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Spear of Destiny
General Information
Origin: Mount Olympus
Status: Destroyed
Physical Description
Type: Magical spear
Usage Information
Created by:
Possessed by:
Used by:
  • Mother Trudy
Used on:
Used for: Guaranteeing victory to its wielder
Stabbing people
Changing the function of curses
Granting luck (the spearhead only)
Show Information
First mention: "Light the Way"
First appearance: "The Mark"
Latest appearance: "Words"
The Spear of Destiny guarantees victory to whoever wields it. If you'll help me get my hands on it, I'll have the power to change the world into one where people like us can finally be happy.
Mother Trudy to Lily Page src

The Spear of Destiny is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It is first mentioned in the first episode of the eighth season.

The Spear of Destiny is based on the Holy Lance from Jewish mythology.


Before First Curse

When Gaia creates the five Titans, she immediately favors the first and sole female created in her image, Trudy. As such, she crafts the Spear of Destiny, giving it the power to guarantee victory, and gifts it to her. The power quickly goes to Trudy's head and she begins abusing the other Titans; however, she becomes cocky and leaves the Spear beside herself, which allows Kronos to trick the other Titans into trying to take it. In the ensuing struggle, the Spear is broken into five pieces and Trudy is banished from Mount Olympus. The other Titans declare Kronos their new ruler, but Kronos decides that the Spear is too powerful and scatters the pieces across the realms. ("Titan")

The head of the spear is kept in the Enchanted Forest. One piece is hidden in the Wish Realm version of Rumplestiltskin's Cell, while another is kept in Neverland by Tiger Lily. Another piece eventually ends up in the possession of Marcus Tremaine, who fashions it into a necklace and gifts it to his daughter, Ella, shortly before his death. The fifth and final piece is kept by Kronos and eventually taken by Zeus upon Kronos's death. ("Light the Way", "The Mark", "Girl of the Cinders", "Forces of Darkness", "Keep On Believing", "The Spear of Destiny", "Titan")

Fearing what might happen if Trudy or someone else gets their hands on the Spear, Kronos also crafts the Deplorable Word, which has the power to completely destroy it. The Word eventually falls into the hands of humans and is protected by Fauna. ("Words")

A protection spell is placed on the spearhead, which contains the most power of the pieces, which can only be briefly broken if someone sacrifices a person who trusts them completely. During the brief period of time where the protection spell is inactive, it is possible for the spearhead to be taken, at which point it will bind itself to that person as the protection spell reactivates, meaning they are the only person who can touch it. The spearhead becomes known for granting its owner great luck. ("Keep On Believing", "The Spear of Destiny")

Mother Trudy arrives in Neverland to confront Tiger Lily for her piece, but is interrupted by the Black Fairy, who wishes to kill Tiger Lily herself. The two briefly team up until Tiger Lily casts a protection spell on herself that keeps either witch from harming her. Defeated, Mother Trudy swears to return for the piece some other day. ("Forces of Darkness")

Seeking to win the war against Snow White and Prince Charming, the Evil Queen becomes aware of the supposed powers of the spearhead and begins searching for it. When Snow White and Prince Charming hear of this, they begin looking as well, hoping to get their hands on it before Regina. They eventually encounter Mother Trudy, who warns them about the cost of breaking the protection spell; they are initially reluctant, but realize that Regina would have no qualms in sacrificing one of her subjects. Their advisor, Fox, offers herself as a sacrifice and Snow and Charming reluctantly kill her. However, their actions weigh heavily on them and they elect to not use the spearhead's powers to give them the advantage in the war, instead hiding it away to keep it out of evildoers' hands. It is eventually made into a necklace. ("The Spear of Destiny")

