My Season 8

Favourite Characters

  • Sheriff Graham
  • Neal
  • Mulan
  • Regina
  • Emma
  • Cinderella
  • Lady Tremaine

Favourite Twists

  • Red is the Wolf
  • Mulan loves Aurora
  • Pan is Rumple's father
  • Elsa comes out of the urn
  • Maleficent has (and lost) a child
  • "Morpheus" is Gideon
  • Black Fairy is Rumple's mother (poor guy didn't stand a chance)
  • Lady T=Rapunzel

 Favourite Episodes


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Season One

PortalSeason Three This user loves
Season Three

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Season 4B

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Season Six

PortalOnce Upon a Time in Wonderland This user loves
Once Upon a Time
in Wonderland
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Season Two

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Season 3B

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Season 5B

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Season Seven


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Regina Mills
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Mother Gothel
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the Blind Witch
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the Blue Fairy
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the Huntsman
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Henry Mills
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