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However, for unclear reasons, Trudy's essence survives without a physical form. She is eventually reunited with [[User:DatNuttyKid/Mother|Gaia]], who is also without physical form. They are both informed by {{UserLink|DatNuttyKid|Meagan}} when Regina and the others return from their adventure in {{UserLink|DatNuttyKid|Narnia}}. Trudy and Gaia's spirits manifest in phantasmal versions of their physical forms and Gaia assures Trudy that they will soon reign over their world once more. {{Ep2|User:DatNuttyKid/Found|Found}}
However, for unclear reasons, Trudy's essence survives without a physical form. She is eventually reunited with [[User:DatNuttyKid/Mother|Gaia]], who is also without physical form. They are both informed by {{UserLink|DatNuttyKid|Meagan}} when Regina and the others return from their adventure in {{UserLink|DatNuttyKid|Narnia}}. Trudy and Gaia's spirits manifest in phantasmal versions of their physical forms and Gaia assures Trudy that they will soon reign over their world once more. {{Ep2|User:DatNuttyKid/Found|Found}}
Sometime later, Trudy and Gaia begin to enact their plan by having Gaia contact Meagan in her sleep. {{Ep2|User:DatNuttyKid/The Quiet Voice|The Quiet Voice}}

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We have a lot in common, you know. The difference is... you never learned from your mistakes. You just kept trying the same things over and over again until you gave up. I mean, really, how hard is it to steal one little princess's heart? But I... I never stop learning. And the most important thing I've learned is... to always watch my back.

—Mother Trudy to Regina Mills src

Mother Trudy[1] is an upcoming character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She will début in the first episode of the eighth season.[2] She will be portrayed by guest star Dove Cameron.[1]

Mother Trudy is based on the character with the same name from the fairytale of the same name and Rhea and Kronos from Greek Mythology.


Before First Curse

Trudy is the first of the five Titans, the original inhabitants of the realms of story created by Gaia. As Trudy is the sole female, created in Gaia's image, Gaia declares her the ruler of the other Titans and arms her with the Spear of Destiny, a weapon which will ensure her victory over all conflict. However, this power quickly goes to Trudy's head as she abuses the other Titans. Eventually, she takes Kronos as her consort, giving birth to two children: Zeus and Hades. Fearing her children's power, she seals them away in a Fiery Cave beneath Mount Olympus and remains unaware when Kronos begins plotting with them to overthrow her. Zeus is eventually able to convince the other, more dimwitted Titans to try and take the Spear of Destiny while Trudy isn't paying attention. The five Titans begin to fight over the Spear, shattering it into five pieces. Kronos takes the pieces, stating that the Spear is too powerful and that the Titans should be equals. Trudy, enraged, attempts to attack, but is subdued by the other three Titans and banished from Mount Olympus. Kronos is declared the new ruler by the other Titans and scatters the pieces of the Spear across the realms in hopes of keeping it out of the wrong hands. Trudy begins wandering the realms, earning a reputation for herself amongst its inhabitants and becoming known as Mother Trudy due to her role as "mother" of civilization. ("Titan")

Trudy becomes aware of one piece hidden in Neverland and heads to this realm via portal. She finds the piece being protected by Tiger Lily, who has recently rescued a child from Felix and the Lost Boys. Trudy threatens the infant to get Tiger Lily to hand the spear piece over, but is interrupted by the arrival of the Black Fairy, who seeks revenge against Tiger Lily. The Black Fairy prevents Trudy from harming Tiger Lily, as she wishes to kill her herself, but the ensuing argument allows Tiger Lily to escape with the child and the spear piece. Mother Trudy offers to work with the Black Fairy, allowing her to kill Tiger Lily as long as she allows Trudy to take the piece of the spear, and the Black Fairy reluctantly agrees. The two return to the Dark Realm, Fiona's home, to attempt to pinpoint Tiger Lily's exact location. In the process, Trudy learns more about the Black Fairy's history with Tiger Lily, including her true name, Fiona, and the fact that she was separated from her son. When they find Tiger Lily, they manage to use their combined powers to evade her traps, but when the Black Fairy attempts to take and crush her heart, she discovers that Tiger Lily has used a protection spell to prevent Fiona from harming her. Unwilling to assist Mother Trudy if she has nothing to gain, Fiona snatches up the child before Tiger Lily can stop her and carries it off with her as she returns to the Dark Realm. Mother Trudy swears to Tiger Lily that she will return for the spear before also leaving. ("Forces of Darkness")

When Snow White and Prince Charming seek out the spearhead of the Spear of Destiny, hoping to gain it before the Evil Queen can, Mother Trudy appears to them and warns them about the cost -- that it requires the sacrifice of someone who trusts them. ("The Spear of Destiny")