After Third Curse

Seeking out the piece of the spear possessed by Marcus Tremaine, Mother Trudy makes a deal with Madame Medusa, who in turn makes a deal with Marcus's widow, Rapunzel Tremaine, to try to gain Tremaine Manor. However, when Medusa sees that the piece of the spear has been made into a necklace possessed by Cinderella, Medusa offers to take the necklace instead of the manor. Cinderella at first refuses, as the necklace was the last gift her father gave her before his murder, but relents when Medusa later threatens her stepsister. Medusa delivers the piece to Mother Trudy, but when Trudy refuses to pay her until she has her hands on the spear, Medusa backs out on the deal, although Trudy threatens to return for the spear piece later. ("Keep On Believing")

After Sixth Curse

After the realms are united by Regina Mills, Mother Trudy begins seeking the spear pieces out once more, arriving in Storybrooke and threatening Mary Margaret and David Nolan. Worried about what Trudy would do if she could get her hands on the spear, Mary Margaret and David move into action to hide the spearhead before she comes after their family. ("Light the Way", "The Mark")

Henry Mills, Jacinda Vidrio, and Lily Page seek out the Apprentice in order to ask him if he knows anything about the spear. After speaking with Jacinda, he informs them of the piece of the spear hidden in the Wish Realm version of Rumplestiltskin's Cell, but is killed by Mother Trudy immediately after. Even so, Mother Trudy assures Jacinda that she is not after that piece yet. Although Henry and Jacinda manage to get their hands on the piece without any interference at first, Mother Trudy, now allied with Lily Page, stops them as they emerge and forces them to hand it over. ("Girl of the Cinders", "Daughter", "Chapter One")

Mother Trudy then confronts Tiger Lily. Although Tiger Lily reminds her of the protection spell, Trudy's distraction allows Lily to sneak up behind the fairy and stab her with a knife coated in a sleeping spell, subduing her for long enough for Mother Trudy to take the piece. ("Forces of Darkness")

After Maleficent, Zorro, Mary Margaret, and David manage to capture Lily and try to get her to realize Mother Trudy is taking advantage of her, Mother Trudy appears, revealing her true intention all along was to gain Lily's trust, then sacrifice her for the spearhead. She subdues Mary Margaret and David before attempting to kill Lily, but is stopped by Maleficent and Zorro. Faced with their daughter's possible death, Maleficent and Zorro agree to pay the price to break the protection spell on the spearhead themselves. Zorro assures Maleficent that he trusts her to raise their daughter as she rips his heart out and crushes it. Lily and Maleficent mourn Zorro as Trudy takes the spearhead from Mary Margaret and teleports away with it. ("Keep On Believing")

After reattaching the spearhead to the pieces of the shaft she possesses, Mother Trudy sneaks into the Swan House, subdues Hook, and stabs Emma Swan with the spear. Imbued with the blood of the Savior, the spear begins to glow as Emma collapses. ("The Spear of Destiny")

Mother Trudy then confronts Madame Medusa while the Black Fairy rounds up an army of villains. Trudy takes Medusa's piece from her and attaches it to the rest of the spear, which allows her to open a portal to Mount Olympus. Trudy confronts Zeus and battles him, eventually gaining the piece of the spear he was protecting, then gathers the inhabitants of Mount Olympus to watch her kill him with the full spear. Zeus's last words are that Trudy is "deplorable", subtly informing Mr. Gold that the Spear's weakness is the Deplorable Word, which Mother Trudy does not realize. She then returns to the United Realms and uses the Deplorable Word in combination with the Spear of Destiny to affect all of the realms. ("Titan")

Due to the Spear's influence, the Deplorable Word causes the inhabitants of the realms to become Mother Trudy's slaves, except for the Black Fairy, Regina, Henry, Sabine, and Zelena, who were protected by the Black Fairy's protection spell. After being contacted by Cora via the Dream World, Regina informs the others that the Spear's sole weakness is the Deplorable Word. They proceed to enact a plan to trick Mother Trudy into allowing them to take the Deplorable Word, then the Black Fairy lures her to the remains of Elphame Academy and uses the Word, which turns the Spear to dust and kills Trudy. With the Spear destroyed, the realms return to normal and Emma recovers from her wound. ("Words")



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