Motunui Character
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Home: Motunui
Occupation: Fisherman
Physical Description
Species: Human
Show Information
Portrayed by: Jason Momoa
First appearance: "The Quiet Voice"

You may be chief, but I will not allow you to endanger my daughter over your ridiculous beliefs.

—Tui to Tala src

Tui is an upcoming character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He will debut in the first episode of the ninth season, and will be portrayed by Jason Momoa.[1]

Tui is based on Chief Tui from the Disney film Moana.


Before First Curse

Tui is a fisherman who lives on Motunui with his wife Sina, their daughter Moana, and his mother-in-law Tala who is also the chief. The island is surrounded by a protection spell that prevents anyone from leaving, so Tala enforces laws to keep the people from going too far from the shore and hitting the protection spell. However, Moana is drawn to the ocean. One day, while Tui is out fishing, he sees Moana swimming and calls to her to keep her from hitting the protection spell; however, he realizes she has already passed it and is unharmed. When Moana and Tui return to shore, where Tala is waiting, Tui and Tala explain to Moana the truth about the protection spell. Tala proposes that Moana is able to pass it because she has been chosen by Te Fiti to find Maui, who is prophesied to break the protection spell with his magic Fish Hook, but Tui, who does not believe in Te Fiti or the prophecy, refuses to let Tala send Moana out on her own. Sina sides with Tui, seemingly ending the argument, but Tala goads Moana into leaving anyway in secret. ("The Quiet Voice")


Character Notes

  • In the Disney film, Tui is the son of Tala. However, in Once Upon a Time, he is her son-in-law.


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