After Third Curse

In order to gain the piece of the Spear of Destiny possessed by Marcus Tremaine, Mother Trudy strikes a deal with Madame Medusa. Madame Medusa attempts to gain Tremaine Manor from Marcus's widow, Rapunzel Tremaine, but instead discovers that Marcus gave the piece of the spear to his daughter, Cinderella, as a gift, and persuades her to hand it over. However, when Medusa brings the spear to Trudy, Trudy refuses to pay her until she has the spear in her possession, leading Medusa to break the deal as she expects Trudy to betray her. Trudy mocks her defiance, noting that she could easily kill the woman's pet dragons with a wave of her hand, but decides she is not worth her time. Before teleporting away, Trudy warns Medusa that she will come back for the spear piece. ("Keep On Believing")

After Sixth Curse

Mother Trudy becomes aware of the union of the realms and arrives in the Land Without Magic from an unknown location via a portal. She manages to go undetected for some time before revealing herself to Mary Margaret Blanchard and David Nolan shortly after they put their son to bed after his first day of school, using her power to light the fireplace. David tells her that she will not find the pieces of the Spear, but she mysteriously responds that she won't need to find anything, as they will lead her right to the pieces. She then vanishes in a cloud of flame. ("Light the Way")

When Henry Mills, Jacinda Vidrio, and Lily Page locate the Apprentice to ask him about the location of the pieces of the Spear of Destiny, Mother Trudy manages to arrive at his cottage as well without being seen. After Jacinda and the Apprentice discuss their past together, Jacinda asks him about the Spear and he reveals a piece is hidden in the Wish Realm version of Rumplestiltskin's Cell. As soon as he says this, Trudy rips his heart out from behind and crushes it, teasingly thanking Jacinda for giving her such valuable information and pretending to apologize for "accidentally" killing her ex-mentor. Jacinda, incensed, warns her that, even if she gets her hands on the piece of the Spear before them, they will find a way to defeat her, but Trudy assures her that she's not going after that piece of the Spear yet as she has better places to be. Before Jacinda can say anything else, she teleports away. ("Girl of the Cinders")

When Regina Mills decides to confront Mother Trudy directly, Trudy meets her inside the clock tower. She thanks Regina for combining the realms and making it easier for her to win. Regina taunts her, stating that she'll never win, but Trudy expresses that the biggest difference between her and Regina is that she's learned from her mistakes. She then turns around just before Zelena can sneak attack her, using telekinesis to grab the witch by the throat with one hand and holding Regina back with the other. She taunts the sisters for thinking that would work. She muses that she wishes she could kill them, but still requires their assistance, and teleports away. After Lily confronts Mary Margaret and David for not trusting their family, Mother Trudy appears in front of her as she storms off and assures her that she is right to be angry, as the world always works in the favor of people like Mary Margaret, David, and Emma, even when they don't deserve it, while people like Lily and Trudy are left behind. She then promises that if Lily joins her, she will use the Spear of Destiny to grant her happiness. Lily is persuaded and transforms into a dragon to chase Mary Margaret and David off before Trudy teleports both herself and her new partner away. ("Daughter")

She and Lily confront Henry and Jacinda as they leave Rumplestiltskin's cell, with Lily threatening to turn into a dragon if they don't hand the spear piece over. Henry and Jacinda reluctantly do so, pleading with Lily not to go with Mother Trudy, but it's too late as the two villainesses teleport away again. ("Chapter One")

Mother Trudy and Lily head to Neverland to confront Tiger Lily and gain the piece of the spear she is protecting. Tiger Lily, now a fairy again, reminds Mother Trudy of the protection spell keeping her from being harmed by Trudy, but the villainess has Lily sneak up on her and stab her instead. The blow isn't enough to kill her, but the knife has a sleeping spell on it, subduing the fairy long enough for Trudy to take the piece of the spear and leave. Knowing that Regina and Maleficent are searching for Lily, Trudy sends her to Storybrooke to keep them from finding out their plans. After Lily gets rid of her mother and Regina, she joins Trudy at the pawn shop, where Trudy explains to her that the Black Fairy managed to harness a Preservation Spell that she included in her Dark Curse, adding that a similar spell was placed on Maleficent by Regina. In order to allow her to regain a sentient form, all Trudy needed was the blood of the person who wronged her most: Tiger Lily, who allowed her to fall to darkness and lose her son. Trudy uses magic to gather Fiona's ashes from around the shop, then drips Tiger Lily's blood from the knife used to stab her onto the pile, reviving the Black Fairy. ("Forces of Darkness")

With the Black Fairy back, the heroes begin to resort to desperate measures to defeat Trudy. When Lucy suggests that they ask Trudy her plan directly, Trudy appears and expresses agreement with Lucy's ideas, but modifies the terms so that she will tell them her endgame if they can solve a riddle: what is the Black Fairy doing? She sets up rules that the heroes can ask her as many questions as they want, which she will answer truthfully but vaguely; however, they only get one guess. By asking her questions, the heroes determine that the Black Fairy has left for Elphame Academy and, suspecting that she is after Gideon, Snow sends Regina, Zelena, and Sabine to protect her; however, they shy from making this their official guess as they aren't sure what the Black Fairy wants with Gideon. By asking Trudy more questions, they eventually realize the Black Fairy isn't after Gideon at all, but are unable to determine what she is after. Mother Trudy mocks them for losing the game, but as a consolation prize warns them that what the Black Fairy has retrieved is instrumental in their plan. She teleports away, but is soon visited by the Black Fairy, who has successfully acquired the Deplorable Word. ("Deplorable")

