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  • I live in Oregon
  • I was born on June 11
  • I am Male
  • Bio On Wikia since April 5, 2018. Admin on Once Upon a Time Wiki.
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I think it's in our darkest hours that the universe shows us our true path... to the latest episode of Once Upon a Time.

Hi! I'm Nick, one of the Admins on the wiki. I am also one of the managers of the fanon project. If you would like to contact me, leave a message on my message wall and I'll try to respond as quick as I can.

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  • I am a proud Ravenclaw.
  • I have a very cute guinea pig.
  • Some people think I look like Andy from Toy Story 3
  • Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka is my spirit animal.
  • I change my avatar every few months. Most are different pictures of Zoom from The Flash.
  • Blue is my favorite color
  • After watching The 100 Season Six, I'm convinced the Coven of the Eight are body snatchers.
  • I joined the wiki on April 5, 2018.
    • I was promoted to Discussion Mod on December 5, 2018, and to Admin on January 17, 2020.
  • A few theories I got right for Season Seven is that Lady Tremaine is Rapunzel, Doctor Sage is in the Coven of the Eight (They mentioned a witch hunter and I suspected it right away ;-)), and Jack is Hansel and the witch hunter (I actually figured it out as soon as Gretel mentioned her brother in "Sisterhood").
  • Season Seven was the only season I watched live, as I only started watching the show a few months before the premiere.


  • Appears=Yes
  • Absent=No
  • Archive=Part of it

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If you would like me to make a poster for you, leave a message on my message wall.

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