Enchanted Forest Character
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Home: Enchanted Forest (formerly)
Physical Description
Species: Human
Dragon (after transformation)
Show Information
First mentioned: "Operation Mongoose Part 2"
First appearance: "The Mark"
I trust you... to raise our daughter.
—Zorro's last words to Maleficent src

Diego, better known as Zorro[1], is an upcoming character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He will début in the second episode of the eighth season.[2] He will be portrayed by guest star Henry Ian Cusick.[1]

Zorro is based on the character with the same name from the novel "The Curse of Capistrano" and the movie The Mark of Zorro.


Before First Curse

Diego lives in the Enchanted Forest. He possesses the power to transform into a dragon, a power he uses as a vigilante. To protect himself and the village he lives in from his enemies, he masks his face and goes by the name Zorro. He is known for leaving the mark of a "Z" on the corpses of his victims, which he claims is to let Hades know who sent them. ("The Mark")

While in dragon form, Zorro meets and mates with Maleficent. While neither can remember the other due to being dragons, Maleficent becomes pregnant and lays an egg which later hatches into Lily Page, who is sent through a portal to the Land Without Magic by Snow White, Prince Charming, and the Apprentice. ("Best Laid Plans", "Operation Mongoose Part 2", "Daughter")

After losing Lily, Maleficent begins causing havoc throughout the Enchanted Forest in her rage, so Snow White and Prince Charming attempt to distract her by making her aware of a hunting party seeking a unicorn in an attempt to get its horn. Just as Maleficent begins to turn into her dragon form to slaughter the entire party, Zorro arrives and stabs one of the hunters, causing the others to retreat. Maleficent is offended by Zorro's assistance and they begin to argue, which allows the unicorn to escape. Concerned that the other hunters will find it and kill it, Maleficent begins following the creature, with Zorro close behind. As they track it, they continue to argue but also get to know one another better. When they and the unicorn end up cornered by the remaining hunters, Zorro reveals his ability to transform into a dragon, slaughtering the hunters while Maleficent protects the unicorn. However, he is injured in the process, forcing Maleficent to take his unconscious body to her home and nurse him back to health, removing his mask and seeing his face in the process. When he comes to, he makes her swear not to reveal his identity to anyone before telling her his real name. He later recommends that Maleficent keep the unicorn as a pet, as it seems to have grown attached to her. As he leaves, Maleficent warns him never to get in her way again, as next time she won't be so nice, and Zorro tauntingly responds that he wouldn't expect anything less. ("The Mark")

Eventually, Zorro's enemies discover his true identity and he flees to the Land of Untold Stories. ("Daughter")

After Third Curse

When Mr. Hyde brings several residents of the Land of Untold Stories to Storybrooke via dirigible, Zorro is among them, no longer wearing his mask. He joins several other confused residents at Granny's Diner when Maleficent and Lily Page arrive, using a locator spell on Lily's necklace to determine if her father was one of the people from the Land of Untold Stories. The necklace leads them straight to Zorro, who is pleased to see a familiar face and greets Maleficent, though Maleficent is shocked to see him. When Lily reveals that she is his daughter, Zorro is equally shocked, insisting that it can't be possible until Maleficent explains that it happened while they were in dragon form. However, despite Zorro's efforts to become a part of Lily's life, Zorro and Maleficent are unable to spend much time together without arguing due to their conflicting arguments, eventually leading them to alternate spending time with Lily, much to her disappointment, as she had hoped for a family reunion like Emma's. ("Daughter")

After Sixth Curse

When Regina Mills creates the United Realms, Zorro, Maleficent, and Lily are among the inhabitants. Lily requests help from Henry Mills to help her parents start getting along and, to this end, Lily, Zorro, Maleficent, Henry, and Henry's family, Jacinda and Lucy, go to dinner together at Tony's, but Maleficent and Zorro continue to argue, frustrating Lily. When Henry receives a call from Regina and must leave, Lily offers to come with him, leaving Maleficent and Zorro to have dinner alone. ("The Mark")

Lily is persuaded by Mother Trudy to join her side, so Maleficent, Zorro, Mary Margaret, and David capture her in order to convince her that Mother Trudy is taking advantage of her. They place an Enchanted Cuff on her to prevent her from transforming into a dragon to escape and tie her up in the Blanchard Loft. Lily insists that she is siding with Trudy for the betterment of her life with Maleficent and Zorro, who are heartbroken to learn about how their arguments upset her. They promise to try and get along better, but Lily states that it will never work because she is cursed and needs the power of the spear to fix that. Despite her parents' pleas, she says that she trusts Mother Trudy wholeheartedly, cueing Trudy to appear and explain her real plan: to gain Lily's trust, then sacrifice her to break the protection spell on the spearhead, currently possessed by Mary Margaret. Trudy subdues Mary Margaret and David, then begins to choke Lily. Maleficent almost turns into a dragon, but Zorro reminds her that they will destroy the loft and possibly injure Lily, instead asking Trudy if there's another way to break the protection spell. Trudy states that it doesn't matter who makes the sacrifice as long as she is the first person to touch the spearhead. Maleficent and Zorro share a look as Lily realizes their plan and pleads with them to stop, but is too late as Zorro assures Maleficent that he trusts her to raise Lily and Maleficent tearfully rips out his heart and crushes it. This act breaks the protection spell, allowing Trudy to gain the spearhead before leaving, but Lily and Maleficent mourn over Zorro's body. ("Keep On Believing")

Magical Ability


James Page
Priscilla PageMaleficent
Lilith "Lily" Page


  • Solid lines denote blood parent-child relationships
  • Dashed lines denote marriage and adoption relationships that result in offspring
  • The Pages are Lily's adoptive parents
  • Maleficent and Zorro were never married



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