Lily is taken captive by Maleficent, Zorro, Mary Margaret, and David, who attempt once more to convince her that Mother Trudy is taking advantage of her. However, Lily stays steadfast in her trust in Trudy, until Trudy arrives on the scene and reveals that she needed Lily's trust in order to break the protection spell on the spearhead, currently possessed by Mary Margaret. She knocks Mary Margaret and David unconscious before beginning to choke Lily, but is stopped by Maleficent and Zorro, who ask if there's anything they can do to save Lily's life. Trudy explains that it doesn't matter who breaks the protection spell as long as she is the first person to touch the spearhead, so Maleficent and Zorro agree to have Maleficent crush Zorro's heart, despite Lily's pleas. Trudy is satisfied and takes the spearhead while Lily and Maleficent mourn. ("Keep On Believing")

Sometime later, Mother Trudy manages to slip into the Swan House unnoticed, subduing Hook before using the partially-repaired Spear to attack Emma Swan. Now infused with the blood of the Savior, the Spearhead begins to glow as Emma collapses. ("The Spear of Destiny")

Mother Trudy and Fiona head to the psychiatric ward of Storybrooke General Hospital, where the most notorious and unrepentant villains are imprisoned, setting them all free and encouraging them to rise up against the heroes. However, the villains are surprised when Mother Trudy does not leave with them, as Fiona will instead be leading the charge. Mother Trudy, instead, locates Madame Medusa still inside of her cell. She taunts her for her defeat before ripping the piece of the spear away from her and attaching it to the rest of the Spear, causing it to glow again and open a portal to Mount Olympus. Trudy confronts Zeus, briefly battling him to get her hands on the final piece of the Spear that he is guarding. Once she manages to grab it, she fully restores the Spear and uses it to subdue him, forcing him to gather the inhabitants of Mount Olympus. As they watch, she gives one final speech to Zeus about how she will show everyone her true power, then asks if he has any last words. Zeus responds that she is "deplorable" -- not realizing that this is a subtle hint at the spear's weakness, the Deplorable Word, Trudy smirks as she agrees, then stabs him, turning him to dust. She then returns to the United Realms, using the Spear in combination with the Deplorable Word on all of the realms. ("Titan")

Due to the Spear's power, instead of immobilizing the inhabitants of the United Realms, the petrification causes them to become Mother Trudy's slaves, worshiping her and doing her bidding. The Black Fairy, expecting Mother Trudy to betray her, was able to prepare a protection spell that keeps her, Regina, Henry, Sabine, and Zelena safe from the spell. After being contacted via the Dream World by Cora, Regina informs the others that the Deplorable Word can be used to destroy the Spear of Destiny. In order to gain the Word, Regina and Zelena begin blasting Trudy with magic to distract her. However, Trudy forces the petrified forms of Jafar, Sidney Glass, and Peter Pan to support her in battle, giving her the advantage. Meanwhile, Cruella, Albert Spencer, and Hans fight Henry and Sabine to defend the Word. Once they gain it, the Black Fairy joins Regina and Zelena, easily taking out Jafar, Sidney, and Pan. While fighting, Trudy is unaware that she is being led to the petrified remains of Elphame Academy, but once she arrives, the Black Fairy uses the Deplorable Word. Trudy at first taunts the Black Fairy, believing the Spear of Destiny will protect her, but is horrified when the Spear turns to dust. As Trudy begins screaming threats at the Black Fairy, she turns to petrified wood, then falls to the ground and shatters into several pieces, apparently killing her. In the aftermath, the United Realms are returned to normal. ("Words")

However, for unclear reasons, Trudy's essence survives without a physical form. She is eventually reunited with Gaia, who is also without physical form. They are both informed by Meagan when Regina and the others return from their adventure in Narnia. Trudy and Gaia's spirits manifest in phantasmal versions of their physical forms and Gaia assures Trudy that they will soon reign over their world once more. ("Found")

Sometime later, Trudy and Gaia begin to enact their plan by having Gaia contact Meagan in her sleep. ("The Quiet Voice")

Magical Abilities

  • Heart-ripping - Ability to rip someone's heart out in order to control/kill them, among other purposes.
  • Telekinesis - Ability to control the movement of the environment.
  • Teleportation - Ability to magically teleport oneself and/or others from one location to another.


Production Notes

  • Her announcement describes her as "a demonic villain who seeks the Spear of Destiny". She is "vain, confident, and mysterious, but is notoriously thorough with her plans and leaves very few footholds for the heroes to get an upper hand. She's also manipulative and makes promises she doesn't intend to keep to recruit people to her side. She'll have an army of familiar villains in her service by the time the arc ends."[1]


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