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Narnia is a safe place, where people go when they have to get away.
Mrs. Beaver to Lucy, David, Henry, and Lily src

Narnia is a world featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the twelfth episode of the eighth season.

It is based on the world of the same name from the "The Chronicles of Narnia" book series.


Before First Curse

Narnia, a world of lush green forests where time stands still, becomes known as a safe place where anyone can hide and is ruled by Aslan, a talking lion. Four monarchs, known as the Valiant Queen, the Gentle Queen, the Magnificent King, and the Just King, are selected to rule in his place for some time. ("Into the Wardrobe", "The Great Lion")

Narnia is closely connected to the kingdom of Charn; one member of the royal family smuggles a copy of the Deplorable Word to Narnia. Later, when Cain casts the Deplorable Word on Charn, Abel has his wife, Cecelia, hide in Narnia. Cain also retreats to Narnia following this act. ("Fortunate Favorite", "The Great Lion", "The Last Battle")

Sometime around Cain's arrival in Narnia, Aslan declares Prince Caspian the next ruler of the realm. However, he soon goes missing, causing the land to fall under an eternal winter. In his absence, Cain begins pretending to be him. ("The Great Lion")

After Third Curse

The Evil Queen from the Wish Realm, fleeing from Snow White and Prince Charming, ends up in Narnia, where she meets Cain, still masquerading as Aslan. Cain tells her of Prince Caspian's upcoming reign; seeking power, the Evil Queen discovers Cain's true identity and forces him to lock himself and Prince Caspian in the secret vault of Narnia, allowing her to take the throne. She becomes known as the White Witch. ("The Great Lion")

After Sixth Curse

A portal to Narnia opens in the petrified remains of Charn, now located in the United Realms. Through this portal, the Black Fairy, David Nolan, Henry Mills, Lucy Mills, and Lily Page all arrive in Narnia. The Black Fairy is captured by the White Witch, while David, Henry, Lucy, and Lily are taken to her palace by Fenris Ulf and Mr. Tumnus, where the White Witch rips out David's heart and begins controlling him to destroy his family. ("Into the Wardrobe", "Fortunate Favorite", "Delightful", "Freed")

After being told of the White Witch's true identity and intentions by Mr. Tumnus, Henry, Lucy, and Lily are sent to find Prince Caspian by Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, who also keep David subdued. However, the Beavers, David, and Mr. Tumnus are later captured by the White Witch and turned to stone. ("Hop To It", "Freed")

Regina Mills, Sabine, Zelena, and Jacinda Vidrio reach Narnia by using the White Rabbit's Rabbit Holes, reuniting with their family. ("Hop To It")

They soon find Prince Caspian in the secret vault, where Cain, once again pretending to be Aslan, directs them to find the Four Treasures to open the vault. Cain then escapes and joins forces with the White Witch while Prince Caspian informs the others that he has no intention of leaving the vault. However, after facing and killing Fenris Ulf, he is encouraged and begins gathering an army to face the White Witch, including freeing the Black Fairy. ("The Great Lion", "Prince Caspian", "Freed")

The White Witch contacts Regina, offering a deal: her side will not use any magic if Regina's side agrees to do the same. After much debate, Prince Caspian and Regina are persuaded to accept the deal when the Black Fairy reveals that the White Witch stole her copy of the Deplorable Word. As such, the White Witch seals all of her magic and magical weapons, including the Deplorable Word, in the secret vault. ("Deal with the Devil")

However, unbeknownst to the heroes, the White Witch still possesses a second copy of the Deplorable Word. Following the battle between her and Prince Caspian's forces, Caspian's army storms the White Witch's palace, where she reveals this second copy and uses it. Although Regina attempts to kill her before she can, the Word takes effect, petrifying the realm and all of its inhabitants. ("The Last Battle")

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