Motunui Character
Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Home: Motunui
Occupation: Chief of Motunui
Physical Description
Species: Human
Show Information
Portrayed by: Kelly Hu
First appearance: "The Quiet Voice"
You may be her father, but I am her chief. And yours.
—Tala to Tui src

Tala is an upcoming character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She will debut in the first episode of the ninth season, and will be portrayed by Kelly Hu.[1]

Tala is based on Gramma Tala from the Disney film Moana.


Before First Curse
Tala is the mother of Sina and the chief of Motunui, an island surrounded by a protection spell. In order to protect her people from the protection spell, Tala enforces laws against going out too far beyond the shore of the island. However, her granddaughter, Moana, is drawn to the ocean. One day, when she sneaks out for a swim, Tala sees her swimming past the protection spell and is shocked. Once Moana is sent back to the beach by her father, Tui, Tui and Tala explain to her the truth about the protection spell. Tala proposes that Moana has been chosen by Te Fiti to find her son, Maui, who is prophesied to break the protection spell with his magic Fish Hook, but Tui and Sina are apprehensive at the thought of sending Moana out on her own. Despite their misgivings, Tala encourages Moana to go without their knowledge. ("The Quiet Voice")


Character Notes

  • In the Disney film, Tala is the mother of Tui. However, in Once Upon a Time, she is his mother-in-law.
    • Similarly, in the Disney film, Tui is the chief instead of Tala.


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