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Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Physical Description
Species: Human
Show Information
Portrayed by: Jeff Ward
First mentioned: "Hop To It"
First appearance: "The Great Lion"
Aslan was wrong. I can't be a ruler. My father was a ruler once, in a different realm, and he was crap. An awful person, really. I could have done something about it. I should have done something about it. But I didn't. So I ended up here, alone, and Aslan took me under his wing. Until he was replaced by that creep, Cain. And I didn't do anything then, either. I should have done something! Why didn't I do anything? How can I be a ruler if I can't do anything?
—Caspian to Henry Mills src

Prince Caspian[1] is an upcoming character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He will début in the seventeenth episode of the eighth season. He will be portrayed by guest star Jeff Ward.

Prince Caspian is based on the character of the same name from "The Chronicles of Narnia" book series.


After Third Curse

As a child, Prince Caspian lives in another realm with his father, a king. His father grows to be a tyrant, but Caspian, young and naive, does nothing to stop him. He is eventually forced to leave the realm and his father and blames himself for allowing his father to go so far off the deep end. ("Prince Caspian")

After arriving in Narnia, Caspian is chosen by Aslan to become the next king of the realm. He is raised by Aslan himself, but Aslan eventually goes missing. A short time after that, the Evil Queen from the Wish Realm arrives. After learning about Caspian from Cain pretending to be Aslan, the Evil Queen forces Cain to reveal himself and seals both Cain and Caspian in the secret vault of Narnia before taking the realm over herself, becoming known as the White Witch. ("The Great Lion")

After Sixth Curse

Henry Mills, Lucy Mills, and Lily Page are told about Prince Caspian by Mr. Beaver and decide to look for him, hoping he can help them defeat the White Witch. ("Hop To It")

They are magically contacted by Cain, who once again pretends to be Aslan and leads them to the secret vault. He sends them after the Four Treasures which are necessary to unlock the vault; however, once they do so, he breaks free and subdues them before fleeing. When they enter the vault, Henry attempts to introduce himself to Caspian, who emerges and interrupts, stating that he has no intention of leaving. ("The Great Lion")

Despite the heroes' further attempts to encourage Caspian to follow his destiny, Caspian refuses and tells them to leave. Sensing similarities between the two of them, Regina encourages Henry to talk with Caspian. Although he is unable to convince Caspian to face the White Witch, he does manage to learn why Caspian feels unfit to lead and is able to relate to him with his own story about facing a giant. Their bonding is interrupted by the arrival of Fenris Ulf and Henry asks Caspian to face the werewolf, but Caspian still refuses, so Henry decides to face him himself, only to be easily defeated. Before Fenris Ulf can land the killing blow, Caspian steps in to defend Henry, announcing his identity as the rightful ruler of the realm. He and Fenris Ulf proceed to do battle, ending with Fenris Ulf stabbed through the chest and killed. Henry thanks Caspian for his help and asks if this means he is willing to face the White Witch, which Caspian responds, rather reluctantly, that he is. ("Prince Caspian")

The heroes place Caspian in charge of plans to take down the White Witch. As he prepares to gather an army, he sends Henry, Regina, Sabine, and Zelena to the White Witch's palace to gain reconnaissance for their eventual infiltration. They return with the information he requested, as well as the fact that Mr. Tumnus, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, and David Nolan were turned to stone by the White Witch, and that they freed and allied themselves with the Black Fairy. ("Freed")

Later, Regina comes to Caspian and the others to tell them that she was contacted by the White Witch, who wishes to make a deal: her army will not use magic or magical weapons if Caspian's side agrees to do the same. Caspian at first agrees with Regina's opinion that the deal is likely a trap, but when the Black Fairy overhears the debate, she reveals that the White Witch stole the Deplorable Word from her, meaning that if she has access to her magic, she also has access to that. With Caspian's approval, Regina contacts the White Witch again and agrees to her terms, expressing knowledge of the fact that the White Witch has the Deplorable Word and insisting that she watch it be sealed away in the secret vault. The White Witch complies and Caspian and Regina watch as Cain and the White Witch's servants seal all of her magic and magic weapons away. ("Deal with the Devil")

As the battle draws nearer, Henry suggests that Caspian give a speech to prepare the army, though his nervous babbling undermines his attempts and leads Regina to take over. When the battle begins, Caspian ends up facing Cain, who tries to kill his fighting spirit by belittling him. Caspian, however, stands up to him and manages to stab him; unfortunately, this has little effect due to Cain's immortality granted by the Deplorable Word except allowing Cain to get his hands on the sword, leaving Caspian defenseless. As he dodges Cain's dual-wielding, he calls for help and Henry manages to get behind Cain and knock him unconscious with a rock. Once the rest of the army is defeated, Caspian and the others storm the White Witch's palace and take out her guards. When they ask her to surrender, however, she pulls out a second copy of the Deplorable Word and threatens to use it. Regina attempts to talk her down and invites her to come back to the United Realms, but she begins casting the Word. Despite being stabbed through the chest, she finishes, petrifying the entire realm, including Caspian. ("The Last Battle")

Caspian is returned to normal after Regina's attempted sacrifice undoes the effects of the Deplorable Word. He captures and locks up Cain, then sees Regina and the others off on their return to Storybrooke alongside many other residents of Narnia. After Regina reveals that Aslan is on his way back, Caspian informs the crowd that he will do his best to be a kind and just ruler until that day comes. ("Found")


Character Notes

Production Notes

  • His announcement describes him as "a natural-born leader who's lost his way," stating that "he needs a guiding hand to get him back on track" and that he will appear in multiple episodes.[1]
  • He was originally slated to be portrayed by Kenton Duty; however, scheduling conflicts resulted in Jeff Ward taking over the role.[2] The press release for "The Great Lion" initially listed Duty before being updated to remedy the error.


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