of the Eight

PortalWill Scarlet This user supports
Will Scarlet

PortalNick Branson This user supports Nick Branson

PortalHook (Wish Realm) This user supports Wish Hook

PortalUrsula (Sea Witch) This user supports Ursula, the Sea Witch

PortalCruella De Vil This user supports Cruella

PortalPrince Phillip This user supports
Prince Phillip

PortalAurora This user supports Aurora

PortalMulan This user supports Mulan

PortalMagic Mirror Season 3 This user supports
the Magic Mirror

PortalRumplestiltskin Season 6 This user supports Mr. Gold

PortalEvil Queen This user supports
the Evil Queen

PortalCylice This user ships Cylice

PortalScarletQueen This user ships ScarletQueen
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