"The Quiet Voice"
Season Nine
Season 09, Episode 1
Episode Information
Character backstory:
Premiere date: September 27th, 2019[1]
Viewers: TBD
Written by: DatNuttyKid
Directed by: DatNuttyKid
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "Found"
Next Episode: "Stroke of Midnight"

Everything in your life has guided you to this moment, Moana. Listen to your heart. You know it to be true.


"The Quiet Voice"[1] is the first episode of Season Nine of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written and directed by DatNuttyKid. It will be the one hundred and seventy-eighth episode of the series overall, and will premiere on September 27, 2019.[1]


Lucy, still hungry for action following her adventure in Narnia, attempts to befriend a mysterious older student at school. Regina and Snow's attempts to help Fiona adjust to life in the United Realms are interrupted when Sir Henry requests Regina's help with a missing person case. Margot and Tilly elect to take advantage of the recent peace to expedite their wedding and request Zelena's help, but Zelena is overwhelmed by the stress. Jacinda and Sabine plan to surprise Henry, Lucy, and Abel with an impromptu vacation back to Hyperion Heights. Lily attempts to readjust to a normal life with Maleficent but has a hard time coping with her father's death. And in flashbacks, a girl named Moana is faced with her destiny.[2]



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Guest Starring

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  • "The Quiet Voice" is a reference to a line from "I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)", a song from the Disney film Moana.[4]
  • The title of this episode was revealed by DatNuttyKid via his Once Upon a Time Wiki account on November 29th, 2018.[1]

Event Chronology

  • The United Realms events take place an unspecified amount of time after "Found".
  • The Motunui events take place an unspecified amount of time prior to the present-day United Realms events.

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