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Fanon: Season 8 & Beyond Help

I made this section to try to help with problems users encounter while working on their Season 8 & Beyond project. I hope it helps and please take the polls at the end of each section, it lets me know if I need to improve it! If you have any ideas of what to add, don't be afraid to leave me a message.


I uploaded an image for my fanon Mombi but it got deleted!

This wiki not does allow images to be uploaded for the project. If you would like to use images not appearing on the wiki, you can upload them to a whitelisted site, such as Flickr, Photobucket, or Imgur, and use the direct image URL to have them where you want.


As you see in blue, the link begins with "http" not "https". Deleting the "s" therefore makes the link appear and gives you your final result.

Making Posters

I couldn't make posters for my life!

Like the show, there are seasonal posters that many users create to make their seasons more like the show. Posters can be a pain to make so I'm going to give you one-by-one-step instructions on how to make one. There are many different ways to make one but I'm just going to show you the way I do it. Note that this might not work the same for everyone as I am showing it with the app. Here are the steps:

  1. Download "Canva" the app and open it. Here is a link to it: https://www.canva.com/app
  2. There is a search bar at the top and search "poster" Click on the suggestion it gives you. It will give you a variety of choices but pick the blank one.
  3. You can finally start making one! From there it will give you many tools to start making it. I personally use "text" and "image". With text--well--not much to say about it. Write what you want! As for an image you can click the poster itself and you can pick a background image. For the image tool, the images you click there will add on top of your background image. For those I suggest finding/creating a transparent png image so it blends in and looks nice. Once you're done with all of that you can post it on another site (not OUAT wiki) and link it wherever you want it. (see Section 1 for specific help on this)

User Page Names

How do you create a page?

To create a page you can go here. It will ask you to put in its title and type "User:USERNAME/PAGENAME". (Replacing USERNAME with your user name and PAGENAME with whatever you want it to be named) You have to put in "User:USERNAME/" because otherwise it creates a real page and will be deleted.

Any user can rename the pages but when doing so it will leave a redirect behind. For example, if you rename the page "User:Backpack/Sammy" to "User:Backpack/Samantha", all the links to Sammy will go to Samantha. If you do not want a redict you can ask an active admin or staff member to delete it for you.