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Hello my name is Eric Harris I am famous for shooting up students at my former high school Columbine. I expecially love playin gimp with my friend Zed in his basement.
{{ListCharacter|Kyle Braxton|origin=New Enchanted Forest|image=716RogersSmiling.png
|He first appears in the [[Shattered Sight|tenth episode]] of the [[Season Four|fourth season]]<sup>[[Special:Contributions/KyleBraxton|[1]]]</sup> and is portrayed by [[Wikipedia:Wikia|Wikia]] user, KyleBraxton. {{Ep|Pilot}} {{Ep|Quiet Minds}} {{Ep|Awake}} {{Ep|The Song in Your Heart}} }}<br />

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Kyle Braxton

Kyle Braxton is a New Enchanted Forest character. He first appears in the tenth episode of the fourth season[1] and is portrayed by Wikia user, KyleBraxton. ("Pilot") ("Quiet Minds") ("Awake") ("The Song in Your Heart")

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