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Magic is coming! [...] Why? Because magic, is power!
Mr. Gold to Belle src
It's here! It's here! The Curse, it's here! It's coming from all sides, there's no escape!
Leroy to Regina, Emma, Henry, and others src

Simply known by his internet alias of NickM98, this mysterious figure is a user on ABC's Once Upon a Time Wiki. He started contributing to this Wiki on March 27, 2013. There are rumors that he originated from a distant magical realm, and traveled to this realm via a Magic Bean portal.

Favourite Lines

Includes all other lines with Rumplestiltskin's / Mr. Gold's or Zelena's sarcasm.

1x01 - "Pilot":
Mary Margaret: "Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing."
The Pilot episode gifts us with one of the most powerful lines of the entire series.

3x09 - "Save Henry:
Regina: "I need a child, Gold, and I need your help."
Mr. Gold: "Well, I'm flattered, but uninterested."
Regina: "Not like that."

3x11 - "Going Home":
Mary Margaret: "Happy endings aren't always what we think they will be."
From one of the most heart-wrenching moments all season.

4x19 - "Lily":
Regina: (to Emma) "Our actions are our own, but fate pushes us. Maybe it's time to push back. [...] How about we make today the day we both beat fate?"

4x20 - "Mother":
Emma: "His name was Neal. He was a lot of things to me, now he's just gone thanks to her.
(Zelena turns around and points innocently at herself)
Zelena: (sarcastically) "Sorry?"
The most Zelena-esque way to apologise for murder...

5x01 - "The Dark Swan":
Zelena: "Regina, dear. I'm trying to mediate, it's good for the baby. Please go, you're ruining my qi."
...and while you're at it dear, close the door. I can feel the draft.

5x11 - "Swan Song":
Zelena: "Ah, yes. The withered knob of that sad old man."
Mind out of the gutter...

Tales From The Underworld: A Knight With Cruella:
Cruella: (rubbing Sir Mordred's hand) "Oh, you're very soft! Can I skin you darling, just to keep in practice?"
Sir Mordred: "No!" [...]
Cruella: "Well, think of it as deep exfoliation, darling!"

6x04 - "Strange Case":
Rumplestiltskin: (to Jekyll) "All science needs is a little magic!"

Wx06 - "Who's Alice":
Red Queen: "Now, no need to be rude. We don't even know one another." (magically throws the prisoner against his cage) "Yes, and now we do."

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