• I live in Germany
  • I was born on August 17
  • I am female

OEdystopia: That's me:

Once upon a time is my favourite TV series. I'm from Germany - so English is not my mother tongue. Feel free to correct any grammar or spelling errors I might make. Thanks to itunes I can still watch the show one day after it aired on ABC.

Fairy tales

When I was a child my parents read to me Brothers' Grimm fairytales.  Hans Christian Andersen  is my favorite storyteller. I remember visiting a theater production of The Snow Queen with my brother at the age of 12. Since then, I've delved into Andersen's fairytales.

The Steadfast Tin Soldier and The Little Mermaid are my favorite fairytales written by Andersen.

My favorite Disney movies:

  • Robin Hood (1973)
  • The Lion King (1994)
  • Tangled (2010)
  • Frozen (2013)

Once upon a time and OEdystopia

What I like about this show in general:

  • getting to know a new piece of the show's puzzle every week
  • villians who are human and whose motivations are oftentimes understandable. You can relate to them.
  • exploring aspects of
    • magic and science
    • magic items
    • the OUAT universe's realms

Characters I care about: 

  • Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin Robert Carlyle is a great actor, I really think he does a wonderful job performing his character(s) on OUAT. Sometimes I wish I would be able to mask my own disability with some magic - but then, magic always comes with a price, you know... and I'm glad I can use my wheelchair instead.
  • Regina. It's past time someone approves her efforts. More than ever before, I just hope she gets her second chance to understand and feel true love. Lana Parrilla is just outstanding every time she's on screen.
  • Robin Hood. The Disney movie (1973) is one of the first animated films I ever saw. So far,the creators have done a great job writing his character. Sean Maguire is a wonderful addition to the cast. He interacts perfectly with Lana Parilla. # OutlawQueen is so awesome. Parilla and Maguire have great chemistry working together.
  • Dr. Whale / Victor FrankensteinI'd love to get to know more about his character. Hopefully, they'll find a way to give David Anders more screen time. 
  • I even like Hook now. Seeming impossible if you take a closer look at the first character I mention. Introducing him in EP 204  the creators narrowed him down to revenge in Season 2.  It's good to see that there are more aspects of his character to explore. Colin O'Donoghue does an excellent job.

My favorite episodes

Season One:

Season Two:

Season Three:

Personally, I prefer watching Season 3 B.

Season Four:

This Wiki and OEdystopia

I enjoy writing transcripts. I've joined this Wiki's transcript team on July 10th 2014. I spend as much time as possible on expanding, finishing and correcting various transcripts. Writing down a transcript usually takes me seven to ten days. It depends on whether some other hardworking Wiki contributor already has added scenes or not. I'm grateful for any support. Furthermore, it depends on whether the actors and I are well rested. If the actors are not well rested they tend to mumble their words making it more difficult for me to understand them. It's only getting worse, if I'm not well rested, too.
There's no particular reason why I'm currently working on this or that transcript. However, I know from experience that some are easier to write down than others. Personally, I think your favorite episodes are probably the easiest ones to write a transcript for. At least I don't mind watching a scene ten times or more so long as I enjoy the episode. I'm familiar with the show Once upon a time only. I'll concentrate on working on the Once upon a time transcripts.

Here's a useful link for you, if you edit transcripts: [[1]]

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