Once upon a time, there was a Beast who took a girl prisoner. But he fell in love with her, and then he let her go. And that is when the girl realized that she loved him too.
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Hi, I'm DeviousPeep, and I'm a fan of ABC's Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time Rankings

Main Characters Ranking

Note that this lists any character to have ever received "Starring" billing in both Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, despite how minimal their appearances may have been.

  1. Belle/Belle French
  2. Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold/Weaver
  3. Zelena/Kelly West
  4. Red Queen
  5. Evil Queen/Regina Mills/Roni
  6. Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard
  7. Alice
  8. Will Scarlet
  9. Emma Swan
  10. Prince Charming/David Nolan
  11. Red Riding Hood/Ruby
  12. Pinocchio/August Booth
  13. Henry Mills
  14. Baelfire/Neal Cassidy
  15. Cinderella/Jacinda Vidrio
  16. Hook
  17. Jafar
  18. White Rabbit
  19. Lady Tremaine/Victoria Belfrey
  20. Tiana/Sabine
  21. Hook/Rogers
  22. Cyrus
  23. Jiminy Cricket/Archie Hopper
  24. Huntsman/Sheriff Graham
  25. Robin Hood
  26. Lucy

Episode Rankings

  1. "Kansas" (3x20)
  2. "There's No Place Like Home" (3x22)
  3. "Snow Drifts" (3x21)
  4. "It's Not Easy Being Green" (3x16)
  5. "Bleeding Through" (3x18)
  6. "Witch Hunt" (3x13)
  7. "New York City Serenade" (3x12)
  8. "A Curious Thing" (3x19)
  9. "Save Henry" (3x09)
  10. "Dark Hollow" (3x07)
  11. "Ariel" (3x06)
  12. "Quite a Common Fairy" (3x03)
  13. "Going Home" (3x11)
  14. "Think Lovely Thoughts" (3x08)
  15. "Lost Girl" (3x02)
  16. "The Jolly Roger" (3x17)
  17. "The Heart of the Truest Believer" (3x01)
  18. "The New Neverland" (3x10)
  19. "Quiet Minds" (3x15)
  20. "The Tower" (3x14)
  21. "Nasty Habits" (3x04)
  22. "Good Form" (3x05)

  1. "Heart of the Matter" (Wx11)
  2. "And They Lived..." (Wx13)
  3. "Home" (Wx08)
  4. "Dirty Little Secrets" (Wx10)
  5. "To Catch a Thief" (Wx12)
  6. "Heart of Stone" (Wx05)
  7. "The Serpent" (Wx04)
  8. "Down the Rabbit Hole" (Wx01)
  9. "Nothing to Fear" (Wx09)
  10. "Who's Alice" (Wx06)
  11. "Trust Me" (Wx02)
  12. "Forget Me Not" (Wx03)
  13. "Bad Blood" (Wx07)

  1. "Our Decay" (5x16)
  2. "The Bear and the Bow" (5x06)
  3. "Last Rites" (5x21)
  4. "Her Handsome Hero" (5x17)
  5. "Sisters" (5x19)
  6. "Firebird" (5x20)
  7. "Labor of Love" (5x13)
  8. "Devil's Due" (5x14)
  9. "Birth" (5x08)
  10. "Souls of the Departed" (5x12)
  11. "Only You" (5x22)
  12. "An Untold Story" (5x23)
  13. "Nimue" (5x07)
  14. "The Bear King" (5x09)
  15. "Broken Heart" (5x10)
  16. "The Price" (5x02)
  17. "Siege Perilous" (5x03)
  18. "Ruby Slippers" (5x18)
  19. "The Broken Kingdom" (5x04)
  20. "The Dark Swan" (5x01)
  21. "The Brothers Jones" (5x15)
  22. "Dreamcatcher" (5x05)
  23. "Swan Song" (5x11)

  1. "Beauty" (7x04)
  2. "Chosen" (7x17)
  3. "One Little Tear" (7x09)
  4. "Secret Garden" (7x11)
  5. "Leaving Storybrooke" (7x22)
  6. "Is This Henry Mills?" (7x20)
  7. "Wake Up Call" (7x06)
  8. "Homecoming" (7x21)
  9. "A Taste of the Heights" (7x12)
  10. "The Eighth Witch" (7x10)
  11. "Sisterhood" (7x15)
  12. "The Girl in the Tower" (7x14)
  13. "Flower Child" (7x19)
  14. "The Guardian" (7x18)
  15. "Breadcrumbs" (7x16)
  16. "Greenbacks" (7x05)
  17. "Eloise Gardener" (7x07)
  18. "Hyperion Heights" (7x01)
  19. "Pretty in Blue" (7x08)
  20. "Knightfall" (7x13)
  21. "The Garden of Forking Paths" (7x03)
  22. "A Pirate's Life" (7x02)

Other Rankings


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